White Shark Media Delivers Positive Results

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has been delivering positive results to their long list of satisfied clients since 2011. Their longevity in this highly competitive market is testimony to their high quality products and services that they supply to their clients. The owners have combined their online and offline marketing experience to create one of the most influential digital marketing firms that are currently online. Today, the company has attracted the interest of thousands across the country that are interested in their marketing expertise. In addition, online sources report that White Shark Media is a company that is on the fast track to global success.

White Shark Media Fastest Growing Company In America

It should not come as a surprise that the online digital marketing company was voted one of the fastest growing companies in America. They appeared on a list of the fastest growing companies published in INC. magazine. White Shark Media has won that distinction for 3 consecutive years in a row. Certainly, this is an outstanding accomplishment for a company that only hit the scene back in 2011. The company is also expanding to other areas across the country that are hungry for a powerful digital marketing agency that is able to take them to the next level.

White Shark Media Expands Clients Customer Base

Companies online are interested in attracting more clients to their websites and initiating more sales and profits. White Shark Media is a top level digital marketing agency that will deliver the type of results that clients are searching for in a top grade digital marketing agency. For example, they are true masters at Adwords Campaigns, PPC, Keyword Strategies, and developing the best long range marketing plans for their clients.

White Shark Media is still taking on new clients. Contact them today for more information on their unique and customized marketing strategies.

TechStyle: Where Creative Distraction is Always in Fashion

It is evident that technology, fashion, and e-commerce are expanding at a high rate. For this reason, legacy and startup fashion companies have tried various means to catch the attention of today’s digital savvy clients. These ways include adopting innovative CRM Technology and learning to market their products through social media platforms. The membership program is one of the models that have been widely tried. This model has met attained with varying degree of success.

Only one company that is a first innovator of subscription platforms has been stunningly successful, whereby it has emerged as the juggernaut in online retail product selling. However, it just only few people know about this, and almost nobody knows its mandate as a promoting and technology trailblazer. The firm is none other than TechStlye Fashion Group, managed by co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

From Establishing a trend to Buck the System

In 2010, JustFab introduced the retail industry’s first membership program for footwear. Consumers who subscribe to its bigwig periodic payment will receive over 30 % discount on the retail price. The consumers will also get high-class access to advertisings, and unique products free shopping and loyalty reward points. In only2 years, the website attracted 6 million members, whereby in the first quarter of 2012m JustFab sold over 2.5 million pairs of foot wares.

With four years, the company has purchased FabKids and ShoeDazzle and successfully expanded its territory to the United Kingdom, Germany, and six other nations. On top of that, it recently collaborated with celebrated actress Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics. In 2016, the firm changed its brand name to TechStlye. This was to serve as an enhanced consideration of the firm’s position as a system that plans to reimage fashion marketing and promotion by incorporating them into data science, and affiliation commerce.

Goldenberg is the co-founder of the company whose two-decade career in startups started at the age of 13 when he launched an online press release board that was transformed into gaming site known as Gamer’s Alliance. Given that Adam grew up as he used technology, he displayed a commitment to use it belligerently enhance his e-commerce endeavors. Chief technology officer of the company Tim Collins had served with TechStyle’s co-owners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

Note that TechStyle was a technology trendsetter from the start. It produced multiple proprietary e-commerce technology products such as FashionOS unified technology platform that the company made from scratch up to almost $70 million.

Cameron Clokie, Toronto- Based Doctor on Regenerative Medicine

According to Cameron Clokie, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, scientist, and entrepreneur based out in Toronto, regenerative medicine is the answer to fixing the structure of cells, molecules, and biomaterial to help them properly carry out their functions. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

Generative medicine has many benefits that the human body can reap. Generative medication can help reduce the weight that comes with diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and neurological conditions. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/1215496/Dr-Cameron-Clokie-Toronto-ON.html

Quite a few successes have come about with the use of generative medication, but the reason it hasn’t become a mainstream phenom is due to the fact that generative medication for costly. Dr. Cameron Clokie can confirm the benefits the human body reaps from generative medicine but exclaims that the medication comes at a huge cost.

Many scientists are working towards developing solutions with the use of generative medicine. A chip technology is one of the progress made, which has the ability to change a cell and heal an entire organ.

Cell therapy is one of the greatest reasons why lives are being saved each and every day. Generative medicine can increase life expectancy and impact the quality of the life of the patient with any chronic disease. It almost seems to good to be true but there is a cure out there, but at what cost are most patients willing to pay in order to get their hands on a medicine that works miracles?

