Sheriff Arpaio Deserves to Face Justice

The thing we need most at this time hostility is great courage. Courage has been instrumental in reshaping and changing this world as we know it.

Courage is needed at this time when America seems to be hateful toward anyone in the Latino and Hispanic communities. It is our job as loving human beings to advocate for the equal treatment of immigrants here in the United States of America.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been instrumental in changing the worldview of the American population. They have done this by sending out newspapers and magazines and journals describing the hard situation that illegal immigrants find themselves in. On top of this, they routinely tell stories of how the government answer and citizens are mistreating and oppressing the Mexican community.

As Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin reported their findings, they found that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio comes up in their journal more than any other name. They spoke about how he chained a pregnant woman to the bed in her jail cell. This woman was eight months pregnant and had been complaining that she no longer felt the baby moving and was experiencing pain in her midsection. Rather than letting her go see a doctor, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio ordered her to remain in her cell. When she did not comply, she was chained to her bed where she went into labor.

Even though she was in labor, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio refused to call the OB/GYN. Without her doctor present, the mother lost her baby. Sheriff Joseph Arpaio was so evil that he then denied her the ability to go to the child’s funeral.

Sheriff Arpaio also is the one who took a Hispanic family’s home and turned it into a blazing inferno. He had entered the home believing they were part of a drug cartel and moving the supplies for a local gang. When he wasn’t able to find any evidence of this he was furious. In his heart, he knew they were evil and guilty and so he set fire to their home so it would be destroyed.

It is this kind of evil man that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin want to remove from the United States government. I would say they have every right to do so.

As Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin published these stories Sheriff Joseph Arpaio began to plot revenge. He decided that it was within his power to silence these two men for daring to speak out against him.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio would gather the various deputies that worked underneath him and go to the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Once he broke in illegally, he held the two men at gunpoint and demanded they hand over all incriminating stories they had about him.

Of course, being brave and full of courage, these two great men refused. He then illegally detained them. However, this furthered Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s great cause and Sheriff Joe Arpaio was fired.

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Nick Vertucci on his path to success and how he is changing other’s lives

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy offers workshops all over the United States for those who want to achieve the type of financial wellness they have always wanted dreamed of. With Nick’s academy students are able to learn the ins and outs of the real estate business. The great thing about signing up is you don’t need any real estate experience, cash reserves, or formal training. With Nick’s hands on learning model at Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy students can expect to learn about asset protection, using your IRA and 401K to fund real estate investments, flipping homes, buying homes for cash flow, contracts for flipping and wholesaling houses, commercial investments, ans so much more.

Nick’s rise to success was not paved in gold, he had a challenging path to where he is now. Luckily, that makes him very relatable to his students. When he was a young boy his father passed away. His mother had to work overtime to support her family. When Nick Vertucci reached adulthood he hit the ultimate low in his life. He was homeless living in his car. Not happy with his current situation Mr. Vertucci decided to change his life. He started selling computer parts via his own business. He loved being an entrepreneur and was happy for that time. Nick even got married to his wife and they had children.

Thing are always changing and so did his business. It crashed at the turn of the century with the dot com crash. For many months Nick Vertucci and his family fell into massive debt. This was very hard for him and they lost just about everything but the home they lived in. A friend of his convinced him to attend a real estate seminar and the rest is history. After some hesitation, Nick agreed to go. A light bulb went off for Mr. Nick Vertucci. He found his passion in life and soaked up as much information as possible. Eventually after a decade he reached the level of success he always wanted. He made it in life as a self-proclaimed millionaire and is now sharing his secrets to his students at NVREA.

How Eli Gershkovitch has revolutionized the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

Eli Gershkovitch is renowned in the world of piloting and lawmaking ventures because of his numerous attributes and contributions. He is the CEO of Steamworks Brewery. A Canadian native, Eli was born in July 1975 and has been part of various businesses in his busy career. Eli Gershkovitch is well versed with effective management styles that prioritize employee welfare program alongside customer satisfaction. The firm has employed numerous well-trained professionals and continues to attract more and more customers because of the unique craft beer and dedicated customer service and truthful marketing. He is a certified pilot having have got his license in 1993.

He has a deep passion for setting and achieving business goals. His understanding of the business field has earned him success and increased his net worth. As a young man, he saw a business opportunity in the market and grabbed it. The economy was booming, and many adults were looking for a better beer every day. The beer brewers in the market at the time were spending fortunes in marketing ventures. Eli Gershkovitch designed a unique craft beer that outshone all the competitors. Read more at Release Fact about Eli.

