The Lung Institute’s Efforts in Treating Lung Disease

Lung diseases have affected thousands of livelihoods worldwide. The increased air pollution from industries and motor vehicle exhausts has contributed to this sad state. Also, the destruction of forest cover for human settlement has compounded the situation.

If infected by bacteria, the air we breathe in has destructive effects on our smooth bronchial coverings. Moreover, inhaling allergens result in an inflammatory condition that causes bronchial congestion and increases difficulty in breathing. A combination of these facts results in the destruction of the lung tissue and subsequent breathing debility. If not treated, the condition persists to become a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a potentially dangerous illness.

Fortunately, after observing the suffering and deaths caused by lung diseases, the Lung Institute has come up with a remedy and care for patients. The Lung Institute is the leading health provider in diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases worldwide. Whether the condition is caused by benign or malignant neoplasm or other origins, the specialists handle the state offering successful recoveries.

How does the Lung Institute achieve lung treatment?

According to, having the best physicians in diagnosis and treatment has propelled us to the international arena. We deploy stem cells harvested from the patient’s blood or bone marrow into the blood stream. The stem cells rest in the lungs providing natural healing and a reduction in inflammation.

How is the success rate so far?

The lung institute has opened several clinics in the US. We have hospitals in Nashville, Tenn., Pittsburgh, Pa., Tampa, Fla., Dallas, Texas, and Scottsdale, Ariz. The clinics have offered treatment to over 3,000 lung patients with a success rate of 84.5%.

Promoters of lung stem cells treatment from the Lung Institute have held numerous medical events worldwide. The aim is to sensitize stakeholders and governments to embrace the use of stem cell therapy. Experts at the Lung Institute believe that with acceptance of the stem cell therapy, the traditional methods of treatment can be changed to suit the changing disease patterns globally. To learn more, please visit