The Wonderful World of Wengie Vlogs

Wengie is an Australian lifestyle and beauty vlogger and blogger. Her YouTube channel is the number one Asian beauty channel in Australia. The topics she usually covers in her YouTube videos involve style, beauty, lifestyle, décor, life hacks, health, and diet plans. Wengie has three different YouTube channels that she maintains for her many followers.


The YouTube channel WengieVlogs has a variety of fun vlogs. Her more recent Wengie Vlogs are about remembering her childhood days, hitting six million subscribers, and getting her hair bleached. Remembering her childhood days is an interesting and personal vlog. Wengie points out that we all need to be the person that our younger selves needed. The getting her hair bleached vlog showed Wengie recording her hair salon visit to have her roots professionally bleached. She also talked about how exciting it was to reach six million subscribers to her Wonderful World of Wengie family.


The YouTube channel she has called Wengie has fun and highly creative YouTube videos about beauty and life hacks. The more recent videos she put on her Wengie YouTube are 30 Weird Things Everyone Did as a Kid

 and 10 DIY Room Décor Life Hacks For Organiation and Spring Cleaning Decorating Ideas. The 10 DIY Room Décor Life Hacks for Organization and Spring Cleaning Decorating Ideas is especially helpful right now if you are doing some spring cleaning. One of the helpful ideas is to use wood packing boxes to build a shelf for storage.


Wengie has various social media platforms you can follow to learn about new things going on for her and what’s new with Wengie vlogs. Her Instagram is @misswen.