Boraie Development LLC Behind New Brunswick Scenic Look

The Blog post ‘Visions of Omar Boraie’ posted on Central Jersey Working Moms depicts Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Developments as a visionary entrepreneur who for four decades had done remarkable work in New Brunswick.

Among his latest developments includes the Aspire which is a luxurious residential and high rise building. It is a 17-story high-end apartment with a monthly rent of $2,800. The Aspire complex is strategically located near a train terminal and other offices.

Mr. Boraie had envisioned this project for decades, and finally, he is excited that his dream is now a reality.

According to Omar, he desired to rebuild New Brunswick to resemble the ambiance he saw introduced in Europe during his travels when still in school. Before he started working in New Brunswick was a deserted area with no people walking after 4 pm.

Presently, New Brunswick has changed tremendously, and Mr. Boraie works on the eight floors in an office with a spectacular view. Previously, the area had around 21 properties that were crumbling, and Omar began his vision by purchasing the buildings. Most people thought Mr. Boraie was wasting his money, but he was a visionary leader with a plan that many could not see at the time.

The first building he renovated was his office space dubbed Tower One in the 1980s, and then he renovated the second building which was next to the first one and named it Tower two in 2003. After this, Omar discovered that there was a high need for luxury residential space and he began developing condominiums in a 25-story complex that had 121 units. Additionally, the construction included space for offices, garage parking, and retail businesses.

At the moment, many believe in the visions of Omar, and he has since thanked those that believed in him back then and stood with him the entire time.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a well-known real estate company that focuses on services such as property management, real estate development and sales/marketing. The firm was founded by Omar Boraie in 1986 and since its establishment has developed several remarkable scrappers suiting the diverse needs of its clientele. To date, Boraie Development has 35 expert personnel who are determined to offer unparalleled services to its customers.

For this reason, Boraie Development ensures it partners with the relevant stakeholders who hold similar visions and understand the importance of meeting deadlines successfully. With an ever-growing real estate industry, Boraie Development LLC must stay relevant by developing more innovative projects.

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Nick Vertucci, Resuscitating Careers through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Sometimes venturing into the financial-based careers could be a little difficult in regards to not knowing where to begin with, what system to trust, or even what system would appropriately work for you. In the real estate sector, Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy got you covered. The institution has the reputation of equipping one with all the necessities and solutions to the major market challenges in the real estate investments.


Nick Vertucci created this system specifically to help others succeed using the same concept. With a group of other people, he is now able to help his new trainees to make a fortune out of the real estate sector. In this renowned institution, rather than just short-term fantasies, long-term solutions in financial freedom are created to give its clients their desired dreams.


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy natures individuals straight from their feeble start and moves them towards the direction of great achievements. Nick has the ultimate support of numerous good-will individuals who include private leaders and community investors who play a significant role in providing funds for the academy’s stability. This is an affirmation of assured quality output to the students.



Nick believes that no matter where an individual has been before, it barely influences their destiny. It all lies in the present decisions. He was brought up in an ordinary family but later was faced with challenges at age 10 when his father passed on. Vertucci later started a computer selling business which was his personal business that unfortunately crushed in 2000 because he did not plan for the future.



After his first business failure, it took up to 18 months for Nick to get over the loss. Already having a family of three daughters and a wife, Nick Vertuhad a hard time coming back to his feet. Lucky enough, he was privileged to attend a real estate based seminar, courtesy of his friend, an event that marked a major turn in his life. He kept on learning new ideas and getting absorbed in the system. He was eventually inspired to come up with his own system.


Nick’s system proved to be straightforward and more effortless, helping him to make more money in the real estate industry. With commitment and hard work, Nick Vertucci became a self-made millionaire and vowed to help other individuals prosper using his system. He later adds that he discovered the fact that most people have the will and drive to work but all they lack is skills needed in the market.

Tammy Mazzocco, a Passionate Realtor

The Ohio real estate market has been on the rise where the prices of homes have been increasing steadily. The trend in the prices is not expected to change shortly. Due to the cost trend, several property developers have been dragged into this region. The massive investment in the Ohio real estate is expected to create additional commercial enterprises which in turn will attract more residents to buy homes in Ohio. Apart from these attractive establishments, the cost of living in Ohio is relatively low compared to the other parts of the country. Hence, many people prefer this region.

Aspects Inspiring Tammy Mazzocco’s Pursuits

The process of buying and acquiring a new home can be quite tedious. Meet Tammy Mazzocco, who has helped many homebuyers find their dream homes in Ohio. Tammy has been in the sector for over two decades. She prides in her extensive knowledge of the trends and the local real estate market. This makes her better placed to serve her clients and help them get a good deal for their homes. Although Tammy Mazzocco specializes in the New Albany area, she has also served clients from all over the state. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Tammy Mazzocco’s Motivation

Mazzocco credits her success to the fact that she is goal-oriented in nature, and she is self-driven.She is different from other real agents in the state as she treats all her clients like family; there is a close relationship between her and her clients. Therefore, she is highly sought-after than any other agent.

Tammy’s Career and Continued Growth in Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco started her career in Edward Realty Company as a secretary. During her career at the company, she met Ken Cook who was very helpful in encouraging her and teaching her the requisite skills to employ in real estate. Later on, Tammy met Joe Armeni who encouraged her to pursue real estate as a full-time career in 1999. Her journey has since been rewarding as every step counts.

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