Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palette

We all get that nostalgic feeling from time to time. We remember our favorite toys from the past, or the fads that seemed to have faded out of existence. Sometimes the past is so great that you just have to bring it back. That’s exactly what Lime Crime did with their new Polly Pocket inspired Pocket Candy Palette.

Lime Crime took that strong nostalgia for the 80’s and 90’s and put it in a Polly Pocket style line of eyeshadow palettes. Every detail of these palettes calls back to Polly Pocket with the font, the bright colors, and the little bows that adorn the front. True to its name, the Pocket Candy Palette can fit into your pocket. In the days leading up to the reveal, Lime Crime posted a photo sharing Polly Pocket dolls to get their followers ready for the new palettes.

On Instagram, Lime Crime posted “Lime Crime’s turned that nostalgia into a cheeky packaging update for their Pocket Candy Palettes, with snap cases that can, yes, fit in your pocket, and also boast five complementary shades each.” The brand has since shared the three palettes aptly named Pink Lemonade,Sugar Plum, and Bubblegum. Each case houses five different shadows that work together. The Pocket Candy Palettes have been swatch tested on different skin types to show their true colors to make it much easier to pick which palette best fits the buyer.

The Pocket Candy Palette took the 90’s and put it in three neat little packages. While the look is retro, the makeup itself is quality and made with high-end pigments. The formula for their eyeshadow is cutting edge. Lime Crime’s new makeup line pays proper homage to Polly Pocket. Each palette brings back a world of nostalgia and can make everyone feel like a kid again.