Billy McFarland’s Bold Black Magnises Card: Oh–Millennial Have they got You Covered!

Billy McFarland, CEO and Founder of the Magnises Company, certainly knew what he was doing when he created his bold and black product offering: The Magnises Card. McFarland revolutionizes the card industry with his Magnises card. It goes fifteen steps above a regular rewards card.


The card has a handy pay component. The Millennial simply links up an existing debit or bank card to his weighty, metal Black Magnises Card and, like magic, he has a classic, refined way to pay for purchases.


The second element of the card is its social component. Many Millennials have a great deal going for them in the way of connecting with their peer group. However, when residing and working everyday in a primary city, such as New York, it can become much like getting lost at sea. Magnises however organizes the Millennial professional, in way of providing him or her places to mingle, after work, with other like-minded, career, Millennial professionals. So how cool is that? It just gets better. . .


The Magnises Company, provides the Magnises individual with a terrific Penthouse location, at one of the city’s premier spots. This is the perfect place to enjoy an open bar arrangement, in a chic setting, where other Magnises members; coming out of the fashion sector, the techy sector, and the financial houses, inter-mingle and enjoy the best in libations. Also, the view from this fashionable, contemporary location is spectacular. The Magnises Company knows how to make a social experience not only refined–but memorable.


Persons, who enjoy cool places to visit, receive the best in discounts too. McFarland has basically covered all of the company’s bases when it comes to events right for every stylish breed of Magnises user.


If the Magnises member is a sports fan–then there are all types of opportunities to enjoy the best in seating arrangements–and at prices that do not clean out the member’s wallet. Read related article at

The foodie is in for a great deal of fun too: He or she is able to sample all kinds of great foods, at city food festivals, visit prime dining establishments–where the ultimate in discounting is provided; and experience a night out at legendary food venues. World-respected chefs, are on board, to provide the Magnises member with the best in a culinary experience. More details on this site


Cultural enthusiasts are in for fun. There are art exhibits which to attend; and art discussions to embrace.


The preceding, though, is a mere sampling of what the card provides the Millennial. The list of amenities is far too many to list here. Almost every cultural and recreational experience is covered.


The annual price of the card is a thrifty $250 investment. It is the stylish, bold black card that is designed particularly for the professional Millennial–and a “must have.”

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