Nick Vertucci Overcomes Low Points in Life to Find Success in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci’s life had hit an all time low when he found himself living alone in his van at the age of eighteen. His life has been characterized by adversity, struggle, and hardship all of which he’s overcome to reach a better place which includes a happy family and a powerhouse career in real estate investing. Because he’s overcome serious obstacles in life, he’s eager to share with others how they can improve their lives with success in real estate investing too. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is how he gives back to others with a proven, straightforward system that he’s developed.

One life changing hardship that was imposed on him was the untimely loss of his father when he was only ten years old. This traumatic event changed his life dramatically as his mother was forced to work long hours to support Vertucci and his siblings. He well remembers evenings when he couldn’t see his mother because she was at work.

Despite this difficult beginning to his life Nick Vertucci persevered and started a business selling computer parts. The business was successful and during this time he married and started a family. He had a wife and three daughters that he was responsible for which made his company even more important.

Events overtook him again when his business failed in the fallout of the dot com bubble which burst in 2000. Many companies failed as a result of this watershed event and Nick Vertucci was forced to pick himself up and start over. He lost nearly everything during this time, except his home, which was possibly a portent of things to come.

The event that changed Vertucci’s life was when a friend convinced him to attend a three-day seminar on how to invest in real estate. He reluctantly went along and found himself absolutely fascinated by real estate and its potential. He had found his life’s calling and pursued it with passion and energy.

Nick Vertucci spent the next decade learning all about real estate investing with its many facets. Over time he developed a straightforward system that codified all his knowledge and provided a foundation that anyone could learn. This is his way of paying it forward and helping others achieve financial success too.

The live workshops of the Academy tour the country and hit many major cities, so everyone has a chance to attend. They cover a wide range of investing strategies from flipping properties to finding good rental locations for income generation.

Information about Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola who is the senior vice president of the AXA Advisors is responsible for management development, sales, retention, recruiting, productivity and development of experienced and new financial professional.Mr. Vincent has over twenty-five years of experience in the industry. Vincent started his career in 1987 with Prudential as an agent, and while he was there, he emerged National Rookie of the year. He then joined MONY Life insurance company in the year 1990, where he held some regional and local field management positions before he joined AXA Advisors back in 2004.

Before his role as the divisional president, Mr. Vincent Parascandola was the Advantage Group president who is a section of AXA Equitable that is created to draw seasoned financial professionals. Before, he was the co-manager of the New York Metro branch of the company, which has almost 400 professionals in finance in the tri-state area.

According to pocomuseum, due to his leadership, Mr. Vincent has gained various management awards in his career which includes GAMA’s Career Development & Master Agency awards. Vincent is a sought-after speaker, and he has spoken at various company and industry conferences including the LIMRA’s distribution conferences and the GAMA’s national LAMP meeting. He is the former president of Florida chapter and a member of GAMA. Vincent is also the former chair of the Field Officers Committee of LIMRA.

Mr. Vincent is Bachelor of Science degree graduate from Pace University located in New York, and he recently went back to his Alma mater to give out the commencement speech to the class of 2014 that was graduating.

About the AXA Advisors, LLC is the dealer/broker and the retail distribution channel for the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company New York which is a leading protection company in finance and among the premier providers of annuity products and life insurance o the nation. AXA Advisors network of approximately 6000 financial professionals offers products and strategies for investment and financial protection as well as estate planning, business, retirement, college, and asset allocation to assist customers with financial needs in their lifetime. AXA equitable which is an AXA Financial Inc subsidiary is a section of the world AXA Group, a global leader in wealth management and financial protection strategies. Check out his Facebook page for more details.

The Achievements of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a courageous self-starter who trusts in making sense of how to accomplish an option that is instead of question the entire procedure as he as of late uncovered to the CEOCFO Magazine senior editorial manager in a gab. He removed an alternate course from what he had learned at school. Greg Secker took a course in sustenance sciences and horticulture, however he understood his enthusiasm for innovation and even manufactured a liquid flow model of a follicle.

He started at the Thomas Cook Financial Services and later to the Virtual Trading Desk where he acclimated himself with the Forex and furthermore thought of an advanced stage for cash exchanging. As a hand on the individual, he contributed secretly 5,000 Euros and before the end of that year had expanded to 60,000 Euros. He has from that point forward made a fortune from cash exchanging, fence stock investments and from his entrepreneurial ventures throughout the years. The achievement of Dr. John Demartini, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins has been his inspiration.

