Yanni Hufnagel Builds Career in Coaching


Yanni Hufnagel has become one of the most prolific basketball coaches in mens’s basketball. He has been a coach for the Nevada Wolf Pack, and he has managed to build an incredible career over time. He started as a graduate assistant coach. He has managed to go on from Harvard to Vanderbilt and consistently build his skills with coaching teams to victories.


Yanni works under Eric Musselman as the assistant coach, and he has managed to create a great platform where the players have the ability to learn the rules of the game. The time that Yanni spent at Harvard would be the start of his career. As more time progressed he would move to Vanderbilt as a coach and recruit some great players like Wade Baldwin the IV and Matthew Fisher-Davis.


The time that Vanderbilt spent with the Vanderbilt Commodores would show people that he was interested in recruiting some of the best. He worked one season here, and he would work and move to the University of California. He would also work for the University of Nevada.


Yanni Hufnagel is a graduate of Cornell. He finished with a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. He earned a master’s degree in education. While Yanni was working at Harvard he helped the time get to a 20 game winning streak. This would prove to be the best time for people that Yanni Hufnagel when it came to coaching. He would go on to take these skills to Nevada. He would be able to transition into a very important coach for the wolf pack basketball team.


Yanni has been able to bring multiple teams get on a winning streak. He has been able handle a variety of situations. He has been coaching for a long time, and his skills are commendable.

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Flávio Maluf: Fostering Eucatex’s Rich History Through Modernization

Founded in 1951, Eucatex has a rich history of quality service delivery that it has sustained over the years through suave management practices of the generation of visionary leaders who have taken over its leadership. One such visionary leader with excellent management skills is its current chief executive officer, board chairman and vice president: Flávio Maluf. After joining the company in 1987, he embarked on a re-branding mission, which he gradually weaved into the company’s operations and structures as he rose through its ranks. After a decade, he took over the company’s presidency and ownership. Since then, he has radically modernized the company by investing in different industries including furniture making. Their new product segments have incorporated innovative technologies during production while also streamlining its supply chain through various strategies including production of its own raw materials.


Education and Career Background


Before joining and taking over at Eucatex, Flávio Maluf worked at Sistema S.A. Brokerage of Securities and Citibank. At Eucatex, he also doubles up as the director at the company after taking up the role in 2005. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP). He also studied special courses in human resource management while working at Citibank and accounting. He is also a specialist in rural development. Flávio Maluf also joined New York University where he studied foreign exchange principles in addition to his knowledge in foreign trade principles.


Advice on Investment Opportunities and World Events


Flávio Maluf has years of experience as an executive leader for a company whose operations overarches different industries. This gives him vast industry knowledge and insight on various issues especially those that shape the global markets. Commenting on the recent decision by the British citizens to exit the European Union, he believes that it will give Britain economic autonomy to negotiate better bilateral deals with other economies such as Brazil. However, the exit will shrink the country’s trading market while also isolating it. Flávio Maluf believes that investing in the millenials, technological innovations and health and nutrition sector will yield high returns on investment in 2017. He also holds that remote working, sustainable products and e-commerce offer some of the best investment opportunities this year.


Desiree Perez And Her Stake In Roc Nation

The $150 million landmark deal between Jay Z and Live Nation is almost over. The deal was signed in 2008 and encompassed a period of ten years. Jay Z is now interested in having a stake in Roc Nation. With the deal coming to a close either side may be getting ready to sell their Roc Nation shares. According to an insider Jay’s deal with Live Nation will not receive an extension. The Roc Nation artists include Shakira, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, Rihanna and Jay. Check related articles on pagesix.com.

One of the executives for Roc Nation is Desiree Perez. Her meeting with Sir Lucian Grainge sparked speculation that a stake in Roc Nation may be purchased by the Universal Music Group. This would give Jay the ability to develop more new artists and give his streaming service a nice boost. The company has been fighting a rough war with Spotify and Apple. Although UMG already has a small percentage in Roc Nation a larger investment would help Jay Z immensely.

