Academy of Art University and The Recent Achievements It Worked Hard For

The world of fashion is one of the most challenging, fluctuating and elusive industries today. It can be hard to excel in such a field because of the nature of its elements, which consists of a lot of randomness and elements that can’t easily be calculated to know the right way to excel. Truly, this statement is best represented by the kind of success that the Academy of Art University is showing today, as it recently launched its new line of masterpieces during the 21st Runway Showcase they did at the Skylight Clarkson Square.

The Art of Looking Good

In a report from Huffington Post, we can read that Academy of Art University is once again showing that it is one of the most competent art groups still existing today, and that’s saying a lot considering the amount of competition is in there right now.

In the fashion exhibit, HuffPost mentioned in its report the diverse backgrounds and style influences that have been showcased, not to mention the amount of hype it garnered. The event was such an exciting occasion, and it was made more special by the fact that designers from China and Europe joined in to exhibit their artistic fares.

In the event, people found a new way to see clothing and different range of ideas, concepts, and deconstructions that made fashion an even more exciting field to celebrate art.

About Academy of Art University

With the motto “Built by Artists for Artists”, Academy of Art University is one of the most successful art collectives today that have survived for many years now. Established in 1929, this group is headed by Elisa Stephens, who is right now the president and the leader who handles the more than 12,000 students under the group.

There are about 4,305 postgraduates already from the university, and such successful replication is a testament to why this art university is one of the most relevant groups in the market today. Since being founded, Academy of Art University has participated in various distinguished fashion exhibits, which include the NY Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Truly, this university holds an esteemed reputation.

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Robert Ivy Upholds The Core Values Of The AIA

Robert Ivy currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. There are more than 90,000 members of the association. Members are professionals in the fields of architecture and design planning. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has approximately 250 chapters. He was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2011.

The AIA provides a host of benefits to its members. Additionally, events are held for members to share information, gain information, and to network. The events are scheduled in locations around the country. This year, the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 will be held in New York City. This is one of the main events. They also have an annual photography competition for the architects to partake in. There is a full calendar of several more events. Membership is thriving at 90,000, and one important reason stems from the hard work and advocacy of Robert Ivy, and the rest of the team of the AIA.


Robert Ivy has a strong educational background. He achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sewanee: The University of the South. Additionally, he attended Tulane University, at which he earned a Masters of Architecture. Robert believes that there are several factors that will affect the future of architecture, one of which is the environment. He received different awards for his hardworking and dedication.

One of the future requirements for architects will be providing additional solutions to keep up with the increase in environmental challenges. The esthetically designed building must maintain its integrity against harsh, even disastrous climactic events. Robert remains committed to the support and research of architecture for that, and other factors, such as public health, and sustainability.

As CEO, Executive Vice President, and an architect himself, Robert Ivy is well suited to lead the AIA and its members. Some of the members have years of experience, some members are novices, and have little or no experience yet. Others join the AIA to network with other professionals, and to help increase their own business and knowledge. Robert Ivy welcomes members at all skill levels, and he remains dedicated to the core values of the AIA.

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Award Winning NewsWatch TV Receives Stellar Client Reviews

SteelSeries, a leader in the gaming gear industry, reports an increase in distribution of its recent release and attributes this achievement to the marketing skills of NewsWatch TV. The informative advertising platform employed the wise incorporation of recognized words and images to attract SteelSeries’ target audience. Also important was the presentation of this relevant data at proven times for those most interested. Having reached over 95 million purchase active households, Tori Pugliese, Senior Director of Marketing for SteelSeries, commends the wisdom of NewsWatch TV in combining the salient aspects of their branding, product objectives, scaled timing, and consumer preferences in their technology news clips. She enthusiastically states that production was so thorough that SteelSeries has been able to display the clip across all platforms, social media fora and monetized websites.


Ever humble, NewsWatch TV expects this sort of response from all of their campaign information presentations. The team follows a simple, fool proof formula that involves sufficient time spent analyzing their clients’ product and services, current and projected customers and potential global reach. Remaining true to design and purpose, the NewsWatch TV professionals apply both the basics and advanced strategies of reaching audiences and influencing them to act on the data demonstrated. Making use of state of the art tools, they’re able to determine the best time zones, captive inset displays, attractive colors and images, and resonant phraseology. Once assessed, the reporters are then able to combine these truths for attractive exposure. Finally, the hosts competently attend to the captive feature of the finished show.


