Desiree Perez and Jay-Z Working together for Tidal Success

Jay-Z made a great decision by working with Desiree Perez. They are a great team. While Perez may not be known by many, she has what it takes to push Tidal to great heights. She is an advantage to Tidal, and she is able of helping Jay-Z achieve success in music streaming. She is skilled and talented, and that is why she can seal deals without much fanfare. As of now millions of people are signing up in Tidal, and she is the one making such transformation. She gets fans excited and curious, and that is why many are now signing up.  Based on


Desiree Perez is now achieving great success in the industry. It is contrary to what many people thought. Many thought that the music streaming business is going down, but Perez is working against that with success. She has good working relationships with Jay-Z. It is another aspect that has made them succeed in the business. They have extended their working relationships to sports and entertainment in music streaming. Tidal is now friendly to customers courtesy of Perez. The company has now been able to stand out with the help of Perez.

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Tidal now is great, and Jay-Z is happy about it. That is the reason he cannot stop talking about this success. Beyonc√© is now working on promoting it. She is going on many tours and performing to people. Her performances are making people grab the “Lemonade” album. Jay-Z is a great artist, and that is why he can do all this. Talented musicians are putting their music on Tidal and people are willing to see their music. For an instant, there is Lauryn Hill who has made a comeback with music that is now streaming on Tidal.

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It is an excellent time for Jay-Z. However, the best decision he made was having a working relationship with Perez because together they will go far. Perez has the resilience required to take the company places. Jay-Z has kept fans entertained, and people are being interested. The membership in Tidal is increasing day by day, and there is no doubt that it is going to achieve success in the field. The provision of High Definition music has made the company build credibility.

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