Desiree Perez and Jay Z have been close associates for nearly twenty years. They have both been running with SC Enterprises and have established a long track record. Desiree has proven herself highly competent at crunching numbers, has a reputation as a tough negotiator and a rather unique history.  For more related articles, head over to this.

Desiree Perez was a part of the negotiations for the Beyoncé Formation stadium and also had a critical role in the deal with Rihanna and Samsung. She is a part of the group in charge of Roc Nations operations including publishing, labeling operations and management. This collective is responsible for the force behind Tidal. This special collective is known as the Hova Circle of influence. The individuals involved with the collective say it includes Ty Ty Smith, Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim and Jana Fleischman among others.  More of this on onmogul.com

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The Best Option In and Out of Dallas

Nexbank is a Texas-located bank with various options for those in need of a new bank. Headquartered in Dallas, the main office is located on McKinney Avenue with a secondary branch on Luther Lane. With two office locations in Dallas, it’s easy for customers to find what they need in terms of their bank, and this allows for a stress-free banking experience. In addition to one branch and the main headquarters, Nexbank offers two more service locations alongside the main headquarters. One is the Wholesale Mortgage Operations office, and the other location is the Retail Mortgage Operations office.

Nexbank offers customers more than just brick and mortar locations in and around Dallas. The company offers anyone from any location in the world a chance to bank. With ample online banking services, it’s impossible not to find precisely what you need with Nexbank. This is a company that understands the importance of being able to bank from anywhere, the lack of time customers have to visit locations in person, and the importance of instant access. Online banking options give you a chance to control your account, access your personal information, and handle all your banking needs without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

From savings to checking accounts to mortgage services, Nexbank offers plentiful services to customers in and around Dallas. For nearly a century, this bank has been changing with the times to ensure customers have the best possible service as well as the best options. The banking industry changes regularly, and Nexbank works to keep up with the ever-changing financial climate in Dallas and around the world. This is what makes the bank different from other banks. This is one that changes with you and your financial needs, and this makes it a beneficial bank with which to work.

The Achievements of Omar Yunes, the BFW Winner

Omar Yunes became famous following being the winner during the BFW competition. BFW is an acronym for the Best Franchisee of the World. He is commonly known as the franchisee of Sushi Itto. The reason behind being the winner in the competition is attributed to his various assistance for the brand that he stands for.

At the age of 21, Yunes earned himself the chance to work as the franchise of the Japanese food chain. At the moment, he is an owner of 13 franchise units in different locations. Such areas include Veracruz, Mexico City as well as Puebla. This is an equivalent of roughly a tenth of the units entirely held by the brand.

He is delighted to serve both as a representative as well as the element that the reward emanates from the 400 staffs of the 13 units which facilitate administration which includes the brand that permitted him to carry out the invention.

A combination of 34 nations had their senates get into the version of 2015 of the Best Franchisee of the World. An assessment of franchise was carried out. It also included its implications concerning the network in phases ranging from knowledge-based contributions, the degree of network influence, the savings realized, the employees’ stimulus, the invoice degrees, and the suggestion of advances towards the model.

Concerning the organizer of BFW Mexico, Omar attained the first spot in the countrywide challenge. This is according to Diego Elizarrarrás who currently serves as the organizer of BFW in Mexico. He was thus transformed into a major figure for adjustment at the franchising-franchisee.

The Mexican Chapter’s second phase was won by the Prendamex Franchise, Iván Tamer. This was facilitated by the execution as well as the endowment of resources to realize a different marketing structure. The system presently administers the whole net of pawnshops. He has added a lot towards the development of the franchise as well as developing factors that are exemplary in the network. This is according to Patricia Campos who is the franchise administrator of the brand.

