PONTIAN: A journey back home to break their fast turned into a rescue mission when a family decided to rush a three-year-old accident victim to the hospital instead.The girl is now safe and recuperating in the hospital.

But her grandmother died in last Thursday’s accident and her uncle was in critical state.

According to Syahidah ‘Aqilah Muhammad Mahshar, she and her family were returning to her parents’ home in Sanglang, some 20km away from here, when they came across an accident involving two cars.

“We saw a few people trying to carry the injured victims out of the vehicles. I told my husband to stop and help out,” said the 28-year-old school teacher.

As Syahidah ‘Aqilah approached the scene, she heard a woman crying loudly next to a car while holding a little girl in her arms.

“The girl was in bad shape and barely conscious. When I looked inside the car, I saw an old lady and a man. I later found out that they were the little girl’s grandmother and uncle,” she said.

Syahidah ‘Aqilah said the woman turned out to be another Good Samaritan, who had stopped to help and called the police.

“I asked her to get into my car with the girl. My husband turned on the hazard lights and sped to a hospital nearby. Thankfully, the other road users understood that it was an emergency and let us pass,” she added.

Syahidah ‘Aqilah, who shared her experience on Facebook, said she was touched to see many people helping the accident victims.

“We had no idea who the victims were, but the important thing is that we help each other whenever we can,” she said, adding that she later found out that the girl was related to her former neighbour.

Pontian Fire and Rescue Department operation commander Mahadir Mamat said they were informed of the accident at 1.52pm on Thursday.

He said six people, including a three-year-old child, were injured while a 61-year-old woman was killed in the incident.

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