Jason Hope Helps The SENS Foundation Address Age-Related Illness

We are living in an increasingly technological world. Entrepreneurs like Jason Hope are working tirelessly in order to put themselves in the position necessary to support life-changing technology. Hope made his mark as an entrepreneur in the tech world after working in the field of mobile communications. With success in mobile communication solutions, Hope had the flexibility to direct his attention toward an area that he saw as passionate and important. This flexibility allowed Hope to engage in what could be the most important industry in the world healthcare related to aging. Like many futurists, Hope knows that you have to look beyond the curve in order to predict where technology is going. So what is Hope ideally going to accomplish with his new focus?

Age-related illness has always been considered a factor in life that we cannot avoid. Problems like Alzheimer’s, Dementia and even Parkinson’s strike families down every single year in alarming numbers. While many individuals will just shrug their shoulders at the realities of aging, Hope is raging against the very concept itself. Hope, like many entrepreneurs, believes that change can come if the right people are put into a position to succeed. This mindset led Jason Hope to research anti-aging technology before ultimately discovering the work being done by the SENS Foundation, a non-profit research facility based out of California. The SENS Foundation, as it would turn out, became an instant match for the direction that Jason Hope wanted to go with his funding and investment portfolio. In 2010, Hope wrote out and donated a $500,000 check to the SENS Foundation in order to help rejuvenate their research facility.

The goal of the SENS Foundation is to provide medical solutions to the age-related health issues that have run so rampant across society as a whole. Jason Hope, like the researchers at the SENS Foundation, has the goal of slowing down or straight up reversing the process of degradation caused by aging in humanity. If this mission seems like a tall order for researchers to address it is because you are right, it is. However, the SENS Foundation has put in nearly a decade worth of work and their research has continued to create promising research that can address the questions and problems that we’ve highlighted above. Dr. Aubrey De Grey is the leader at the SENS Foundation, as well as the chief science officer, and his enthusiasm is one of the many reasons why Hope turned to them in the first place.

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Jason Hope, Giving Hope

A man like Jason Hope, whose entrepreneurial success is preceded only by his philanthropic giving nature, is a credit to western civilization. The SENS Foundation is the main beneficiary of Jason Hope’s charitable donations. SENS is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Aubrey de Grey in March 2009. It’s primary function is the research of rejuvenation biotechnologies in connection with age related diseases. Jason Hope’s involvement with SENS is motivated by a desire to find a cure for age related diseases like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Cancer, and heart disease to name a few. A massive $500,000.00 donation made by Jason will go a long way in furthering their research.

Jason was born and raised in Tempe Arizona and went on to obtain an MBA in finance from Arizona State University. Making a great name for himself in the field of finance world wide. He is sought after as an adviser in all types of business. His success has allowed him the financial ability to spend more time with his passion of writing and commentating on the subject of trending technology. He also makes available, grants for students and entrepreneurs alike. He would like to challenge the students he funds to seek fresh technology related ideas, and think outside of the box.

Jason Hope recently released a new book titled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution”. The book lays out ideas related to, the interaction of people and digital or electronic smart devices throughout their homes and in everyday life. He writes about the use of this technology in industrial settings to increase and streamline production. The technology also provides users the ability to remotely control devices in the home, such as their thermostat, lights, and the home security alarm systems to name a few.

As of late Jason Hope weighed in on the subject of Cryptocurrencies as it relates to IoT. He stated that there is the possibility of a Bitcoin crash looming on the horizon, but in the meantime there is much money to made by investors in the Cryptocurrency (for now). A concern about the security of internet connected smart devices from hackers has also arisen, but the benefits for investors appear to far outweigh the risks. Jason Hope continues to forge ahead with new ideas for cutting edge technology, and funding research thru SENS for regenerative therapies, making him a true testament to American Exceptionalism.

About Jason Hope : ideamensch.com/jason-hope/

The RealReal Has A Real Store!

