The Chainsmokers Go Dark With ‘Sick Boy’

Today, The Chainsmokers have a generous following, but that wasn’t always the case. Like any band, they had to start somewhere and they played their share of low-rent gigs, before getting their first single on the charts. That song was “Roses” and it debuted in 2015, launching the band into a successful run that still endures today.

“Sick Boy” Takes The Chainsmokers on a Darker Turn

The band is comprised of just two core members, music producers Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. Together, they have a string of hits that includes “Closer,” which remained in the number 1 spot for a solid 12 weeks.

The question now facing The Chainsmokers is whether or not fans will be just as taken with their new sound.

Drew admitted that the nine month break, leading up to the release of “Sick Boy,” is the longest they have gone without putting out a new song. Over the past two years, The Chainsmokers have consistently released a new song every month or so. He added that the break may help fans adjust to their new sound. Previously, The Chainsmokers have kept things fairly light with lyrics that addressed the concerns of their generation. Many of their songs have had romantic themes, as well. The new album, beginning with “Sick Boy,” gets away from that.

The Chainsmokers’ New Music Reflects Society

The Chainsmokers’ music has always reflected the times, so Taggart says it was necessary to go darker. Current events have put a dark spin on our society, so Taggart admits that influenced their new music. Additionally, personal frustration and anger affected the songwriting process. The duo had no other outlet, as they watched the media infer facts about them and spread gossip as truth. Taggart recalls feeling frustrated, because neither he nor Alex Pall had any way to offer a rebuttal. Their new album does that for them.

“We realized we just need to put our reaction to all of that kind of stuff, both the crazy and the criticism, into the music,” said Taggart.

In addition to exploring personal anger and dark political themes, “Sick Boy” is largely about hoe important social media has become. Sites like Instagram emphasize physical beauty and popularity. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, Taggart says it can drive feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. That’s a problem that he hopes “Sick Boy” will help people address.

The 27 Club Has Taken Many Too Soon


The 27 Club“, also known as “forever 27”, is the name that is given to rock musicians who had the unfortunate event of passing to young at the age of 27. Although some of these musicians didn’t die at the actual age of 27, they will always remain on this list because of their influences they had on the music industry. The causes of death differ greatly from things like suicide, overdosing on drugs, addictions to drugs and alcohol and even chocking on their own vomit. All members on this list will never have their next birthday and turn 28, they will be 27 forever.


  1. Kurt Cobain: Died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.
  2. Amy Winehouse: Her cause of death was for an overdose of alcohol.
  3. Jimi Hendrix: An overdose of 9 prescription sleeping pills is what caused him to pass away.  But nothing beats some good headphones and a Jimi Hendrix solo.
  4. Janis Joplin: It was an assumed heroin overdose that was influenced by alcohol that caused Janis Joplin to pass.
  5. Jim Morrison: The official police report states that his passing was due to a heroin overdose while in the bathtub but there are other speculations such as accidentally snorting heroin thinking it was cocaine.
  6. Robert Johnson: His cause of death was from possible strychnine, which was caused by drinking whiskey in the bar that had been tampered with.
  7. Alan Wilson: Like many others, drug overdose was the cause of his falling, as well.
  8. Brian Jones: From The Rolling Stones, he was later let go because of his addiction to drugs. He was found in a pool where he had a drowning “death by misadventure”.

Is A Non-Purpose Loan From Equities First AU in Your Future?

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Equities First is not providing a stock-based loan in this case, where a person is loaned money on the margin and then must also be pre-qualified similar to a regular bank loan. This type of loan is a stock-based loan, and the money does not have to be used for any particular purpose.This form of loan is ideal for the well-heeled small business person who can turn a quick profit with the borrowed money and can use that leverage for a solid profit.

This type of creative business loan will normally have a higher loan-to-value ratio than a typical margin loan, and they normally have a fixed rate of interest which offers a reasonable zone of comfort and predictability throughout the transaction.In an economy where working capital for business has been scarce, to say the least, loan collateral from equities is a smart way to get through some of the tough spots in a business like working capital, inventory funding and payroll needs and purposes.


What Is The Significance Of The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy?


Lovaganza is more than the world cultural festival coming in 2020. It is an entertainment house all unto itself that is creating some of the finest art and music in the world. Their commitment to art and culture is unparalleled, and they are building a movie franchise that will share their belief in the power of world cultures. This article explains the significance of the Convoy trilogy, where they are shooting and what it means to the world at-large.


#1: The Convoy Trilogy’s Message


There are quite a few pieces of the movies that talk about a search for truth in the world, and that is quite a large part of the Lovaganza festival. Everyone who partakes in the festival is searching for art and culture that cannot be found easily, and the Convoy trilogy will take viewers through an amazing search.


#2: Filming In Spain


The films were recently shot in Spain where the crews are highlighting as many different subcultures as they can. This is all massive introduction to the Lovaganza festival, and gives viewers an idea of what they may find by attending or watching online. Creating media in the 21st Century is the simplest way to market to the world, and films may be translated into different languages easily. Everyone from the most southern of South Americans to those on the Russian tundra may watch the movies to learn what is in store.


#3: Pairing The Soundtrack To Other Films


The Convoy trilogy is only one part of what Lovaganza has created, and they are now working on The Marvelous 12. Their animated film will offer a background on the festival that leads into the Convoy trilogy. The movies are a sweeping look at what it takes to bring people together from around the world, and they offer perspective on world culture that is not readily available.


#4: Lovaganza Is A Worldwide Event


Lovaganza has been billed as a worldwide event that will help bring the world together. Each culture will have its own place to perform, and it will have a place where it may share its own history. Every island in the Pacific, every country across Asia, the lands of the west and everyone in between all have their own platform for performance. The Lovaganza festival enjoys making film and music, and they are building a film library that will stand the test of time even after the festival is over. Lovaganza is a byword for cultural enlightenment, and it is a festival that will hold the world together in 2020.