Felipe Montoro Jens the Brazilian Infrastructure Expert

Being a third world country, Brazil has for a long time been known for poor sanitation. The government had been in the past, largely employing state public companies, to handle this issue. However, these companies have not been as effective in improving public sanitation. This has forced the government to agree to a concession to let private companies have a fair share of the public sanitation contracts. This concession will be administered through the National bank for Economic and Social Development. BNDES will draw a customized action plan for each of the states that it will be operating in. The bank will first conduct a research for each state to identify the individual needs and concerns of the state.


The announcement of this concession has provoked talks across different industries. Some of the notable individuals who were interviewed on this concession include Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure expert and Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil.


Edison Carlo was the first to be interviewed and he quoted that the concession did not necessarily mean that public sanitation should do away with public companies. Rather, it means that public companies’ experience should equally be matched by the financial and resource strength of the private companies.


Felipe Montoro Jens advised that costs be observed. He noted that that waste management was a very big sanitation issue and if not addressed, it would be impossible to achieve sanitation. He supported Edison’s point on the private companies having the infrastructure to effectively manage waste.


About Felipe Monotoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a public speaker and one of the most-sought infrastructure experts. He has vast experience in this field, having worked in the industry, both in South America and Africa. He boasts of having worked with some of the largest and most influential companies in Brazil including AC Energia SA and Empresa de Generacion Huallaga SA. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923




Flavio Maluf’s Achievements as the President of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is considered as one of the most prominent business entities in Brazil. For him, he has always been delighted when he is chosen to become part of the business solution to a company or individuals in the country. Therefore, working with such an individual guarantees your success at every step of the business process. Flavio Maluf is the President and CEO of Eucatex Group of Companies based in Brazil. For the company, they have always delivered the best business results in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For this reason, you might consider taking that as a chance to develop utmost respect in this industry.


In 1987, Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex Company by working at the trading department of the firm. This was the time when his skills were under testing to determine his leadership capabilities. Because he was one of the most innovative business leaders in the state, his adoption grew on a massive scale in the industry. For this reason, working with him facilitates business success in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. During the time when Flavio Maluf was working at the trading section of the company, Flavio Maluf started exporting its products to other parts of the world including Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Flavio Maluf has always worked to develop fast solutions in a way that has no parallel solutions in the industry. His capabilities as a business leader were experienced when he was working in the trading department of Flavio Maluf. He is the man responsible for the modernized management of Eucatex Company. When he was developing the company profile through association portfolios, he was eager to make the company’s profit levels shoot to amounts that are competitive in the industry. Flavio Maluf has always achieved the best for his company.


Flavio Maluf opened numerous branches when he was appointed the president. The Family of Maluf is always grateful to have a member like Flavio Maluf at the highest level of management in the company. Flavio Maluf is also considered as one of the best business leaders.


Make Money With Traveling Vineyard Today

The way Traveling Vineyard works is very interesting and definitely something worth looking into if you are looking for a way to make money and get yourself out there. Traveling Vineyard is ultimately a great company because they offer 35 percent from all sales that you make. If you sell a decent amount of bottles in a single night, it’s possible to make about $100+ or even more if you are lucky. There’s so much cash in this industry.

When people want wine, they will buy more and more and they love how much they can gain from it. The Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the most well respected brands in this industry, and they pay out very well to their wine guides.

When you become a wine guide, expect to have a lot of fun interacting and socializing. There’s a lot of talking involved that can really make it fun for you. The Traveling Vineyard is very specific in the fact that they want to help you succeed and move forward. When you make direct sales, it’s a very rewarding feeling, and their training ground is always ready to help get you moving so you can get there and make all the money you hope to earn. The Traveling Vineyard is also very supportive of everybody that joins. There are numerous ways to earn, so get joining today and make an additional income with the help of this company. They are always ready to have new people join the brand.