Being the expert he is, he quickly understood the market forces of demand and supply that were in play and the result was a favorite craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch used the Cosmo-political culture to his advantage and came up with various flavors. His investment in craft beer seemed like a potential business risk, but Eli believed in his goals and aspirations. Today he enjoys the fruits of his work with the firm registering a 20% increase in sales. He attends the Vancouver’s Shores festival to create more awareness about his business and to interact with clients to build trust and notify them on new arrivals. Learn more about his craft beers at

The U.S.A Open Beer Competitions are an excellent place for Eli Gershkovitch to meet beer drinkers especially those who love drinking with friends and relatives while watching football games. By attending such events, Eli Gershkovitch indeed markets his business, and with the vast number of fans attending, sales are also expected to rise. In 2013, Steamworks Brewery Company recorded a production of 40,000 hectoliters.


The Achievements of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a courageous self-starter who trusts in making sense of how to accomplish an option that is instead of question the entire procedure as he as of late uncovered to the CEOCFO Magazine senior editorial manager in a gab. He removed an alternate course from what he had learned at school. Greg Secker took a course in sustenance sciences and horticulture, however he understood his enthusiasm for innovation and even manufactured a liquid flow model of a follicle.

He started at the Thomas Cook Financial Services and later to the Virtual Trading Desk where he acclimated himself with the Forex and furthermore thought of an advanced stage for cash exchanging. As a hand on the individual, he contributed secretly 5,000 Euros and before the end of that year had expanded to 60,000 Euros. He has from that point forward made a fortune from cash exchanging, fence stock investments and from his entrepreneurial ventures throughout the years. The achievement of Dr. John Demartini, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins has been his inspiration.

Following his wealth, Greg Secker puts stock in offering back to the general public. The Greg Secker Foundation has been edifying youngsters in zones of business, riches, initiative, wellbeing, and connections. The arrange course and gatherings where the welcomed extraordinary individuals in the land master bono to address different issues. Fundamentally, this is to enhance the lives of individuals and make them freedom in money related terms. The establishment is at present focused on helping the casualties of the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan disaster get recovered.

About Greg Secker

His constancy has paid him with sole responsibility for support investments, financier firm, around 17 distinct organizations and some not revenue driven associations. He claims the Knowledge to Action Group which includes the Greg Secker Foundation, Learn to Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital among others. Greg is enthusiastic about training and strengthening and has helped the groups in South Africa, Australia and most as of late in the Philippines.

Greg Secker has additionally filled in as the Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation. He is the writer of the Financial Freedom through Forex among different books. He has shared his trepidation of business on roughly 6,000 stages in the United States, Pacific, South Africa and different parts of the world. Other than the honors won, acknowledgment on different media he has likewise been selected to the Board of Ambassador for City Philanthropy.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg: The Men Behind The Fashion Brand Fabletics

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are probably the most unlikely people to be fashion Mughals, even though they own one of the biggest retail brands in America. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the founders of JustFab, an online clothing brand that offers a range of product for men, women, and children. The brand has grown tremendously since it first launched for business and had become one of the most go to marketplaces when it comes to shopping online.


Don Ressler has been working on his business ideas since he was a teenager. One of the first companies that he founded was when he was just fifteen. He was in high school and had a software company of his own. The company did extremely while it was up for business and was then bought over by Intermix Media. Because Don Ressler was such an integral part of making his business a success, he decided to travel halfway across the country to work at Intermix Media as their COO. It was while working here that Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg. The two of them instantly became friends and began exchanging ideas. Even though there was a wide age gap in between the two, they provided each other a good balance, which helped them when they decided to venture out on their businesses.


Adam also has been in the software industry and had a company when he was in school. It was a gaming company which was then later sold to Microsoft. When it came to the brands that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wanted to put out, they always found a way to integrate technology into their business. JustFab is known for being a clothing company that incorporates technology into the clothing that they make, which is also what has enabled the company to stand out from the crowd.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are both people who believe in working with a good business plan. The businesses that they have found work around viable plans of action, which have helped the company and them as well. Even when it comes to marketing strategies, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg believe in implementing those that are out of the box and unlike anything that other brands do. This has worked brilliantly for them and is also why they keep doing it over and over again. Today, the companies that they founded are worth millions of dollars.

