With Sentient AI A/B Marketers are Getting a Jump Start

A/B testing is when different ads are tested on one audience and then the data is used to compare the results of each test. A/B testing is an effective way to test marketing campaign but the problem is that it is time-consuming. By the time a marketer gets his or her data, things can start changing. When this happens, whatever they have learned through traditional A/B testing already starts to become obsolete. Not only that, with A/B testing you can only make small changes and then wait for the data. The problem with this is that it is never exactly sure what made a particular ad successful. However, there is a way around that problem and that would be to use the marketing technique of Sentient AI A/B testing.

The trick is to do things faster but at the same time not too fast. When things go too slow, it could directly translate to lost opportunity for the business. On the other hand, if things move too fast then the data can influence whatever data that was taken from a previous test, which can lead to confusion. In fact, marketers see this as contamination of data. With Sentient AI A/B testing this is not an issue. It is possible to run several different tests at once. The days of only making small changes and waiting for unclear results are over. Sentient AI is allowing people to do all types of changes at much higher speeds.

The bottom line of any e-commerce website is to turn window shoppers into buyers as quickly as possible. The days of just giving lower prices or even superior products are over. User experience is a big part of conversions and these can include something simple as the way the menu is laid out. When Sentient AI A/B testing is done, you can arrive at a decision as to what to keep and what to change. All of this is possible because of AI or artificial intelligence. It takes into account test data and other variables to arrive at a conclusion. All this dizzying computation is done in an instant and is ultimately helping companies to increase their conversion rates as well as their bottom line.