Endorsement by End Citizens United Represents More Political Power for Midterm Elections

There are less than six months remaining before the 2018 midterm elections will begin for voters, and End Citizens United continues to endorse candidates who have found their integrity-backbone for supporting campaign finance reform. The political action committee (PAC) was founded in 2015, after the ruling by the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court for Citizens United vs. FEC.

The grassroots efforts of the PAC remain unwavering to have the ruling overturned. To that extent, the PAC has chosen to endorse candidates who have shown a proven record of voting on matters that are not in contrast for campaign transparency as well as those who are clear in their position of rejecting any form of “dark money” within their campaigns.

The Supreme Court’s ruling allowed a floodgate to open for political candidates who can be persuaded by dark money. The position of the PAC is that those candidates can be brought by special interest groups, once they see the monetary gain for their campaign and advancing their political platform. The ruling has allowed the continuation of candidates representing special interest groups as opposed to representing the constituency that voted for them.

With the midterm elections fast approaching, End Citizens United holds a lot of political leverage for candidates looking to unseat Republican incumbents. The landslide of dark money has made its way into many political candidates’ reserves, which in theory represents a disadvantage. However, the PAC believes that its grassroots efforts, and its continued efforts to bring in members that support the mission, will offset the disadvantages. Candidates that are endorsed by End Citizens United are benefiting from a large supportive pool of members that want campaign finance reform and are tired of being taken for granted.

The PAC is able to connect with more than 400,000 small donor members that represent a national network of voters that want to see a change. Those members also represent the constituents within the districts and states of the same candidates who choose to ignore them. End Citizens United raises on average $14 per donor, which has resulted in being on target for reaching $35 million through the end of the midterm election cycle.

End Citizens United has endorsed more than 150 candidates, who are either incumbents or challengers. The endorsement represents a clout of political power that counters any dark money raised by special interest groups and will be cashed in at the ballot box.

For details: docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00573261