The RealReal, a luxury online reseller, has launched its first premium storefront in New York City! Chief Executive Officer, Judy Wainwright founded the online store six years ago. Her business specializes in authenticating and reselling high-end apparel and wares. The brand reinvented itself by initiating pop-up stores in integral locations. Their first pop-up was piloted in America’s fashion capital, New York. The brilliant maneuver led to an immediate $2 million revenue increase. The store launched another pop-up event in San Francisco which sparked record-high local online purchases. The innovative company experienced tremendous success with their pop-up series that they have pre-scheduled a pop-up launch in Las Vegas, with more to follow. The posh New York store has brought a different flair to shopping-it has revolutionized our experience. The RealReals retail landscape includes a flower shop and a cafe on premises. The forward-looking venue delivers exclusionary activities such as sales campaigns and instructional symposiums. Customers can expect to browse through high-end brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Birkins, and Celine via its digital inventories and in-store racks. The online company initially sold apparel only, then later evolved its merchandise line to include jewelry, watches, and fine housewares. The RealReal has created six valuation offices across the United States. These sites are responsible for merchandise appraisals and collections. The RealReal added gemologists, authenticators, art curators and watch experts to its staff. These experts are available for customers and consignors at store their locations. They also attend all pop-up events to field questions. CEO Julie Wainwright is a firm believer that her company’s success is attributed to sustaining brand credibility, transparency, and trust. Her company ensures that all merchandise is processed and authenticated before it is sold. Her customers consist of resellers and buyers; about 80 percent are women shoppers while the other 20 percent are male. Ms. Wainwright shares that millennials make up roughly a third of her customer base. The company’s most popular product still remains apparel merchandise. The RealReal is exploring their physical footprint in other key areas-be sure to look out for more growth and new storefronts!

Susan McGalla Tells Women To Follow Her Approach To Success

There are a lot of career-oriented women seeking a way to advance their careers. Most of the information available has given little hope to women who want to break that glass ceiling.

Susan McGalla of P3 Executive Consulting is a woman who never let any obstacle to get in her way of success. McGalla is very outspoken on her point of view. He company offers expert consultation on talent, management, marketing, branding and more.

According to McGalla, “Women want to be talked to as professionals, not women.”

There was a time when McGalla first became CEO of American Eagle Outfitters that very few women executives were seen in the boardroom. Over the years, she has become a bit more encouraged.

McGalla grew in a household where she was groomed for success. Her football coach father and two brothers let her know that her gender would not give her any special privileges.

“I was a girl growing up around boys, so I quickly developed a tough exterior.”

McGalla says she learned how to work around men and women with the same level of comfort. “I was always a hard worker and a go-getter. And I quickly realized that I had to be twice as good to even get noticed.”

Her hard work paid off. After graduating with a marketing degree from Mount Union College, she landed a job with Joseph Horne company. She moved on to American Eagle Outfitters. After several managerial and marketing positions, she was promoted to CEO.

McGalla says even though there were very few women in the board room, she refused to be intimidated. She excelled through dedication and hard work.

Today, Mcgalla runs her own company and she also works for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization as a marketing consultant.

McGalla says she just hopes more women take the same approach and find the lasting success she has.

TechStyle: Where Creative Distraction is Always in Fashion

It is evident that technology, fashion, and e-commerce are expanding at a high rate. For this reason, legacy and startup fashion companies have tried various means to catch the attention of today’s digital savvy clients. These ways include adopting innovative CRM Technology and learning to market their products through social media platforms. The membership program is one of the models that have been widely tried. This model has met attained with varying degree of success.

Only one company that is a first innovator of subscription platforms has been stunningly successful, whereby it has emerged as the juggernaut in online retail product selling. However, it just only few people know about this, and almost nobody knows its mandate as a promoting and technology trailblazer. The firm is none other than TechStlye Fashion Group, managed by co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

From Establishing a trend to Buck the System

In 2010, JustFab introduced the retail industry’s first membership program for footwear. Consumers who subscribe to its bigwig periodic payment will receive over 30 % discount on the retail price. The consumers will also get high-class access to advertisings, and unique products free shopping and loyalty reward points. In only2 years, the website attracted 6 million members, whereby in the first quarter of 2012m JustFab sold over 2.5 million pairs of foot wares.

With four years, the company has purchased FabKids and ShoeDazzle and successfully expanded its territory to the United Kingdom, Germany, and six other nations. On top of that, it recently collaborated with celebrated actress Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics. In 2016, the firm changed its brand name to TechStlye. This was to serve as an enhanced consideration of the firm’s position as a system that plans to reimage fashion marketing and promotion by incorporating them into data science, and affiliation commerce.

Goldenberg is the co-founder of the company whose two-decade career in startups started at the age of 13 when he launched an online press release board that was transformed into gaming site known as Gamer’s Alliance. Given that Adam grew up as he used technology, he displayed a commitment to use it belligerently enhance his e-commerce endeavors. Chief technology officer of the company Tim Collins had served with TechStyle’s co-owners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

Note that TechStyle was a technology trendsetter from the start. It produced multiple proprietary e-commerce technology products such as FashionOS unified technology platform that the company made from scratch up to almost $70 million.

