Crypto Guru, Ian King Depicts a Flood in the Blockchain Market

Having traded professionally for over 20 years, Ian King has the expertise in the virtual market having previously worked at Peahi Capital and Citigroup. Currently working as cryptocurrency expert and editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, he has observed that the markets respond well to people who hold high aspirations. Ian offers traders with cryptocurrency news, tips, and valuable insights. Since cryptocurrency has changed the way people traded their goods and services, he sees this as a just a start of a revolution.

Previously, central banks acted as the middleman between buyers and sellers changing fees that have now been scrapped off with cryptocurrency. Since central banks do not control cryptocurrencies and as thus are not subject to trade barriers and exchange rates barriers that are encountered with the conventional currencies like the dollar. Having worked at hedge funds and derivatives, Ian King has valuable knowledge that can be relied on when he is making predictions in the blockchain technology markets. Visit to know more.

Ian is an entrepreneur and investor in cryptocurrency. He founded Intellicoins where he gives distinguished content on how to navigate the market. The program helps investors overcome the complexities encountered in the alternative currencies sector. Ventures that exceed $1 billion are viewed as unicorns due to their rareness, but nowadays such unicorns are becoming more common with over 275 firm globally fitting well into that description. Describing this issue as well as cryptocorns, Ian says such are left only to venture capitalists instead of accruing into investors’ brokerage accounts locking regular investors behind.

Regarding cryptocorns, Ian King noted that people are only familiar with Bitcoin since it is highly publicized than other cryptocurrencies. However, in comparison with the 1,485% Bitcoin growth, another blockchain cryptocurrency, Ethereum gained by 12,822% in the same period. The blockchain technology was developed by a teenager back in 2013, and has gone ahead to incorporate over a thousand other blockchain developments. Read more at Release Fact.

Since blockchain ideas have proved to be the solution to many real-world problems, people are keen to invest in them. However, there is a shortage of companies embracing blockchain technology. This drastic increase has led to a manic situation with high prices in the process. To his regard, there is a new response with many crypto unicorn startups, a situation he calls cryptocorn. The numerous blockchain projects with a combined total valuation of approx. $1 billion is impressive considering Bitcoin was in the cryptocorn ring alone. However, as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies grew, bitcoin market share fell to 35% from 90% in that period alone. Ian King wraps it all by saying, establishing a cryptocurrency is much difficult than it looks, if not entirely impossible.