Airing since March 1990 with its headquarters located in Washington D.C., NewsWatch TV accomplishes its success through the efforts of the hosts Andrew Tropeano, Michelle Ison, and Chris Vaughn; and reporters Scott Steinberg, Susan Bridges, Amanda Forstrom and Eric Forrest. They also have projection and recording offices in Denver, Colorado; New York City, New York; and Fairfax, Virginia.


Vijay Eswaran Pushes Students To Challenge Themselves Early

Vijay Eswaran believes that young people should embrace the idea of taking risks early in their career. Those who are finishing school are in a hurry to secure a job in order to start earning income. It is a smart idea to establish yourself with an organization before trying to venture out on an independent level. However, the job market rapidly changes. There are many different elements that affect what types of jobs that will be available. It is possible for new job seekers to be innovators and employees at the same time.

Vijay knows that is important to gain experience in an industry before trying to accomplish individual achievements. People who are looking for their first job should make sure that their education is a match with the type of company that they are looking to work for. Sometimes it is better to be a part of a smaller startup company as opposed to joining a larger organization. The job seeker must evaluate the situation carefully and make sure that they are in line with the company’s mission.

Start up companies and large established corporations have benefits and disadvantages on both sides. The startup company will be constantly changing and providing unique opportunities for creativity. The new job seeker will have the chance to grow within the organization. Their ideas will be heard and accompanied with a great deal of responsibility. There is no room for delegation in the small company, so the employee must become very resourceful on their own. This is in complete contrast to a large organization that has a set way of doing things, and will move at a slower pace.

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman from Malaysia who is known for his expertise in multi-level marketing. He is the Chairman of QI Group, which is headquartered in Hong Kong. Vijay comes from a small family. His father was on the Ministry of Labor in Malaysia. Eswaran’s mother was a school teacher who instilled the importance of education into him. He studied at the London School of Economics. From there Vijay moved on to Southern Illinois University where he received an MBA.

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The Chainsmokers Go Dark With ‘Sick Boy’

Today, The Chainsmokers have a generous following, but that wasn’t always the case. Like any band, they had to start somewhere and they played their share of low-rent gigs, before getting their first single on the charts. That song was “Roses” and it debuted in 2015, launching the band into a successful run that still endures today.

“Sick Boy” Takes The Chainsmokers on a Darker Turn

The band is comprised of just two core members, music producers Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. Together, they have a string of hits that includes “Closer,” which remained in the number 1 spot for a solid 12 weeks.

The question now facing The Chainsmokers is whether or not fans will be just as taken with their new sound.

Drew admitted that the nine month break, leading up to the release of “Sick Boy,” is the longest they have gone without putting out a new song. Over the past two years, The Chainsmokers have consistently released a new song every month or so. He added that the break may help fans adjust to their new sound. Previously, The Chainsmokers have kept things fairly light with lyrics that addressed the concerns of their generation. Many of their songs have had romantic themes, as well. The new album, beginning with “Sick Boy,” gets away from that.

The Chainsmokers’ New Music Reflects Society

The Chainsmokers’ music has always reflected the times, so Taggart says it was necessary to go darker. Current events have put a dark spin on our society, so Taggart admits that influenced their new music. Additionally, personal frustration and anger affected the songwriting process. The duo had no other outlet, as they watched the media infer facts about them and spread gossip as truth. Taggart recalls feeling frustrated, because neither he nor Alex Pall had any way to offer a rebuttal. Their new album does that for them.

“We realized we just need to put our reaction to all of that kind of stuff, both the crazy and the criticism, into the music,” said Taggart.

In addition to exploring personal anger and dark political themes, “Sick Boy” is largely about hoe important social media has become. Sites like Instagram emphasize physical beauty and popularity. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, Taggart says it can drive feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. That’s a problem that he hopes “Sick Boy” will help people address.

