There are issues that at times affect us, and we don’t know who we should run to when we need help. Sometimes, we don’t have enough funds or the confidence to be able to pay or face a therapist so that they could give us solutions to some of the problems we face. Talkspace is an online mobile app that ensures that people get access to a qualified therapist for a tiny amount of fee of about $120 monthly.

One can talk to the therapists at any time they wish through the Talkspace app via voice and video calls or through texting. Some people prefer texting to the face to face therapy. They can feel free to use the different tools available to them by choosing any of their preference. Through using this app, many people who felt the need to change their style of therapy have found Talkspace to be a fascinating app to use.

The mobile app has got many therapists registering and start benefiting from the app. One of the benefits some therapists talk about is the facing of tougher questions. Some clients would be, at times hostile, and others would find it hard to communicate, therefore, making it hard to sort out problems faced by the clients.

The advantages of Using the Talkspace App

Convenience– With Talkspace, the therapist is available at any time. No matter how long the text is or how complicated the situation is, the therapist is always open to talk to you.

No repetition after switching therapies– Repeating the stories that one told the former therapist can be tiring. It is for this reason that Talkspace decided that there will be no repetition of stories by its clients as therapists find the previous chats in the chatroom and can catch up. Therapists will also enquire on what one did not like about the last therapist for them not to repeat the same mistake.

It is an excellent platform for those who can’t talk about things openly-Different people have different ways of communicating with others express via texting while others do through talking things loudly.