This city is famous for its lively and pedestrian-friendly downtown area. Tempe's center plays host to a lively restaurant, microbrewery, and nightlife scene. The area also hosts many popular events like the Tempe Arts Festival, the 4th of July Fireworks Celebration, and the New Year’s Eve Block Party. If visitors run out of events to attend, Tempe has other attractions for their enjoyment. Among the city's must-visit places include Tempe Center for the Arts and the recreational wonderland called Tempe Beach Park.

In Tempe you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Temple Lions Junction Family Water Park, Arizona Mills, and Tempe Marketplace and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Temple Lions Junction Family Water Park

Located in the premises of South Temple Community Park, this is a a great place for family fun. Well maintained and reasonably priced, it is also a great venue for recreational swimming. The staff are kind and helpful and overall, the place is just perfect for a day out with your kids.

2. Arizona Mills

Located just a few miles from Tempe town Lake, Arizona Mills is just adjacent to Downtown Tempe and Arizona State University. Welcoming millions each year, Tempe Town Lake is not only regionally popular but it is also a national destination. Aside from that, Tempe is home to the Festival of the Arts and all other events that they host all year-round.

3. Tempe Marketplace

Anybody who loves to buy stuff can definitely lose themselves in about 1.3 million square feet of retail space available here. Foodies will also have a field day as there are restaurants that serve Greek, Italian, Mexican, Japanese and American dishes. There are also sports bars and pubs for those who want to relax and have a drink. A movie theater and some bookstores are also available for the convenience of bookworms and film buffs. If you have children with you who can't take the Arizona heat, they can have a cool and relaxing time at the Splash Pad. This place is basically like a city square but with jets of water spraying up from the floor.

4. Big Surf

Home to Waikiki Beach, which is the third largest wave pool in the world, Big Surf is an amusement park like no other. It range of attractions includes several surfing and boogie boarding sessions and a host of exciting water slides as well as excellent catering services.

5. Walk Through The Desert Botanical Garden

Founded in 1937, the impressive collection of this garden includes more than 50,000 plants and over 379 species. Most of their collection features plants that are adapted to desert conditions. Many of these species are either rare, threatened or endangered. They are also known for offering wonderful educational tours on desert landscaping and horticulture.

6. Tempe Diablo Stadium

Located in Tempe, the stadium serves as the spring training home of the Los Angeles Angels. The setting and location here is beautiful and offers some great views. There are also a variety of food options available through the many vendors located on the left field line.

7. Dive Into Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

Located at the Arizona Mills Mall, the Sea Life aquarium is known for offering a permanent home to many disabled aquatic animals. They are also known for housing many species of seahorses, who face a threat of extinction. Their unique interactive displays allow you to truly immerse yourself into the world underwater.

8. Sun Devil Stadium

Home to the Arizona State Sun Devils football team, this impressive stadium has a seating capacity of more than 50,000. With lots of vendors nearby, there are ample options in the food and drinks section. This is a great place to catch a football game and, is also known for hosting two annual college football bowl games.

9. Tempe Beach Park

Tempe Beach Park is a popular destination as it offers a range of fun-filled activities. Some of its facilities include hiking and biking paths, a splash playground for children and even volleyball courts. It is also home to the Tempe Town Lake, where you can enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding.

10. Papago Park

Only around a 10-minute drive from downtown Tempe, this dry but scenic piece of Mother Nature is easily accessible from most of the city's amenities. This is a perfect place for people who want to get a glimpse of the beautiful Arizona skyline right before night falls. The way the sun sets in this area also offers many opportunities for photography enthusiasts to shoot away and have fun admiring the view. A hiking trail within the park is also a good place for hikers of moderate to expert skill levels.

11. Wells Fargo Arena

Wells Fargo Arena, located in the heart of Tempe, Philadelphia, is sporting events stadium that has a capacity of over 14,000 seats. Aside from hosting state wrestling events and girls and boys basketball tournaments, it also host world class artist concerts.

12. Hall Of Flame Fire Museum

The Hall of Flame Fire Museum is unique place that is filled with rich history of firefighting as well as the equipments used in this professions. Those who are interestested in firefighting, especially kids who wants to become a firefighter, would sure have a blast in this museum.

13. Phoenix Zoo

Located in downtown Tempe, the Phoenix Zoo offers a marvellous world of curiosities. Their wide array of wildlife includes the impressive Asian elephants, towering giraffes and the majestic Sumatran tigers. Its educational and awe-inspiring exhibitions connect people to wildlife and encourage them to do their part for nature conservation.

14. Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake, located in Tempe, is a great place to spend some time with family and friends. There are a lot of outdoor activities that can be done such as running or walking at its trails or even fishing and boating at the lake. Truly, Tempe Town Lake offers something for everyone.

15. Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium

With a history spanning back to 1957, the Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium is a multipurpose performance place located in the heart of Arizona University. It is a unique auditorium as it features over 50 columns and a collapse roof. It was once used as a campus facility wherein students are able to gather inside the auditorium. In the present, many events are performed at the Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium which is also open to the public.

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