Kamil Idris’s views on promoting Intellectual Property Rights

Kamil Idris is a Sudanese citizen, politician, diplomat and international civil servant. He is a renowned scholar with LLB honors from the Faculty of Law, University of Khartoum, Ph.D. in International Relations from Geneva University and honorary doctorate degrees from 19 other universities. He was the Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) until 2008. Intellectual property rights protection is an issue that the professor is very vocal about. He has written many books and publications urging on efforts to honor and protect innovations and human mind creativity.

In his view, Kamil Idris says innovation steers economic growth and it is essential to protect patents, copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks to encourage creativity in individuals and businesses. In his article on Medium about making sense on modern Laws regarding Intellectual Property, professor Kamil says that Intellectual Property is so significant in business that it was a cause of trade war between the United States and China. He goes further to explain efforts by the European Union to promote Intellectual Property Rights. The European Council and parliament forged a directive on the protection of trade secrets called the European Union Trade directive and its role is to centralize laws concerning intellectual property all over Europe.


The European Patent Office is responsible for granting patent applications. However, professor Kamil notes that the European Patent Office is limited in its own capacity of registering patents because of issues like translation resulting from different communication languages across Europe. Another problem that limits the European Patent Office is that most patents granted do not apply throughout Europe but are instead national patents and people in Europe outside the country that the patent was filled may use the ideas as their own and face minimal or no reprimand from the original patent holders for their actions. It is due to these challenges and others that the Unified Patent Court was established to protect patent rights of businesses.


While speaking to Venture Outsource, professor Kamil Idris says that globalization has brought new challenges to Intellectual Property Rights protection. Issues like piracy present the most significant challenge, especially in third world countries. The internet has made it easier for people all over the world to share ideas and this has encroached on Intellectual Property Rights. He suggests a global patent agreement to fasten the process of patent consolidation that is slowed down by patent disparities between countries.

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