SHAH ALAM - Malaysian climber T Ravichandran, who narrowly survived Mount Everest, faced criticism from internet users for allegedly not acknowledging or expressing gratitude towards a Nepali sherpa, Gelje Sherpa, who saved him.

The incident sparked heated debates among on social media users with some accusing Ravichandran or better known as Ravi Everest of blocking Gelje Sherpa.

Twitter user, im_tristupe said; "You are alive today because of a sherpa and his friend who took you down to safety, and it was documented for everyone to see. Acknowledge that.

Another user known as Chichi commented, "I thought climbing and hiking the great mountain would humble people down. I guess not all of them."

"How can one survive a near-death experience and still be so ungrateful of others? I would think this will change his worldview," Twitter user KokoCat said.

Gelje, aged 30, was reportedly guiding a Chinese client towards the summit of Mount Everest, standing at 8,849 meters (29,032 feet), on May 18.

Gelje spotted Ravichandran in a distressed state as Ravi was clinging to a rope and experiencing severe cold in an area known as the "death zone," where temperatures can dip to minus 30 degrees Celsius or even lower.

Gelje courageously hauled him 600 metres down from the Balcony to the South Col over a period of about six hours, where Nima Tashi Sherpa, another guide, joined in the rescue work.

He was also reported as saying that he persuaded his Chinese client to give up his summit attempt and descend the mountain, saying it was important for him to rescue the stranded climber.

In an Instagram post, Gelje, who shared a video of the rescue on Mount Everest, claimed that he had been blocked by Ravichandran.

However, checks on Ravichandran's Instagram showed there is a post where he expressed his gratitude to the sherpa guides from The 14th Peaks Expedition and Global Rescue for saving his life.

Sinar Daily is awaiting response from Ravichandran on the matter.

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