How Fabletics is Taking Amazon to School and Dominating this Retail Space

When Amazon has a strong hold on over 20% of fashion sales online, it can be a real uphill battle for any other retailer to try and dominate this space. One such taker, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, posed to do over $250 million in sales in the last three years, a real threat to the Amazon empire. The difference with her company is she uses a subscription base to sell her clothing to loyal customers, combining both a subscription and membership platform to dominate the niche.


The way Fabletics works is quite ingenious, you visit one of the physical stores, you get your measurements taken so you are assured of finding the perfect piece of clothing, and everything you try on in the store is saved in your account in case you want to buy when you get home tonight. The key here is what is called reverse-showrooming, and it is something that is completely opposite of what the big fashion retailers like Amazon are terrified of. Amazon needs you to buy, they don’t want you trying stuff on and then going home and finding it cheaper. This is exactly where Fabletics is raising the bar.


To give you an example of how Fabletics is blazing a new trial of its own, we start with the physical showrooms. If you have not yet signed up for a membership and take the Lifestyle Quiz, now is the ideal time. Once you are all registered, you walk into a retail outlet and are recognized as soon as you start adding things to the cart. There is no pressure to buy, in fact, you are encouraged to try on the merchandise and to really get a feel for the high-quality of everything in the store.


Later that night, you can go back online and continue shopping. Now that the system has all your vitals, the website will show you items based on your measurements and answers to the lifestyle quiz to consider. Now you can purchase the items you bought earlier, add more items to the cart based on your quiz results, or choose something completely different.


Kate Hudson’s take on the winning athleisure brand is that she feels that women should be able to enjoy quality and low-pricing combined. She knows that if you can provide great looking and high-quality items, women will come back again and again to buy. She talks about how her customers not only rave about the amazing designs in many of the yoga pants available, but how these customers receive all sorts of positive comments when they are wearing the new apparel.


Her take on this brand is simple, high-quality, convenience in shopping, and low pricing. When it comes to convenience, Hudson says that once you are a member, you will receive an e-mail at the beginning of each month, highlighting a new piece of apparel that matches your results and your size, already loaded in your cart and ready to ship. Consumers are given the choice to accept the piece of apparel, change it, or not to make any purchase this month and skip the selection until next month.

Dr. Molly He Joins Jim Tananbaum at Foresite Capital

Dr. Jim Tananbaum has apparently decided that 2017 is going to be his year. We recently saw that the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital gained another accolade for his mantle. Jim Tananbaum was once again named to Forbe’s Midas List of Top Tech Investors for the third year in a row. The Midas List makes sure to focus on venture capitalists who area surefire bets to do something big in the future with their work. To complement Tananbaum’s recent accolade we can also announce the addition of Dr. Molly He to the Foresite Capital team as a venture partner.

Dr. Molly He comes to Foresite Capital on the heels of a hugely successful career. Dr. He had previously worked as the senior director for scientific research at the company Illumina. There she was responsible for a slew of different tasks including the global protein reagent innovation division. Dr. He has worked in the medical industry for decades, spending 10 years in pharmaceuticals before jumping into protein sciences over at Pacific Biosciences. Dr. He’s track record is as long as it is strong and at every step of the way she has proven herself both a capable leader and an innovative scientific researcher for her field.

Dr. Jim Tananbaum was quick to sing the praises of his new venture partner with a released statement. Dr. Tananbaum called Dr. He, “One of the most respected scientific researchers in the area of next generation sequencing, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the team.” Dr. Jim Tananbaum went on to sing her praises for her work in genomics as well as drug development. He made sure to praise her “remarkable track record of leadership” and closed by calling Dr. He an ‘invaluable resource to Foresite’. It’s pretty clear to anyone that Dr. Tananbaum is planning on making Foresite Capital a mainstay in the healthcare world for years to come.

According to Biz Journals, Dr. Jim Tananbaum has been a force within the healthcare world for over 25 years. He’s an entrepreneur by trade with extensive and successful investing experiences. We are eager to see just how Foresite Capital grows in the coming months. More details can be found on Speakerpedia.

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