Research in The New Forest

Established in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia, the Wessex Institute of Technology is a research and educational institute that offers higher academic degrees and serves the international scientific community. Located in Southern England’s New Forest National Park, this prestigious institute offers research programs that are funded by business and study organizations. An annual conference by the Wessex Institute includes the awarding of two medals; one in collaboration and established with the Italian University of Siena in memory of Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Ilya Prigogine called the Prigogine Medal. The second award is in collaboration with the American University of Mississippi called the George Green Medal.


The Wessex Institute organizes 25 conferences annually and with association with organizations and universities, is held in several different

locations. These lectures, published along with edited works, specialized research monographs and journals are also available at the institute.  Click here.