Highland Capital Helps Investors Negotiate New Health Markets

The Affordable Care Act effectively put an umbrella over more than 16% of the United States GDP. It centralized all purchasing and extensions of personal health care plans and business health insurance policies. It even put new mandates on the schedules medical providers use in their offices.


One thing that the ACA did not do was hinder private investment in health care industries. The nature of capital growth in these industries did not go away, or become restricted. They only changed slightly to include more oversights on how investments are secured and distributed. This is the primary reason why investing in health care industry stocks, via mutual funds, is now most successful when directed by experts like Highland Capital. This Dallas, TX-based investment firm is responsible for managing more than $2 billion in portfolio assets that are rooted in the health care and medical innovation sectors.


The success of Highland Capital, especially through periods of extreme economic and governmental change, is due to its organization. This firm is large enough to handle expansive accounts and a diverse clientele. It remains people-centric however, and delegates management responsibilities to experts who are more than qualified to help investors negotiate difficult decisions about their portfolios. Some managers at Highland Capital Management have advanced dual degrees in finance, and fields like medicine. This is especially fortuitous for clients of the company who are interested in starting investments based on new options in health sector markets, or who are worried about how changes in the law will affect their investment strategies.


The growing value of Highland Capital’s holdings is a testament to the company’s versatility, management style, and dedication to the welfare of its clients. Investors wanting to find new capital opportunities in a changing economy will have success working with the Highland Capital investment team.