How Michel Terpins became a rallying champion in Brazil.

When it comes to Brazilian rallying one of the most successful drivers is none other than Michel Terpins. For a man who from a very tender age had his eyes set on becoming a sporting success, the bar had already been set high enough by his father Jack Terpins a former basketball player who played for Hebraica club and helped them achieve alot of success. His father or Jacko as he was popularly referred too since his early days was always very supportive of his son’s ambitions and had worked to ensure that he got all the assistance and facilitation he needed.

He began his career early and by 2002 he was able to break into the cross country championship here he was a motorcycle rider who competed with the best of the best in the country. This were rider some of who had years and years of experience over him.He would go on to ride his bike to the top of the championship where he became known as one of the best riders that ever took part in the sport. He was the Cross Country Rally Championship champion and by the time he left he had a leadership position in the championship. He transitioned from riding to motorsport racing he had identified the T1 prototype category that his brother Rodrigo Terpins was already participating and excelling in as his next step in the sporting world.After joining his brother they were able to form a team the Bull Sertões Rally Team.This team would become synonymous with winning championships across Brazil and as it expanded it achieved more and more success.

In the twenty-fourth edition of the Sertões Rally Michel Terpins together with his new teammate and partner Maykel Justo took part.They were piloting the T-Rex a vehicle that had been developed by MEM for them after various improvements from the previous versions. Through the 2600 kilometer race, they were able to work together and achieve the fifth position this was done by completing all the 7 stages within the expected time as well as being winners of the second stage.

Michel Terpins continues to take part in other championships as well as train for every new edition of the Sertões Rally.