Malcolm CasSelle and World Asset Exchange {WAX} Utilizes Smart Contracts to Secure Virtual Assets in the Blockchain

President Malcolm CasSelle of World Asset Exchange utilizes smart contracts to secure virtual assets in the blockchain with new technologies and advancements in cryptocurrency transfers. Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and he also received his Master’s Degree from Stanford University in computer science as well. Malcolm CasSelle has established himself as one of the trailblazers in the digital industry by establishing a framework for the exchange of virtual assets over the blockchain in a safe decentralized construct. With the development of smart contracts within the blockchain, Malcolm CasSelle is leading the cryptocurrency industry by providing technological platforms to secure transfers of virtual assets. Smart contracts provide the legal structure needed to protect both the buyer and seller and gives a level of confidence and assurance that all transfers will be delivered according to terms laid out in the contract. World Asset Exchange specializes in gaming virtual assets known as game tokens that are developed with the integration of cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin. By utilizing the blockchain, virtual assets are transferred globally without interference from centralized banking systems or any geographical or regional regulations. Smart contracts are used to streamline and secure the systematic transfer of virtual assets. They also eliminate the necessity of third-party intermediaries to any virtual asset transfer. Malcolm CasSelle stresses the importance of utilizing World Asset Exchange platforms to eliminate the potential for fraud within their virtual transactions. Malcolm CasSelle the CIO of OPSkins is leading this company to find proven remedies to some of the fraud issues that occur with purchases and sales of virtual assets. Smart contracts developed at OPSkins are used to guarantee delivery of assets over the blockchain and give a sense of security for individuals transferring cryptocurrencies from one person to another. Malcolm CasSelle has shown strong leadership and great innovative guidance as President of World Asset Exchange by furthering the advancements in smart contracts that provide secure transfers of virtual assets in the blockchain.

Jose Hawilla — Focus and Achieve

Entrepreneurship is a valuable asset to have in life. In order to achieve at any dream, it is mandatory to be resilient. The resilience is the key factor that entrepreneurs all have. They want to achieve their dreams no matter what obstacles they encounter. When they encounter these obstacles, they always fight to achieve. Once they achieve what it is they want, they fight even harder to get better at it. This is what sets entrepreneurs apart from everyone else in the crowd. The crowd is the group of people who want to be entrepreneurs, but they do not have what it takes. How do you build this resilience?

Building your resilience to the levels of entrepreneurship takes time. It takes focus. It takes heart and drive. You must ignore all things that do not serve your mission of becoming an entrepreneur. When you can focus on your mission, you can achieve your goals. Your goals must always line up with your focus. The focus that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur is always narrow. You must have focus like a laser. The saying, “fake it, until you make it,” should actually be: “focus, until you make it.” This single tactic will take you miles into the future towards achieving your goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Check out Abril to know more.

The best entrepreneurs in the world will tell you stories about how they focused until they made their dreams happen. They will tell you how they learned how to push themselves further than they ever thought they could go. They will tell you how their dreams became possible through sheer mental effort and drive. For more details visit educacaofisica

Jose Hawilla is an example of a Brazilian mogul. He is an entrepreneur that focused on his dreams until they appeared and became reality. He strove for what he wanted and he made it happen, despite what obstacles he may have faced. His dream was to make money from football. The doubters shunned him, but he did not care. Now, Jose Hawilla is the richest man in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The empire that he has built is one of the most powerful empires in Brazil.

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The RealReal Has A Real Store!

The RealReal, a luxury online reseller, has launched its first premium storefront in New York City! Chief Executive Officer, Judy Wainwright founded the online store six years ago. Her business specializes in authenticating and reselling high-end apparel and wares. The brand reinvented itself by initiating pop-up stores in integral locations. Their first pop-up was piloted in America’s fashion capital, New York. The brilliant maneuver led to an immediate $2 million revenue increase. The store launched another pop-up event in San Francisco which sparked record-high local online purchases. The innovative company experienced tremendous success with their pop-up series that they have pre-scheduled a pop-up launch in Las Vegas, with more to follow. The posh New York store has brought a different flair to shopping-it has revolutionized our experience. The RealReals retail landscape includes a flower shop and a cafe on premises. The forward-looking venue delivers exclusionary activities such as sales campaigns and instructional symposiums. Customers can expect to browse through high-end brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Birkins, and Celine via its digital inventories and in-store racks. The online company initially sold apparel only, then later evolved its merchandise line to include jewelry, watches, and fine housewares. The RealReal has created six valuation offices across the United States. These sites are responsible for merchandise appraisals and collections. The RealReal added gemologists, authenticators, art curators and watch experts to its staff. These experts are available for customers and consignors at store their locations. They also attend all pop-up events to field questions. CEO Julie Wainwright is a firm believer that her company’s success is attributed to sustaining brand credibility, transparency, and trust. Her company ensures that all merchandise is processed and authenticated before it is sold. Her customers consist of resellers and buyers; about 80 percent are women shoppers while the other 20 percent are male. Ms. Wainwright shares that millennials make up roughly a third of her customer base. The company’s most popular product still remains apparel merchandise. The RealReal is exploring their physical footprint in other key areas-be sure to look out for more growth and new storefronts!