Brian Bonar’s Knowledge of Business Structure

A large part of business success in its structure. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to understand the type of structure that they are putting together with their business. One of the worst things an entrepreneur can do is try to rush the process. When one rushes everything, this could cause a failure in the business. Therefore, it is important to put a lot of thought into what goes into a new business. Also, it takes knowledge about business and technology in order to be able to easily build a working business structure. Fortunately for Brian Bonar, he has a technical background that allows him to accomplish his goals.

Brian Bonar has worked for companies like IBM, QMS, and others. He has held positions such as procurement manager and Director of Engineering. He has a lot of leadership experience given that he has managed more than 100 people. This is an admirable accomplishment. It takes a lot of leadership skills and qualities in order to be able to manage a huge number of people. He also has a lot of courage and patience to be able to accomplish that. Leadership is one of the most important aspects of running a business.

Brian Bonar has taken the skills that he has gained from being involved in companies like IBM and applied them to his career. Bonar likes to reward himself for his accomplishments. Among his favorite activities are spending time with family, boating and golfing. He has ways of restoring himself so that he can get back into the workforce. This is one of the reasons that he is successful as a businessman. He makes sure that he has a workable work-life balance. Brians knowledge of business structure and the willingness to adapt a winning structure to his life is what brings him success.

How Clay Siegall is Involved in the Fight Against Cancer

A recent post published by Clay Siegall on his blog highlighted a man who was able to use the power of thoughts to control his limb through the use of a robotic machine. The article touches on the technological innovations and advancements currently witnessed in the modern world of science. This technology will be a tremendous contribution to the medical field.

Another interesting article is about the March madness that has hit the school. The article talks about how March mammal madness has had an impact on most students. They tend to bet on which animal will win a fight. March mammal madness was created by Arizona State University biologist Katie Hinde. Katie sees this as an opportunity of having fun while educating students at the same time.

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and President of Seattle Genetics. He also serves as the CEO and is a member of the Board of Directors. He co-founded this company in 1998 and had remained on the front line in the battle against cancer. Seattle Genetics has significantly contributed to the fight against cancer by developing clinical products. The company is responsible for antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), which is an antibody that has helped many patients.

In 2011, Siegall guided his company to raise over $1.2 billion through IPO and private funding. Through his leadership, the company has managed to stay on course in a fight against cancer. Investors’ confidence in Sieagall’s company is a clear indication of the better things to come.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked with the National Institutes of Health, and before that, he was with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Siegall is responsible for guiding the company into greater heights. As a trusted figure, he is allocated the responsibilities of fundraising and ensuring investors have confidence in the company.

His leadership skills were witnessed when the company raised funds to run their research. He was awarded the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year. Due to his vast knowledge, he serves on Board of Director of many companies, including Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance.

Troy McQuagge Recognized for Success

President and CEO of USHEALTH, Troy McQuagge, was honored by the One Planet Awards earlier this year for his leadership and success at the helm of a previously slumping company. Newly minted CEO of the year, 2016, Mr. Troy McQuagge was hired in 2010 and a only years later was voted to his current role after turning around the USHEALTH Advisors branch of the company. In his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer, the company surpassed expectations in all areas of the business, growing to over $1 billion in annual sales. The share price has increased over 1000% since he joined the company.

USHEALTH is an insurance company devoted to those individuals not covered through employment. This ends up being many entrepreneurs and small business owners. In a turbulent time politically for the healthcare industry given the uncertainty of the implementation and debated repeal of nthe Affordable Care Act, USHEALTH managed to blossom, a testament to the vision and execution vision of McQuagge.

One Planet Award winners are nominated by peers and colleagues and chosen from a vast array of industries, sectors and countries. Mr. McQuagge, with 33 years of experience in the industry, accepted the award humbly, thanking his team, without whom, no growth nor award would be possible. He also alluded to the lofty goal of solving the “healthcare affordability problem” which he hopes to continue to tackle in future years, allowing customers to customize a plan that adjusts as their needs adjust.

McQuagge is a gradate of the University of Central Florida with a BA in Legal Studies. Currently in Fort Worth, TX, he devotes much of his time not spent on growing a successful insurance firm, giving back to the community through various charitable efforts with organizations such as Semper Fi Fund and HopeKids.