Following his wealth, Greg Secker puts stock in offering back to the general public. The Greg Secker Foundation has been edifying youngsters in zones of business, riches, initiative, wellbeing, and connections. The arrange course and gatherings where the welcomed extraordinary individuals in the land master bono to address different issues. Fundamentally, this is to enhance the lives of individuals and make them freedom in money related terms. The establishment is at present focused on helping the casualties of the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan disaster get recovered.

About Greg Secker

His constancy has paid him with sole responsibility for support investments, financier firm, around 17 distinct organizations and some not revenue driven associations. He claims the Knowledge to Action Group which includes the Greg Secker Foundation, Learn to Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital among others. Greg is enthusiastic about training and strengthening and has helped the groups in South Africa, Australia and most as of late in the Philippines.

Greg Secker has additionally filled in as the Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation. He is the writer of the Financial Freedom through Forex among different books. He has shared his trepidation of business on roughly 6,000 stages in the United States, Pacific, South Africa and different parts of the world. Other than the honors won, acknowledgment on different media he has likewise been selected to the Board of Ambassador for City Philanthropy.


Can Lime Crime Cosmetics Maintain Its Dominance

The cosmetic industry has many fly by night companies as well as some tried and true favorites. It seems like every person wants to come out with their own cosmetic or fashion line. The truth is that you’ll surely have to do more than slap a logo onto something and sell it. Cosmetics demonstrates this notion perfectly as there are hundreds of brands on the market at any given time. One of the very best cosmetic brands of today is known as Lime Crime, and it should be a crime for a cosmetic brand to look this good.

Colors, colors and more colors. This is the name of the game as Doe Deere has applied her own personal style to each and every product. Deere is the CEO and the founder of this hot new company. Ever since she was a little girl, she always loved to experiment with wild colors. This eclectic sense of style is paying off big time right about now. Lime Crime offers many different products such as lip gloss, lip toppers, makeup palettes and hair dye. Its lipsticks are the best sellers, and they’re the most popular. Some of the most intriguing colors can be found here. Cement, beetle, asphalt, scandal, posh, raven, beet it, fetish, dream girl and many more. The Velvetine lipsticks produce the best matte finish. They’re similar to liquid gold in a sense as the product glides on smooth, are long lasting, are touch-proof, and they have a beautiful rich pigment.

Though the colors are intense, they won’t transfer or bleed, which is a big problem with other brands. For receiving the best results, apply some lip balm 15 minutes prior to applying the lipstick. To refine or accentuate the look, use a lip brush gentle around the edges. Lime Crime is dominant in the simplest fashion, and it’s doing a great job of supplying its fan base with fun, premium products.

A Short List of Lessons Preston Smith Learned From Leading Rocketship Education to Success

Preston Smith created Rocketship Education ten years ago with the help of John Danner. The network of nonprofit, K-5 public schools is unarguably the pioneer in individualized learning. Although Rocketship Education’s instructors obviously fill the majority of their school days with traditional lectures that include every student in each classroom, at least 45 minutes each day are allocated towards games, puzzles, and other learning tools to help students learn about concepts they’re struggling with or don’t know well after listening to lectures.

Rocketship Education has provided a number of lessons to Preston Smith in its initial decade of existence, particularly in the past four years, in which Smith has been the chief executive officer. He published an article just a few weeks ago in which he detailed important things he’s picked up from being intimately involved in Rocketship’s activities. Let’s peer into several of these important lessons, largely able to be applied to any pedagogical setting.

Parents are brought for panel-style interviews every time there is an or are openings for new staff positions, whether they’re for teachers or administrators. These highly useful resources are also asked to remit surveys about their kids’ thoughts about current happenings at school, how well they’re retaining knowledge, and whether they’re getting along with other students, as well as thoughts towards their respective teachers.

Everybody who works for Rocketship Education is trained to listen to all sources of information, especially that of investors, zoning commissions, school boards, and every individual or group in between.

Every student that is enrolled in public schools should think highly of their “public” names, as should their parents, family members, friends, and others.

Even more importantly than other things mentioned herein, developmentally disabled students should spend most of their time in general classroom settings, around their non-disabled and disabled peers, all in the same mix.

