Felipe Montoro Jens the Brazilian Infrastructure Expert

Being a third world country, Brazil has for a long time been known for poor sanitation. The government had been in the past, largely employing state public companies, to handle this issue. However, these companies have not been as effective in improving public sanitation. This has forced the government to agree to a concession to let private companies have a fair share of the public sanitation contracts. This concession will be administered through the National bank for Economic and Social Development. BNDES will draw a customized action plan for each of the states that it will be operating in. The bank will first conduct a research for each state to identify the individual needs and concerns of the state.


The announcement of this concession has provoked talks across different industries. Some of the notable individuals who were interviewed on this concession include Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure expert and Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil.


Edison Carlo was the first to be interviewed and he quoted that the concession did not necessarily mean that public sanitation should do away with public companies. Rather, it means that public companies’ experience should equally be matched by the financial and resource strength of the private companies.


Felipe Montoro Jens advised that costs be observed. He noted that that waste management was a very big sanitation issue and if not addressed, it would be impossible to achieve sanitation. He supported Edison’s point on the private companies having the infrastructure to effectively manage waste.


About Felipe Monotoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a public speaker and one of the most-sought infrastructure experts. He has vast experience in this field, having worked in the industry, both in South America and Africa. He boasts of having worked with some of the largest and most influential companies in Brazil including AC Energia SA and Empresa de Generacion Huallaga SA. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923




Felipe Montoro Jens Is A Renowned Business Professional

It was in 1970 that Felipe Montoro Jens was born in Brazil. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and History. Also, he has a degree in management. He is a well-known person in Brazil. He is known as the infrastructure specialist there.



Felipe Montoro Jens had strongly presented his views when the Brazilian government got into a partnership for the basic sanitation services. It is with BNDES. This is new for Brazil. This is because it was always the governmental agencies that were doing this work. But now there will be a partnership with a private agency. Felipe Montoro Jens feels that it will be really good. He also feels that the private agencies should take benefit of this kind of experience which the governmental agency would have in this field.



There will be action plans that will be developed for each of the states by BNDES. These will be customized as they will be made based on a survey of the locations that are going to be serviced. There are comments by Edison Carlos, the President of BNDES too. He further mentioned that the bank is going to adapt the project to the specific needs of the states by developing a customized plan for them. This will enhance the productivity and the efficiency of all these plans and the partnership in general.



This is where Felipe Montoro Jens maintained that loss of water will always remain a major cause of loss of financial resources here, from the states. This is because the water companies of the state are to be held responsible for water waste. In fact, the impact of sanitation services can go away entirely due to such waste. Besides, it will be impacting the various financial resources too.



Felipe Montoro Jens also feels that private and public enterprises should always work as an ally to prevent water getting wasted. http://www.checkdirector.co.uk/director/felipe-montoro-jens/

Felipe Montoro Jens And What He Thinks About the New Steps Taken To Improve The Country’s Sanitation Services

The Brazilian National Bank for Economics and Social Development has made a decision to provide concessions that will help in developing the basic sanitation services in the country. The government is aiming to provide better structural and management services in the sanitation industry. The Trata Brasil’s president, Edison Carlos, in an interview said that public sector gives about 90 percent of the country’s sanitation services. He added that by moving to include the private sector in this industry for improved infrastructural development and empowerment. Felipe Montoro Jens in the interview said that the government should be clear about the goals when they create a contract with the private enterprises. He was in support of the concession as it would mean that the people will be able to enjoy better sanitation health services. He was also happy with the fact that the government was making positive changes to their waste management program that was suffering from a long time.



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Felipe Montoro Jens keeps himself updated on the latest happenings in the financial industry not just in Brazil but across the borders too. It allows him to provide better advice to his clients and enabling them to invest profitably in private and public sectors. Felipe Montoro Jens has a strong education background having completed his graduation from Fetulio Vargas Foundation. He also has a post graduation degree that he obtained from Thunderbird School of Global Management.