According to Crunchbase, Dr. Clokie has spent three decades with the dentist and clinical field and has a Ph.D. in bone regeneration in relation to interface development of dental implants obtained at the McGill University.

Dr. Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics, a medicine company geared towards innovative solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction and was recently named Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

After many years of attending school and working towards his current career, Dr. Clokie has been able to reach success and continues to gain more.

Imran Haque’s work and experiences at Horizon Internal Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque is a well-respected individual in Asheboro, North Carolina. The doctor specializes in internal medicine, and during an interview, he was able to reveal facts about himself and his work. Dr. Haque has an MD from the University of Virginia in addition to a medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Santa Domingo. He is a trained and licensed medical doctor,

Dr. Imran runs the horizon internal medicine, which has offices in Asheboro and Ramseur. According to the interview, he got the motivation to open these facilities in a bid to ensure that his community can have access to internal medicine, a specialty which was lacking in the area. He also wanted to revive proper bedside manner, which was also lacking in hospitals. He has further worked and honed his entrepreneurial skills by understanding and perfecting the art of multitasking. Additionally, he ensures that he is kind and respectful to everyone he encounters.

According to the good doctor, one of the trends that currently interests him and one that he encourages other people to follow is the integration of technology into the healthcare sector. He says that the changes that have been made due to technology have increased the efficiency of the medical community, through things like the centralization of information.

Dr. Haque has been practicing medicine for over 15 years. This has given him extensive work experience and allows him to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases. Apart from offering specialized health care, a variety of other services including, weight management, diabetes control, 360 resurfacing and laser hair removal. His extensive skill set means that some of his patients come to him for specialized treatment while others retain him as their general practitioner. Either option is possible because both the Asheboro and Ramseur facilities are fitted with top of the line medical equipment.

Dr. Imran is considered a patient and kind man, as well as a competent physician. With a combination of this traits, it is no wonder that his patients are always happy with his results. Most of the patients who have visited him have posted their positive reviews online.

His Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/imranshaque?lang=en

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Business and Medical Background

Dr. Mark McKenna is a leader in the medical and business industries. He is known as an innovator and a disruptor and as someone who spends his life striving for greatness in his career. He was recently interviewed by Ideasmensch regarding his career success and his goals for the future. In his latest venture, he founded OVME, a medical aesthetic company that seeks to reinvent elective healthcare by being highly technological as well as transparent in facing his consumers.

Dr. Mark McKenna came up with the idea for OVME after working for over a decade in the medical aesthetics industry. He felt that there was more that could be done to bring the industry into the current world of technology. His initial practice was developed early on in his career after working closely with his father, who is also a Doctor. The practice became incredibly successful and grew to be one of the largest in the country. After realizing he wanted to pursue additional business ventures, Dr. Mark McKenna sold the practice to a publicly traded company. The sale of his practice led him to realize that there was a multitude of ways he could disrupt the medical aesthetics industry. By utilizing his business acumen, he brought about several new companies, one of them being OVME.

Outside of his work in the medical and business industries, Dr. Mark McKenna is known as someone who is deeply committed to his community and to helping other people have a better life. He is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. When Hurricane Katrina hit, Dr. Mark McKenna dropped everything to help rebuild the community he loves so dearly. His practice was deeply affected by the hurricane, but he chose to focus on the community rather than himself. He volunteered his time, energy and funds to rebuild New Orleans. He specially focused on rebuilding low to mid-income communities where people were in the most need. Once he felt he had accomplished as much as he could he then went back to work.

Dr. Mark McKenna currently lives in Atlanta where he is considered a leader in the business community.

Reap The Health Benefits of Organo Gold Products

Great news for coffee drinkers – two studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine conclude a link between drinking coffee and living a longer life. Although researchers have noted benefits to a good cup of joe in the past, surely coffee lovers don’t mind being reminded of these benefits.

The first study, conducted by the Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California, involved 185,000 participants of different ethnicity. It found that drinking caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee was linked to lower risks of common deadly illnesses including cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart and kidney disease. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

The other study, conducted in Europe over the course of 16 years within 10 countries, asked 520,000 participants to record their daily coffee drinking routines and update these habits every five years. Participants who reported drinking two to three cups a day had an 18% decreased chance of death compared to those who did not drink coffee.