Tony Petrello Helps Nabors, Inc. Become Better

Even before Tony Petrello took over as the CEO of Nabors, Inc., the company was one that was performing well. It was an oil company that was much better than some of the others, and that is what helped it to become even better in the future. For Tony Petrello to take over the company, he had to be sure he was doing things the right way. He knew a lot about running a business and felt that his experience was great for what Nabors, Inc. needed. He also felt that he could help to create a more beneficial opportunity for people who were in different positions with the oil company. It is what made him one of the best CEOs and one that provided a lot of help for other people. Since Tony Petrello knew what he was doing, he could do different things that would make things easier on the people who worked under him.

The oil industry constantly changes and that makes things easier for people to try different things. It has helped others to have a great chance at getting the oil they need and it makes it much easier for people to try different things. Since Tony Petrello the leader of Nabors, Inc., he has been helping his customers have a better understanding of all of the things that are going on in the industry. He just wants to be sure that everyone understands what they need to get out of the industry and how the changes are going to affect them.

Since taking over as the CEO, Tony Petrello has seen the way that things can change and he wants to make everything better for the people who are working on their own opportunities. He also wants them to know what they can do to make their own oil experience better so he tries his best to show them what can make things easier and what they need to do to be able to enjoy all of the things that the industry has to offer.

One thing that Tony Petrello does much differently from other CEOs is that he offers the opportunity to see his humble beginnings. He was not always someone who was rich and, in fact, struggled for a long time with the opportunities that he had. He chose to use those to his advantage and make them better for himself. He wanted people to know that he would be making things easier and that he would be making the company better for those who were also humble just like he was when he first started. It was what gave him all of the help that he needed to be as successful as possible. For more info about us: click here.

How TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg is Changing the Way We Shop Online

A name synonymous with forward thinking in fashion is Adam Goldenberg, CEO of Fabletics’ parent company JustFab. You likely have seen Fabletics as it is the brainchild of actress and fitness buff Kate Hudson and has had phenomenal success in just three years after its founding.


JustFab recently went through a major re-branding process, where it emerged as TechStyle Fashion Group with Goldenberg at the helm as CEO. This name change was highly intentional and was focused almost solely on the fact that unlike many apparel membership models that have come and gone, TechStyle (formerly JustFab) has always been and always will be a digital first company.


Goldenbereg went on to discuss how data is used to meet the customers needs in the digital realm. He noted that the company’s ongoing commitment to data truly gave them the ability to pass savings back on to their customers, by offering quality pieces that have been predicted by forecasting inventory demand in the market. Unlike many fashion brands that were launched ten or even fifteen years ago, TechStyle is not struggling to adapt to a digital and mobile-first world – that is where the company’s roots are.


Goldenberg was recently featured on CNBC discussing the digital first strategy of its company and how it was skyrocketed to unicorn-like success in just three years after its founding. The company went from a small startup looking to gain series one funding, to rapidly gaining a following of over 400 million users that subscribe to the company’s opt-in program to receive athletic wear each month. According to Goldenberg’s interview, of that 400 million over 1.5 million became VIP members solely after receiving a great word of mouth referral from a friend or family member. In today’s age of a highly congested marketing place, with the athletic apparel space already being saturated when JustFab and child company Fabletics entered, those numbers are staggering and absolutely phenomenal.


Overall it looks like huge things are on the horizon for Adam Goldenberg and his fashion brands. The company recently announced a massive expansion of its offerings to offer a wider variety of sizes, making trendy and affordable quality fitness clothing available for more people that want to look great while they exercise. The company has an extremely loyal following base and the move to further include more sizes only serves as a prediction of the future success of Goldenberg, Fabletics and TechStyle brands.

Brian Bonar’s Knowledge of Business Structure

A large part of business success in its structure. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to understand the type of structure that they are putting together with their business. One of the worst things an entrepreneur can do is try to rush the process. When one rushes everything, this could cause a failure in the business. Therefore, it is important to put a lot of thought into what goes into a new business. Also, it takes knowledge about business and technology in order to be able to easily build a working business structure. Fortunately for Brian Bonar, he has a technical background that allows him to accomplish his goals.

Brian Bonar has worked for companies like IBM, QMS, and others. He has held positions such as procurement manager and Director of Engineering. He has a lot of leadership experience given that he has managed more than 100 people. This is an admirable accomplishment. It takes a lot of leadership skills and qualities in order to be able to manage a huge number of people. He also has a lot of courage and patience to be able to accomplish that. Leadership is one of the most important aspects of running a business.

