The Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra and the Fargo-Moorhead Civic Opera are both based in Fargo. Regional folk and Native American art are on display at the Plains Art Museum. Bonanzaville USA is a recreation of the area's 19th-century agricultural boom in West Fargo. The Red River Zoo, which has 300 animals, the Fargo Air Museum, and a museum dedicated to baseball player Roger Maris are among the other area attractions.

In Fargo you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Newman Outdoor Field, The Roger Maris Museum, and Red River Zoo and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Newman Outdoor Field

Newman Outdoor Field, located in North Dakota, is one of the best places to watch a thrilling and exciting game of baseball. It is the home of the FM RedHawks and every game they have is surely fun to watch. The stadium also features concession stands where visitors could buy delicious snacks.

2. The Roger Maris Museum

The Roger Maris Museum is a 70-foot display case museum in West Acres Shopping Center in Fargo, North Dakota. It is designated as a permanent shrine to the Major League Baseball player and local alumni Roger Maris. Notably, during the 1961 season, Maris hit a then-record 61 home runs for the New York Yankees. The museum is located in a shopping mall on the north side of Fargo and is open to the public. There are many baseballs and bats signed by Maris and his teammates, as well as a lot of Maris paraphernalia.

3. Red River Zoo

The Red River Valley climate is quite cold. But a warm fuzzy feeling inside can be felt by visitors of this zoo. Among the adorable cold-climate animals on display here include fox-like red pandas, grey wolves, camels, rabbits, and turtles. Other attractions within the zoo include a carousel ride and the Children's Zoo Farm, where young ones learn about how plants grow and healthy diets.

4. Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society

Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society is one of the charming gardens with a variety of flowers and plants, several shady scenic spots to sit and enjoy. They are designing a Japanese and edible garden for this botanical garden. This garden is located very close to the University of North Dakota. A dedicated group of volunteers and members have contributed to the advancement of this project.

5. Rourke Art Gallery

Rourke Art Gallery, located in North Dakota, is a fine arts museum that houses an extensive collection of artworks made by renowned artists. Not only does the museum house numerous artworks but it also features stunning architecture which would surely leave visitors in awe.

6. Fargo-Moorhead Toll Bridge

feet long and 32 feet wide Fargo-Moorhead Toll Bridge was built in 1988 and was transferred to the city in 2018 from the private companies. Visitors prefer to stop and check the Veteran Bridge. Walk on the bridge gives a fantastic view of the Red River.

7. Thunder Road Amusement Park

Thunder Road Amusement Park, located in North Dakota, is a must-visit destination in the city as it features numerous attractions and rides. The amusement park is perfect for those who are thrill seekers and want their hearts racing. Visitors would surely have fun at the amusement park as it features a go-kart track, golf courses, and even batting cages.

8. Maah Daah Hey Trail

Maah Daah Hey Trail is an amazing trail that offers biking, hiking, and horseback riding. It is a single-track system going through the Badlands of North Dakota. This trail system consists of nine trial units varying in length and topography. Some trails are short like 1.5 miles and some trials are long as much as 144 miles. The trails appear rugged and challenging at some points and at other times relaxing. As you go across the trials you can encounter a variety of mammals and birds. The Maah Daah Hey Trail passes the Little Missouri River at two points. It gives excellent views of the flatlands, river base, and valleys.

9. The Children's Museum At Yunker Farm

The Children's Museum, located in Fargo, is a well-known museum perfect for children as it houses numerous exhibits. It features exciting and fun experiences for both children and kids at heart as there are over 50 exhibits to do and interact with. Visitors would surely not have a dull time at the museum.

10. Roger Maris Museum

Roger Maris Museum is a 70-foot display case museum located in Fargo, North Dakota. It is constructed in West Acres Shopping Center in Fargo. The museum is centered on the life and baseball career of the former Yankees/Cardinals star player Roger Maris. Maris recorded 61 home runs during the 1961 season for New York Yankees. The museum has a collection of Maris uniforms, bats, home run balls, baseball cards, MVP awards, and Sultan of Swat Crowns. It has a small theatre in which documentary films about Maris are featured. It is a must to visit place for every baseball fan

11. Enjoy The Views At Lake Metigoshe State Park

Lake Metigoshe State Park, located in North Dakota, is a 1,142-acre park that is home to the largest natural lake. Visitors will surely love the peaceful and stunning scenery it offers as they camp on the park's camping grounds or go kayaking at the lake. The park also offers numerous hiking trails as well as a large dog area for those bringing their pets. Visitors will surely not get bored at the park.

12. Plains Art Museum

Art enthusiasts will surely love the Plains Art Museum located in Dakota as it features a diverse collection of artworks. The museum's history dates back to 1965 and was housed in a post office. It was renamed from Red River Art Center to Plains Art Museum as the Rourke Art Gallery was incorporated. Visitors would surely have a fun time admiring various stunning artworks.

13. Fargo Air Museum

One of America's premier aircraft museums, the Fargo Air Museum is unique in that there are times of the year when guest pilots arrive and take the exhibits out for a spin. Most of the airplanes on display are in perfect flying condition. The fact that some of the airplanes date back to the early 1900s shows the impressive maintenance of the museum's flying machines. From the replica of the 1902 Wright Brothers plane to the iconic World War II P-52 fighter, many of the aircraft on display have a proud history. Interactive technologies are also available for wannabe pilots of all ages.

14. Prairie Rose Meadery

Prairie Rose Meadery, located in North Dakota, is famous for its products, traditional Mead that is made of only honey and also other drinks such as the Melomel. Visitors would surely love the meadery's products as it offers many varieties for them to sample and taste.

15. Rourke Art Museum

Feel as if you are back in time as you explore the Rourke Art Museum, also known as Plains Art Museum, located in North Dakota. This is because the museum was opened in 1965 and features artworks from that time. The museum houses a collection of artworks that reflect the culture during the 1960s.

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