Can Lime Crime Cosmetics Maintain Its Dominance

The cosmetic industry has many fly by night companies as well as some tried and true favorites. It seems like every person wants to come out with their own cosmetic or fashion line. The truth is that you’ll surely have to do more than slap a logo onto something and sell it. Cosmetics demonstrates this notion perfectly as there are hundreds of brands on the market at any given time. One of the very best cosmetic brands of today is known as Lime Crime, and it should be a crime for a cosmetic brand to look this good.

Colors, colors and more colors. This is the name of the game as Doe Deere has applied her own personal style to each and every product. Deere is the CEO and the founder of this hot new company. Ever since she was a little girl, she always loved to experiment with wild colors. This eclectic sense of style is paying off big time right about now. Lime Crime offers many different products such as lip gloss, lip toppers, makeup palettes and hair dye. Its lipsticks are the best sellers, and they’re the most popular. Some of the most intriguing colors can be found here. Cement, beetle, asphalt, scandal, posh, raven, beet it, fetish, dream girl and many more. The Velvetine lipsticks produce the best matte finish. They’re similar to liquid gold in a sense as the product glides on smooth, are long lasting, are touch-proof, and they have a beautiful rich pigment.

Though the colors are intense, they won’t transfer or bleed, which is a big problem with other brands. For receiving the best results, apply some lip balm 15 minutes prior to applying the lipstick. To refine or accentuate the look, use a lip brush gentle around the edges. Lime Crime is dominant in the simplest fashion, and it’s doing a great job of supplying its fan base with fun, premium products.