Buy now: https://www.amazon.com/Organo-Gold-Gourmet-Ganoderma…/dp/B003CGJAIM

Based out of Richmond, British Columbia, Organo Gold is a leading global marketing company that specializes in premium coffee and teas. One of their drink ingredients includes Ganoderma, an Asian mushroom that has been consumed for thousands of years. While the Ganderma has been a favorite in Asia, the Western World is beginning to renew the value of this mushroom and it’s significant health benefits. The company also sells shakes, capsules, energy drinks, and individual care products for weight management and personal hygiene.

Organo Gold conducts business in over 50 countries. With over 400,000 active Independent Distributors, the company was named the 55th largest direct selling company in 2013. Preferred customers can earn rewards by purchasing products through the Organo retail program. Customers can also purchase products via the Coffee Connoisseur Club without any monthly commitments. There is an Organo Gold product for nearly anybody. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Rick Smith Equals Success

Good leadership is well visualized in the progress of the company. This is why every company has a duty in ensuring that their choice of CEO is perfect. During the tough moments of the business, it is the CEO that comes up with an innovative way to go along things. The uniqueness of the CEO is what differentiates the company from the rest. Securus Technologies is an example of a company whose CEO has led to success.

Rick Smith was the right individual for this position. Since he assumed office in 2008, the company took a different turn. The architecture of the firm has been renovated to meet the company’s specifications. This was among his first achievements in the company.

Under his leadership, nothing seems impossible. The Company has been officially named as the best high tech company. No other designer has been able to bit it or match the quality of their work.

The Securus Technologies is interested in both public and private sector. They aim to ensure every citizen is safe. The company has very many roles that they play to see this happen. For the premium businesses and the government, they have protected their data through codes that no one else apart from them can crack. This has ruled out the insecurities of crucial data falling into unauthorized hands.

Rick Smith understands the damage that comes along when data falls into the wrong hands. For premium businesses, the hacker claims a lump sum by threatening to release their data to public or their competitor. This is a risk that many companies may not be willing to take. At this point, the easy thing seems to be paying off the hacker. This problem is permanently solved thanks to Securus Technologies.

The responsibility of Securus Technology, therefore, needs a competent CEO that is ready to work hard. Luckily Rick Smith fits the description. His ability to lead and have great sales were developed long before he joined Securus Company.

It is worthwhile to note that he has worked in very many institutions and have had good reviews. In Eschelon-Telkom, his experience as their CEO was breathtaking. He raised their revenue to $350 million from $30 million. He also led EBITDA to raise $80 million. Before working with Eschelon, he worked with other companies in numerous departments. This gave him a clue of what goes on in all departments. This experience has contributed to his skills as a CEO. This is because success is a combination of all the units in a company.

Securus Technologies is enjoying their informed decision of choosing their CEO.As long Rick Smith is on the chief executive officer seat, the company maintains its position in the technology world.


Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Quest to Fight Cancer and the Effects of Aging

Rapamycin is a drug that may prove to have immense benefits for the human race. It has been used as a coating for coronary stents, for treating a rare lung disease, and as a cancer drug.

It was first isolated from a bacterium called Sirolimus found on Easter Island in 1972, and was first used as an anti-fungal agent. Mikhail Blagosklonny, a professor of Oncology at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, believes it can do much more. He has done monumental research on cancer and its therapies, as well as on aging. As the Editor-in-Chief of Oncotarget, a journal that publishes research papers on cancer and oncology, he has been an advocate for the use of Rapamycin for the purposes of increasing the human lifespan.

Research into the properties of Rapamycin proves its immense benefits. Here are a few of the ways it has been used:

  • Its immunosuppressant properties aid the body in accepting organ transplants. It is much less damaging to the kidneys than other anti-rejection drugs.
  • It is the primary drug used to treat Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), a rare lung disease that usually affects women of childbearing age.
  • Its use as a coronary stent coating prevents the occurrence of restenosis, or narrowing of the arteries, following balloon angioplasty.
  • Rapamycin has antiproliferative properties that help in the treatment of cancer. It can enhance the immune response and promotes tumor regression. In addition, it can reduce the risk to cancer patients when undergoing organ transplants.

While results are not conclusive yet, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s research into the anti-aging benefits of this drug is promising and certainly exciting. Tests have been done on mice and are currently being done on marmoset monkeys, as well as some initial tests on humans.