Brian Bonar has taken the skills that he has gained from being involved in companies like IBM and applied them to his career. Bonar likes to reward himself for his accomplishments. Among his favorite activities are spending time with family, boating and golfing. He has ways of restoring himself so that he can get back into the workforce. This is one of the reasons that he is successful as a businessman. He makes sure that he has a workable work-life balance. Brians knowledge of business structure and the willingness to adapt a winning structure to his life is what brings him success.

Troy McQuagge Recognized for Success

President and CEO of USHEALTH, Troy McQuagge, was honored by the One Planet Awards earlier this year for his leadership and success at the helm of a previously slumping company. Newly minted CEO of the year, 2016, Mr. Troy McQuagge was hired in 2010 and a only years later was voted to his current role after turning around the USHEALTH Advisors branch of the company. In his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer, the company surpassed expectations in all areas of the business, growing to over $1 billion in annual sales. The share price has increased over 1000% since he joined the company.

USHEALTH is an insurance company devoted to those individuals not covered through employment. This ends up being many entrepreneurs and small business owners. In a turbulent time politically for the healthcare industry given the uncertainty of the implementation and debated repeal of nthe Affordable Care Act, USHEALTH managed to blossom, a testament to the vision and execution vision of McQuagge.

One Planet Award winners are nominated by peers and colleagues and chosen from a vast array of industries, sectors and countries. Mr. McQuagge, with 33 years of experience in the industry, accepted the award humbly, thanking his team, without whom, no growth nor award would be possible. He also alluded to the lofty goal of solving the “healthcare affordability problem” which he hopes to continue to tackle in future years, allowing customers to customize a plan that adjusts as their needs adjust.

McQuagge is a gradate of the University of Central Florida with a BA in Legal Studies. Currently in Fort Worth, TX, he devotes much of his time not spent on growing a successful insurance firm, giving back to the community through various charitable efforts with organizations such as Semper Fi Fund and HopeKids.

Patty Rocklage | Devoted Therapist, Wife, and Home-Maker

Patty Rocklage is an accomplished family and marriage therapist who assists individuals, families, and couples overcome their daily relationship struggles. She went to the University of Southern California and graduated in 1891. Patty has been a practicing therapist for over 20 years. She lives and works in Massachusetts.


Patty’s Husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, Honored by Lester Wolfe


On July 18, 2016, Patty and her spouse Dr. Scott Rocklage, visited the department of chemistry for a fête in honor of their extraordinary gift to support the reconstruction of Lester Wolfe Chemistry Professor, Moungi Bawendi’s, nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab space.


Dr. Rocklage did his Ph.D. research in the Department of Chemistry under Professor Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry. The Rocklages got a brief tour of the recently refurbished lab space by Professor Bawendi and two graduate students. Bawendi’s associates and staff gathered at the lab’s entrance hall, where a customized plaque in honor of the Rocklages was exhibited. Attributes to the Rocklages by H.o.D, Timothy Jamison; ex- H.o.D, Sylvia Ceyer; and Prof. Moungi Bawendi were paid at the hall entrance.


An alumnus file found in the department’s archive featured a newsletter dated 2010. In it, Rocklage wrote about his passion for chemistry and the need to get accomplished in this area of study. At the time, Scott never anticipated that his skills would be necessary years later at MIT.


Patty’s Home Renovation


Patty and Scott needed to restructure their disconnected kitchen adjoining their two sitting rooms. So, they got Ed from the Sudbury Companies to draw up some possible designs. The creative designers illustrated to Patty and Scott some full-color drawings in a 3D description of three possible options. Patty and Scott wanted their guests to locate the front door with ease, unlike their current entry location which was hard to find.


Ed decided to build a wraparound terrace and a seasonal porch to accommodate all weather types. The periodic porch would be modified to allow sunlight in during sunrise and sunset. Patty and Scott also wanted to optimize their current landscaping by recycling most of the rock affected by the project. The Sudbury Companies managed to construct a new front façade to Patty and Scott’s home. They added a farmer’s porch and the seasonal porch, altered the landscaping and turned the front yard to include an open front door.


The interior work commenced in the spring. Patty and her husband settled on the removal of the entire wall separating the kitchen and the family room, and also the wall linking the kitchen and the rear entrance. Patty wanted to retain the cabinets and match new ones to the modern finish. A Sudbury painting specialist found a way to blend the colors correctly.


The new Rocklage home changed for the better. The development took six months to complete. The final product included a renovated family room, with a new bar, matching cabinets, and an open kitchen area.