Sheriff Arpaio Deserves to Face Justice

The thing we need most at this time hostility is great courage. Courage has been instrumental in reshaping and changing this world as we know it.

Courage is needed at this time when America seems to be hateful toward anyone in the Latino and Hispanic communities. It is our job as loving human beings to advocate for the equal treatment of immigrants here in the United States of America.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been instrumental in changing the worldview of the American population. They have done this by sending out newspapers and magazines and journals describing the hard situation that illegal immigrants find themselves in. On top of this, they routinely tell stories of how the government answer and citizens are mistreating and oppressing the Mexican community.

As Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin reported their findings, they found that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio comes up in their journal more than any other name. They spoke about how he chained a pregnant woman to the bed in her jail cell. This woman was eight months pregnant and had been complaining that she no longer felt the baby moving and was experiencing pain in her midsection. Rather than letting her go see a doctor, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio ordered her to remain in her cell. When she did not comply, she was chained to her bed where she went into labor.

Even though she was in labor, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio refused to call the OB/GYN. Without her doctor present, the mother lost her baby. Sheriff Joseph Arpaio was so evil that he then denied her the ability to go to the child’s funeral.

Sheriff Arpaio also is the one who took a Hispanic family’s home and turned it into a blazing inferno. He had entered the home believing they were part of a drug cartel and moving the supplies for a local gang. When he wasn’t able to find any evidence of this he was furious. In his heart, he knew they were evil and guilty and so he set fire to their home so it would be destroyed.

It is this kind of evil man that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin want to remove from the United States government. I would say they have every right to do so.

As Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin published these stories Sheriff Joseph Arpaio began to plot revenge. He decided that it was within his power to silence these two men for daring to speak out against him.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio would gather the various deputies that worked underneath him and go to the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Once he broke in illegally, he held the two men at gunpoint and demanded they hand over all incriminating stories they had about him.

Of course, being brave and full of courage, these two great men refused. He then illegally detained them. However, this furthered Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s great cause and Sheriff Joe Arpaio was fired.

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The Real Penelope Kokkinides

Healthcare management is something most people don’t understand. People need healthcare at some point in their lives, but today’s healthcare environment discourages more people than it helps. There are many reasons people lose out on quality medical care, and that’s exactly what InnovaCare Health is trying to reverse.

At one point, healthcare wasn’t so complex. These days, getting quality medical care is much harder. InnovaCare’s efforts to change that start with strong patient-provider relationships. This plan hopes to provide the company with invaluable information that leads to better managed care models, which are more coordinated and driven by quality.

Behind every great company is a great leader; and behind every great leader is a great career. While there are many brilliant people at InnovaCare Health, one, in particular, has gotten a lot of attention: Penelope Kokkinides. Currently, she’s the company’s Chief Administrative Officer; although, this is not her first time working with InnovaCare Health.

A few years ago, Kokkinides served as COO and VP of Clinical Operations. While it’s unclear why she left InnovaCare, her more than 20 years of experience makes a great difference at InnovaCare. She’s known as an expert at developing clinical programs and has extensive knowledge in overseeing health care processes.

Throughout her career, she’s played significant roles the development of several health models. While she’s gotten much of the credit for those successes, she always thanks the team around her for contributing. She admits that it would be impossible to develop and implement any of her ideas without a brilliant team backing her up. Check out to see more.

Thanks to technology and her portable charger working with her team is a lot easier. She lives a very chaotic life, where every day is different. She’s usually traveling and today’s technology allows her to stay in contact with everyone she works with. You can visit Ideamensch to see more.

Little known fact about Penelope Kokkinides: she’s also an entrepreneur. Even as a successful business leader, she continues to use strategies she learned as an entrepreneur. Her most important skill is being informed about what’s happening in her industry. There’s no such thing as too much information, which is why she spends a lot of time keeping up with the news.

As mentioned before, her everyday life is very hectic and being organized helps her keep things in perspective.

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