End Citizen United Works to Bring Sanity to Election Campaigns

The political field has received its fair share of trouble from a couple of court cases. Aside from the controversy that such cases court, they effect changes in the political scene that last through numerous generations. The 1973 case of Roe v Wade is a good example.

The Citizen United ruling of 2010 has had a huge impact on election finances. Political action committees have tried all they can to overturn the ruling. In 2015 End Citizen United was formed with a view of combating the ruling.

The whole saga kicked off during the 2008 presidential campaigns. A 90 minute movie castigating Hillary Clinton had been filmed and Citizens United sought permission to air it as an ad. The Federal Election Commission did not grant their request and a federal court backed their decision as the donors of the ad were not revealed.

The Supreme Court sent shock waves across the country when they overturned the ruling in 2010. This went a long way in brushing off the campaign on election finance law. It literally opened room for any corporation that had the finances to influence the outcome of an election.

The majority ruling did not regard the effect of more money being pumped into the election system by foreign nations interested in the presidential outcome. The minority judges felt that the ruling would provide a leeway for corporations to buy elections so to speak.

Voters were to expect an influx of negative campaign ads. The ties that the Republican Party enjoyed with the wealthy elite would surely work for them. The party performed incredibly well in the mid-term elections held in 2010 courtesy of the funds raised by American Crossroads.

End Citizen United seeks to mobilize resources from the lowest levels to counter what corporates allied to Citizen United bring on board. This will go towards supporting Democrats opposed to the ruling.

The PAC also seeks to ensure that corporate money pumped into elections is limited. A regulation on business operations in election campaigns is on the cards. They are banking on Democrats to enact different campaign finance laws. Tiffany Muller, Adam Bozii, Matt Burgess, Anne Feldman, Jordan Wood and Andrew Laskar are the executives of End Citizens United that hope to see their dreams fulfilled.

Their board members on the other hand bring a wide range of political experience to the table. Bill Smith,Simone Ward, Chris Massicotte, Ron Barber, AddisuDemissie, Lanae Erickson and Jessica Berg all serve on the board. Having raised $25 million in 2016, the team hopes to come up with $35 million for the 2018 election cycle.

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