Other possible uses for Rapamycin include the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Muscular Dystrophy and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Research continues to show the many ways this medicine may benefit the human race, and initial results are encouraging. Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has been a pioneer in this research and an advocate for its use in increasing the human lifespan.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s work as a researcher strives to find a way to eliminate cancerous cells without destroying the healthy cells in the body. He hopes to find a way to treat cancer effectively without the expense or excruciating side effects present in today’s treatments. He has made much progress in his fields of interest and hopes to inspire others in the future.

As a researcher, a professor, and a philanthropist, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny wants to help provide the world with the best treatment possible for cancer without regard to economic standing. He is most interested in medical research and his focus has been on both cancer and anti-aging. He continues to be influential in these fields and an inspiration to his students as well as his peers.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikhail-blagosklonny-91abb531/

Dr. Mark Holterman: Finding Cure for Chronic Health Conditions

Dr. Mark Holterman who is a lecturer of surgery and pediatrics at the University of Illinois is an individual who is passionate and committed to finding a cure to some of the worlds threatening health conditions. He has BA in Biology from Yale University. Mark has a Masters degree in medicine and immunology from the University of Virginia. He also graduated as a professor from the same institution and field. Throughout his career, Holterman has been at the forefront to find a cure to some of the chronic health conditions in the world.

In September this year Dr. Mark, who is a member of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) joined hands with other members the team in order to counter the rise of type 2 diabetes. The group mainly aims to eradicate diabetes among individuals between the age of 8 -16. According to ADA, type 2 diabetes has become a chronic illness among in children, and therefore immediate action is paramount. In order to have an impactful campaign against type 2 diabetes for under 16s ADA collaborated with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holreman at Interview.net.

With experienced members as Mark Holterman, ADA is looking forward to a fruitful campaign. In fact, the two institutions ADA and Children Hospital Los Angeles have developed an initiative called Camp PowerUP to foster their mission. This initiative focuses on educating the youth on various ways that they can prevent type 2 diabetes. It will mainly emphasize on physical activities and help the children make appropriate nutritional choices that will help them stay healthy.

Follow: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-holterman-70087863

Dr. Mark Holterman has not only established himself as a great academician but also as a phenomenal medical expert. He was the surgeon- in- chief of advocate Christ’s Children Hospital. Since 2011, Dr. Mark has been playing a great role in imparting knowledge to students at the University of Illinois in surgery and pediatrics. Moreover, the professor is also a member of several professional organization including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American college of surgeons.

Dr. Mark Holterman has a vicious desire for a disease-free world. Marks, inclusion into the ADA’s campaign of countering the high increase of type 2 diabetes in children is surely a plus for the organization. Learn more on Crunchbase about Dr. Mark Holterman.

How Eli Gershkovitch has revolutionized the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

Eli Gershkovitch is renowned in the world of piloting and lawmaking ventures because of his numerous attributes and contributions. He is the CEO of Steamworks Brewery. A Canadian native, Eli was born in July 1975 and has been part of various businesses in his busy career. Eli Gershkovitch is well versed with effective management styles that prioritize employee welfare program alongside customer satisfaction. The firm has employed numerous well-trained professionals and continues to attract more and more customers because of the unique craft beer and dedicated customer service and truthful marketing. He is a certified pilot having have got his license in 1993.

He has a deep passion for setting and achieving business goals. His understanding of the business field has earned him success and increased his net worth. As a young man, he saw a business opportunity in the market and grabbed it. The economy was booming, and many adults were looking for a better beer every day. The beer brewers in the market at the time were spending fortunes in marketing ventures. Eli Gershkovitch designed a unique craft beer that outshone all the competitors. Read more at Release Fact about Eli.

Being the expert he is, he quickly understood the market forces of demand and supply that were in play and the result was a favorite craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch used the Cosmo-political culture to his advantage and came up with various flavors. His investment in craft beer seemed like a potential business risk, but Eli believed in his goals and aspirations. Today he enjoys the fruits of his work with the firm registering a 20% increase in sales. He attends the Vancouver’s Shores festival to create more awareness about his business and to interact with clients to build trust and notify them on new arrivals. Learn more about his craft beers at thebrotalk.com.

The U.S.A Open Beer Competitions are an excellent place for Eli Gershkovitch to meet beer drinkers especially those who love drinking with friends and relatives while watching football games. By attending such events, Eli Gershkovitch indeed markets his business, and with the vast number of fans attending, sales are also expected to rise. In 2013, Steamworks Brewery Company recorded a production of 40,000 hectoliters.

Read: http://www.westender.com/eat-drink/steamworks-is-much-more-than-a-brew-pub-1.879352