Top healthcare CEO Maggie Gill Develops Memorial Health Into A Top Insurance Provider

2016 has proven to be an important year in the career of Memorial University Medical Center President and CEO Maggie Gill after she was rewarded on a professional level for her own work and that of the staff of the hospital; the Florida State University and Saint Leo University graduate has also developed a working relationship with Eon Health to provide a new Medicare Advantage plan that will allow each insurance user to get the best possible care. Maggie Gill has been looking for the best possible linkups with other healthcare providers for a number of years and hopes the link to Eon will benefit both Memorial and the patients she is attempting to help care for.


The end of 2016 was a successful one for Maggie Gill when she herself was named to the powerful list of “135 Nonprofit Hospital And Health System CEO’s To Know In 2016“. This list celebrates those CEO’s who have achieved much in their careers and continue to do so with through the use of new practices, such as her dedication to create a new form of Medicare Advantage Plan for patients in Georgia and South Carolina in association with partners at Eon Health.


The personal recognition may have given Maggie Gill a sense of personal pride, but the seven awards won by staff members for their own work and programs developed at the Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Healthcare Heroes Awards are sure to have given her even more professional pride. Maggie Gill saw two of her former physicians receive Lifetime Achievement Awards and five programs created through the Memorial Health System also honored for their innovation and success. Awards and personal recognition show the restructuring program undertaken by Maggie Gill when she took over the roles of CEO and President at the Memorial University Medical Center.