GoBuyside Expands Recruitment To Find The Best Candidates

There have been many changes brought about by the new digital age. The introduction of remote working, or working from home, may be one of the biggest new trends, as far as how employers fill their positions. GoBuyside is capitalizing on this trend in a way that may help them rise to the top as the preferred recruiter for financial talent. Learn more about GoBuyside at Crunchbase.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, as much as 24% of the population worked from home to some degree in 2015 and that percentage has gradually risen in the intervening years. This means talent can be tapped from any location in the world, changing the game for both employers and job seekers. By using this trend to bolster their recruitment practices, GoBuyside can promise the best and brightest talent, regardless of location. This, of course, means recruiters like GoBuyside can be more selective in which applicants it selects for its clients.

GoBuyside is taking it one step further, using software and computer algorithms to conduct in depth research on each applicant. Their screening process looks at social media accounts for each user, particularly giants like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as general information searches. Where applicants once held the cards in determining what was shared with a potential employer or a recruiter, the reverse is now opposite. The vast information available on the internet lets GoBuyside conduct in-depth research that can be used to identify the most ideal candidate for each position.

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This type of candidate analysis gets even more complex, when looking for short-term hires for special projects. GoBuyside is employing artificial intelligence to look at online job boards and candidate tracking programs to identify those best suited for a particular project. This can be beneficial to the applicants, as well as to employers, since it lets those chosen for the position exploit their talents and skills.

The data collecting GoBuyside does isn’t just to benefit employers. It helps job seekers, as well. A candidate can learn a great deal about the hiring company, even before participating in an initial interview. While job applicants would normally have to research the hedge fund firms, advisory platforms, private equity companies, and investment firms for themselves, GoBuyside now does that legwork for them.

Applicants are as supportive of GoBuyside’s services as the companies using them to find qualified candidates. The firm provides the inside track on financial sector jobs that might not be listed publicly, as well as helping applicants network and connect with others. This leads job seekers to discover opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to them. For instance, one investment banking analyst used GoBuyside to get into private equity and now manages over $12 billion in assets.

Essentially, GoBuyside has taken the search for the ideal candidate and given it new life. Through the implementation of entirely new search perimeters, the recruitment firm can identify the top candidates for any position. They also use the latest tech innovations to help job seekers find the positions that best suit their own needs. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.