Why Securus Leads the Inmate Communications Industry

In the recent past, the prison facilities are gradually improving. The inmates, as well as prison staff, are the primary beneficiaries of the improvement. Thanks to the tech advancements, today prisons are slowly turning into homes away from home as well as places where staff see it easy to work. Behavioural experts often say with the recent introduction of inmate communications, the rate of inmate-behavioral change has quickly improved. Securus Technologies is among the few communications companies that understand the need for inmate communications. Therefore, since 1986, the tech company has continued to support the prison facilities in the best way possible through tech support.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. However, the tech company has regional offices located in Georgia, Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta. Today, the tech company takes pride of being in the game for more than three decades, a period that has seen it garner more experience when it comes to prison services. Securus offers its essential services to more than 2500 facilities spread across 48 states. Today, more than 1.2 million inmates benefit from Securus services, a number that a majority of penitentiary administration providers have been unable to meet.


Success has been Securus’s outmost objective. As a result, the renowned tech company has always set its forward by launching new projects often. With the aid of more than 13000 associates, the company today has more than 140 patents issued, making it a leader in the innovator’s world.


Over and over again, Securus Technologies has remained focused on its outmost goal by providing high-quality products and services and maintaining the best customer services in the industry. Apart from, the company has assisted many individuals to connect dots for investigative leads through calls monitoring hence assisting in solving many difficult cases. Besides, the company’s ability to connect emergency dispatchers and responders to those in needs has enabled it to become a most sought-after tech company.



Securus Technologies Is Now Getting BICSI Certfication For Employees

Eleven employees who are installation technicians for Securus Technologies have now been certified by Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). BICSI is an independent association that sets standards and certifies technicians in the telecommunications industry, and Securus Technologies has adopted their training program to place more qualified workers in the field. Danny de Hoyos, Securus’s Vice President of Technical Operations has spoken highly of training program and how the certification increases the expertise in the field. The programs that technicians can enroll in include installing fiber optic cables, copper wire technologies, and wireless systems.


Securus Technologies has served correctional facilities in telecommunications since 1986. This Dallas, TX company has come up with over 100 patents in this time and has bought out several subsidiaries to increase its service. Securus has phone billing options to make calls affordable for inmates and their families, and calls can be made prepaid, or use a self-service billing system. Inmates can receive or transfer funds using Securus’s ConnectUs platform, and also through JPay who they acquired a little over a year ago. Securus has kiosks in corrections facilities from which purchases can be made, or paperwork filed.


Whenever a big event happens at home, all that’s needed is a webcam and internet connection and incarcerated loved ones can see it live. Prison staff and law enforcement officers can be alerted in an instant through Securus’s THREADS system, a comprehensive monitoring system that tracks inmate associations, activities, and call patters for anything suspicious. Securus also is connected to multiple law enforcement databases for instant access to pertinent information in criminal cases.