This network’s students often score very high on standardized tests on the local, state, and even federal level, beating out many private schools on the way to the top. This proves that public schools, like Rocketship Education, can be worth their salt, after all


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg: The Men Behind The Fashion Brand Fabletics

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are probably the most unlikely people to be fashion Mughals, even though they own one of the biggest retail brands in America. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the founders of JustFab, an online clothing brand that offers a range of product for men, women, and children. The brand has grown tremendously since it first launched for business and had become one of the most go to marketplaces when it comes to shopping online.


Don Ressler has been working on his business ideas since he was a teenager. One of the first companies that he founded was when he was just fifteen. He was in high school and had a software company of his own. The company did extremely while it was up for business and was then bought over by Intermix Media. Because Don Ressler was such an integral part of making his business a success, he decided to travel halfway across the country to work at Intermix Media as their COO. It was while working here that Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg. The two of them instantly became friends and began exchanging ideas. Even though there was a wide age gap in between the two, they provided each other a good balance, which helped them when they decided to venture out on their businesses.


Adam also has been in the software industry and had a company when he was in school. It was a gaming company which was then later sold to Microsoft. When it came to the brands that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wanted to put out, they always found a way to integrate technology into their business. JustFab is known for being a clothing company that incorporates technology into the clothing that they make, which is also what has enabled the company to stand out from the crowd.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are both people who believe in working with a good business plan. The businesses that they have found work around viable plans of action, which have helped the company and them as well. Even when it comes to marketing strategies, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg believe in implementing those that are out of the box and unlike anything that other brands do. This has worked brilliantly for them and is also why they keep doing it over and over again. Today, the companies that they founded are worth millions of dollars.

Nick Vertucci Overcomes Adversity to Find Success in Real Estate

The fact that Nick Vertucci has made millions in real estate should tell you something important. He knows what he’s doing and he’s willing to show you how it’s done. The community and system that he has created are helping people develop their own career in real estate and offering them the chance to have lifestyle freedom. All of this stems from his desire to give something back to the world in light of his own success. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy offers intensive training for those interested in commanding their own destiny and securing financial freedom.
The death of Vertucci’s father when he was ten years old was a milestone event that took a loving household and turned it into one of struggle and hardship. His mother had to work longer hours to make ends meet and this often kept her out of the home during the evenings. He remembers falling asleep before her evening shift had ended on many occasions. A real low point in his life was when he lived in his van and was very much alone.
Another painful setback for Nick Vertucci was the failure of his business selling computer parts. For a time, he had enjoyed success and prosperity with this venture, but it ended in failure as part of the dot com bust which devastated many businesses. This put him and his family, which by now was a wife and three daughters, in a fearful financial bind.
An opportunity came knocking again when Vertucci’s friend urged him to attend a three-day seminar on real estate investing which he reluctantly did. The event was transformative in his life and he had finally found his life’s calling. He intuitively understood the great potential of a career in this field and embarked upon a path of steady learning and growing. He absorbed all that he could on the subject and pursued many avenues until he learned what worked and what didn’t.
After a decade of accomplishment, learning, and achieving Nick Vertucci was ready to share his findings with the world. He has filtered out extraneous information and has developed a system that is straightforward and effective which helps students launch their own business.
Vertucci has taken his show on the road to major American cities and presents a lively workshop to teach, inspire, and motivate. He enjoys helping others down the road of real estate riches and has impacted the lives of many. more about his academy here.

Tony Petrello Helps Nabors, Inc. Become Better

Even before Tony Petrello took over as the CEO of Nabors, Inc., the company was one that was performing well. It was an oil company that was much better than some of the others, and that is what helped it to become even better in the future. For Tony Petrello to take over the company, he had to be sure he was doing things the right way. He knew a lot about running a business and felt that his experience was great for what Nabors, Inc. needed. He also felt that he could help to create a more beneficial opportunity for people who were in different positions with the oil company. It is what made him one of the best CEOs and one that provided a lot of help for other people. Since Tony Petrello knew what he was doing, he could do different things that would make things easier on the people who worked under him.