Everyone interested in the new Lovaganza festival will find their films interesting, and the Convoy trilogy will give them a look at what the festival does as it searches the world for the best culture, history and talent.

Tidal And Its Executive, Desiree Perez


Going by the recent gigantic album exclusive releases from leading co-owner talent, Kanye West, T.I, Beyonce, and Rihanna, its evident Tidal is having a revival. The wins had an impact in several ways. Kanye West’s TLOP and his exclusive album that he is currently working on backed the Tidal to its highest position in the iTunes Store by adding a million trial members.


Following the defection of some executives, Tidal presently has its third chief executive officer called Jeff Toig. He joined Tidal late 2015 from Sound Cloud where he was the chief business officer. Nonetheless, Desiree Perez has been the person pulling the strings at Tidal especially with the exclusive plays from the leading artists. For about 20 years, she has been a trusted associate of Jay Z. She has a proven track record of running SC Enterprises. Additionally, Des Perez manages Roc Nation Sports together with her husband.


She has been attributed by insiders as the negotiator behind Beyonce’s formation tour. She also played a critical role in Rihanna’s Samsung deal. Des Perez is part of Jayz’s influential inner circle that also comprises of her husband, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, and TyTy Smith. They form the core group that manages the entire operations of Roc Nation as well as its various management divisions, publishing, label operations, and Tidal.


Tidal has created its own lane as it steadily positions itself to prospective corporate buyers along with young music consumers. The streaming service has achieved that in the highly competitive industry. It has managed to create an impression amid limited resources against rivals such as Spotify and Apple Music that are deep-pocketed. With its updated service, Tidal has enhanced its music experience. Its current focus is on what’s new rather than a costly robust catalogue that offers more. Its new specializations include Tidal Discovery, a list of new drops and Tidal Rising that is a section dedicated to emerging artistes. It also includes Tidal X for exclusive live performances.


About Tidal

Tidal is a music streaming service that is offered in all systems. It enables music lovers to have a seamless listening using either a tablet, desktop, mobile, or network players. Additionally, consumers can enjoy lossless music streaming. That is through Apple Devices from the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac to PC as well as Android systems. Its integration to network players is unmatched.


Power Woman Desiree Perez Heading Tidal

Samsung seeks to buy Tidal from Jay Z.

Tidal is an electronics company based in South Korea. The company teamed up with Jay-Z during the launch of his album Magna Carta in 2013 and with Rihanna on Roc Nation. Samsung has also contacted Kanye West following the involvement of Tidal in “The Life of Pablo.” Clare Atkinson was informed that Samsung was having great plans that it is working on. The sustainability of Tidal is currently at stake considering that the entry of Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyonce has not attracted new subscribers.

Samsung is however not the only company that is after Tidal. Google and Spotify are after it too. Spotify is said to have proposed a partnership and not an acquisition. Tidal is under a lot of pressure considering that Jay-Z has even spent his money to support the company. Previous attempts by Sprint and Softbank to acquire Tidal have not been fruitful. The current depreciation in the company’s value from $250 million to $100 million may cause a different result.

Desiree Perez is described as a tough businesswoman. She is a close associate and business partner of Jay-Z and an integral part of what may happen to Tidal. Currently, Desiree is the manager of Jay Z’s businesses, which include Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sport and also Tidal. She is an excellent negotiator. This quality has helped her make very good business deals for Tidal and Roc Nation. She has been the center of attention because of the current financial situation at Tidal. Despite this, she has greatly helped in ensuring that the company is still running smoothly. She also helps with making future plans and making decisions for the benefit of the company.

Tidal’s hope is now in Desiree’s good negotiation skills and also Jay-Z. It is rumored that Spotify has the best chance with Tidal. This is because they are after a partnership and not a buyout. If Spotify is successful, the company will be “Tidal Powered by Spotify.” With her expertise in business, Desiree is confident about getting the best deal for Tidal. Even during this time when Tidal is going through a rough patch, it is still valuable.

Lovaganza Looks To Help The World Through Entertainment

The release of the first of the “Lovaganza Convoy” of movies that are planned to form an initial trilogy has begun as this foundation looks to bring change to the world with the aid of a series of entertainment options. Lovaganza is hoping to use the skills of its film maker founders in a bid to raise funds that will then be spread to existing organizations looking to improve the quality of life for children and adults across the world; the aim of Lovaganza is to guarantee a specific quality of life for all children by the middle of the century.

The success of the first movie in the planned Lovaganza trilogy could eventually lead to what the production team envision as a nine trilogy series, but the success of the movies is just a small part of the ambitious plans the group has for the future. The production of the first movies in the trilogy has taken the production team around the world and already had a significant impact on small communities in areas of Europe chosen to be locations for filming on Instagram; a small Spanish community saw an influx of around $30,000 into its economy that will have a positive impact on the future of the area.

The “Lovaganza Convoy” of movies will begin its journey around the world with a traditional theatrical release, but will also form a traveling show that will move around the world prior to a global event taking place in 2020. Lovaganza organizers have created a traveling show that will project the movies made by the group on huge screens featuring a wrap around 180 degree experience known as Immerscope; projected in both 3-D and 2-D this traveling show will bring people together in anticipation of the major event taking place in 2020.

Eight locations around the world have so far been chosen to host the global event, which will be based on the successful World’s fair ideals of the 19th and 20th centuries; visitors to the locations will have the opportunity to explore cultures on from around the world and learn just how we are all cultures are both similar and different.