How Enhanced Athlete Won Their Lawsuit In Regards To “Dr. Tony Huge”

Enhanced Athlete is a fitness business which is headquartered in Cheyenne Wyoming. Their tagline is “Pioneers of Human Evolution” and they help people achieve great results. They sell a number of products on their website and also help athletes through their office podcast. They offer a return and/or replacement policy for their products and have partnered with a number of firms including some in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

In July 2017 there was a lawsuit filed between Enhanced Athlete and another firm in the same industry called Nutrition Distribution (which operates under the name Athletic Xtreme). The lawsuit was in regards to the face of Enhanced Athlete’s brand which is a person known as “Dr. Tony Huge”. His real name is Charles Anthony Hughes but he uses “Dr. Tony Huge” as a self-marketing term. He goes around the world showing up at international bodybuilding events.

In the lawsuit, Enhanced Athlete said that “Dr. Tony Huge” was just a “brand ambassador” who was unpaid. The management of Nutrition Distribution challenged this claim. Nutrition Distribution had tried to have “Dr. Tony Huge” testify but the folks at Enhanced Athlete said that as their “brand ambassador” he couldn’t be forced to so with just a deposition notice.

The chief executive officer of Enhanced Athlete, Scott Cavell, said that “Dr. Tony Huge” had chosen to exercise his first amendment rights while endorsing Enhanced Athlete’s products as well as any other endorsement he cared to make. Enhanced Athlete’s lawyers argued that this company had no business telling Hughes to go anywhere or do anything. At the end of this case, it was ruled that Enhanced Athlete was in the right and they won they lawsuit. Scott Cavell stated that the whole thing amounted to a shakedown scheme.

Enhanced Athlete has two sister companies. The first of these is Enhanced Coaching which helps people who want to become bodybuilders or are already one and want to advance farther. The other sister company is called Enhanced Gear and it sells a variety of workout clothing for men. They also sell accessories like water bottles and travel bags among other things.


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