The oil industry constantly changes and that makes things easier for people to try different things. It has helped others to have a great chance at getting the oil they need and it makes it much easier for people to try different things. Since Tony Petrello the leader of Nabors, Inc., he has been helping his customers have a better understanding of all of the things that are going on in the industry. He just wants to be sure that everyone understands what they need to get out of the industry and how the changes are going to affect them.

Since taking over as the CEO, Tony Petrello has seen the way that things can change and he wants to make everything better for the people who are working on their own opportunities. He also wants them to know what they can do to make their own oil experience better so he tries his best to show them what can make things easier and what they need to do to be able to enjoy all of the things that the industry has to offer.

One thing that Tony Petrello does much differently from other CEOs is that he offers the opportunity to see his humble beginnings. He was not always someone who was rich and, in fact, struggled for a long time with the opportunities that he had. He chose to use those to his advantage and make them better for himself. He wanted people to know that he would be making things easier and that he would be making the company better for those who were also humble just like he was when he first started. It was what gave him all of the help that he needed to be as successful as possible. For more info about us: click here.

End Citizens United

Large scale monetary donations to political candidates and campaigns, given vy billionaires and big corporations, has gotten totally out of hand. The big spenders who want to control the candidates and the campaigns that they endorse are not required by law to limit donation amounts, nor do they have to report every cent that they give. This has been a problematic issue for decades now. These billionaires are a group of citizens united in hopes of keeping republican control in congress and the nation as a whole.

In 2010 The Supreme Court opened the door for large corporations and others with special interests to donate unlimited amounts of money, that cannot be traced, to the elections in America. The End Citizens United group is staging a political battle to make it legal for all donations to be reported, and that a limit should be placed on money that is donated to campaigns. This political action committee was formed in 2015 in hopes of counter acting the damaging effects that were caused by Citizens United and improve the system for financing campaigns. Their mission is to stop billionaire and big corporations from pouring big money into elections and to change the political funding system. The End Citizens United group is funded by everyday people, the average American.

Like End Citizens United on Facebook

End Citizens United came about as a means of putting an end to the work of an Indiana Lawyer by the name of James Bopp. He is considered to be at the fore front of all the controversy. Mr. Bopp has suffered much humiliation in court as he tried to win cases that were in opposition of the American way. He has had to endure the laughter of fellow attorneys and even the judges on the bench. One such instance occurred in January of 2008 when his clients, the republicans, wanted to air a negative film portraying the female Presidential candidate as a European socialite with the qualities of lady MacBeth. Bopps lost that round but later won as the Supreme Court reversed the ruling. The End Citizen United committee is striving to elect candidates who are pro-reform and will make political finance a national issue. They want to use the membership of average people to show power in reference to money in politics. The belief of End Citizens United is that Citizens United wrecked over a hundred years of law geared toward decreasing the corruption of America’s electoral system.

A Brief Historic Account Of Karl Heideck

Lawyers in Philadelphia have moved with speed to overturn a corporate practice that has been deemed by many as an act of prejudice. The corporate society has been under criticism apparently for demanding job applicants’ past salary information as grounds to validate their applications. According to litigation attorney, kirk Heideck, this is an infringement of the applicant privacy which is protected by law. The legal fraternity had their say when the mayor signed the ruling into law making it unlawful to demand such information from prospective employees. Although the ruling was met by great opposition and protests from interested parties siting the violation of the first amendment rights, the law is in effect.

The aforementioned ruling was highly influenced by the submissions of great litigation lawyers including Karl Heideck. Heideck is a guru in risk management and issues to do with compliance and he is a native in Philadelphia. He has been practice law for over 10 years an experience which has enabled him to arise above the ranks and to become one of the greatest litigation attorneys in the city. He is a diversely talented individual with great skills in other fields such as legal writing and commercial litigation where he has thrived impressively. He is also very good in employment law that is why he was able to champion the aforementioned ruling nullifying the requirement set by the private sector employers to have job applicants declare their salary history.

Academically, Heideck attained a degree in English and literature for his first degree which has helped him in several aspects in law. His acquired his degree from Swarthmore College before joining the Temple University for his degree in law. The combination of his two degrees makes a perfect attorney in grasping issues and presenting court cases. He is one of the most reputed attorneys in the corridors of justice in Philadelphia and his skills and expertise are evident in the jurisdiction that he operates in based in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck remains to be a force to reckon with in the realms of justice and his popularity is increasingly growing.