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Brandon Flowers Performs With His Idol

Alternative rocker Brandon Flowers is touring through Europe. Recently, in London, he was joined on stage by Bernard Sumner of iconic 1980s band New Order. The two then performed the classic New Order song “Bizarre Love Triangle” together.

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a video of the performance on their website. Flowers gives a very moving introduction to Sumner. He recounts being young and living in a small town in Utah when he first saw New Order on MTV and was blown away. He says that he even remembers what the weather was like that day.

Sumner, when he appears on stage, looks good. Also his voice is still as strong as it ever was. Sumner sings the first verse and then the two trade verses after that. Flowers’ band plays a note-perfect version of the New Order song. The sound and notes are almost identical.

It must have been very flattering for Sumner to find out how much his 1980s work affected a younger artist. New Order is a unique and important band, in my opinion. Fans over at Skout think it is only now, decades after their prime, that their true influence is being discovered.

Although they weren’t the biggest band of the music scene of their day, New Order were among the most hip. Their sound is instantly recognizable, and their songs are memorable. Their lyrics are intelligent without being pretentious.

American Idol Gets the Ax

Since 2002, the Fox hit television show American Idol has made many dreams come true. The show boasted 30 million viewers every week and was so popular that it would air two shows a week. Unfortunately, the show is coming into its last season. Fox announced this week that the next season of American Idol will be the last for the show. For 14 seasons, American Idol creators held strong to the music show genre. Lately, shows like The Voice and America’s Got Talent have taken over the music show circuit. The executives at Fox were unsure of whether or not they wanted to cancel the show. They realized that their devout fans would be upset but wanted to end the show soon.


The show had an amazing run and the show creators want to end it on a high note, as Ivan Ong points out. In recent seasons, the show has only been pulling 10 million viewers instead of the 30 million that it was used to, which is not good statistically. Instead of waiting to see if the show gets better, the producers thought it would be best to end the show. Out of the 12 judges over the 13 year span, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr., are all signed on to be the judges of the final season. Show producer Ryan Seacrest is also slated to follow through with the show’s final season. In a statement released this week, Seacrest thanked the show’s cast and team, past and present, for a wonderful ride. The shows final season will air in January of 2016.

Production Begins on Captain America: Civil War

Less than a week after the release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, Marvel started leaking promotional art and casting announcements for “Captain America: Civil War”, which comes out on May 6th of next year.

The casting announcements are especially interesting, as there are some surprises mixed in with the more-obvious characters. These more obvious characters include Captain America, Iron Man, Bucky Barnes, Hawkeye, Falcon, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, The Vision, and War Machine.

They’re joined by Paul Rudd, who will appear this July in “Ant-Man”. Chadwick Boseman is also listed, and will play the Black Panther according to sources close to Kevin Seawright. The names of Daniel Brühl and Martin Freeman also appear, although the roles they play are still being kept secret.

There are also some faces returning from other Marvel films in the past. Emily VanCamp, who played Cap’s neighbor, the undercover Agent 13 in “Captain America: Winter Soldier”. Frank Grillo is also returning from Captain America 2 as the character Crossbones. Finally, William Hurt comes back as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, a character we haven’t seen since he appeared in “The Incredible Hulk” in 2008.

One notable absence on the list of characters is that of Spider-Man. Fans are still watching to see who Marvel decides to cast for the character, who is “undoubtedly” going to play a role in the film despite the fact that Marvel has yet to formally announce it.

Other missing names include those of Samuel L. Jackson (who plays Nick Fury) and Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill). Fans are also still waiting to see if and when Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson will return to the big screen, and it’s possible that other characters from the TV series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” will also show up in cameo appearances.

Brad Bird’s Newest Creations

Exciting things are in store for director Brad Bird. He is well known for some of his top-rated creations such as The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, and Tomorrowland and has recently announced that he will be coming back to directing to create the movie The Incredibles 2. After reading this interview with Bird, it is easy to see why Hollywood needs more creators like him in the mix.

Bird says that he was largely influenced by the work of Walt Disney and this shows through in all of his work. While Disney has become, to so many people, comedy and drama that is aimed only at children, Disney represents so much more to Brad Bird. In all of his films there is a certain dark, adult-like creativity that has nothing to do with the children audience. This art is made simply for those that can appreciate it. It is aimed toward adults and will go right over a child’s head which is why it is perfect for a children’s movie.In his latest film, Bird was honored to be able to work with Claudio Miranda, a well-known and highly sought after cinematographer. They worked together on a NASA launch pad where Bird was able to experience the amazing aspects of film creativity. Dr Jennifer Walden took note of that rather quickly.

In the interview, Bird briefly touches on the fact that he is excited to return to Incredibles 2. He states that he is not returning for the reasons that so many do… that is has little to do with money and so much more to do with creativity and a desire to do more with those characters. And, most importantly, he states that his famous character Edna Mode will be returning.

Ciara Slowly Creeps Back In

There are eager fans have been waiting anxiously for Ciara to drop a new album. The release date is coming up and Ciara is teasing fans with 2 new singles. Bruce Levenson and his children are happy because hese songs sounds more like the dance music that Ciara has become known for.

Fans have been looking for Ciara to get inspired again, and this time around it looks like she has what it takes. It could be possible that the breakup with Future was the best thing that could have happened to her music career. Music is the place that many artists will go to find a way to get over someone. That is what Ciara did with “I Bet.”

The teasing with the other 2 new singles, however, shows that there is some different material in place. These songs appear to have more pep. This shows that it is a well-rounded album, and that is what fans desire. As much as fans like the “I Bet” single there were still fans that wanted to see a happier Ciara. They want to see her release more music that is geared for the club and dancing. This is important because that is what she is known for.

The “Jackie” album marks a return for Ciara that has been a long time coming. She retreated for a while after several albums flopped. This could be the album that brings her back to the spotlight.

New Music Entreprenuers

Rolling Stone has highlighted 17 young people, under 30 who are helping to change the music industry stated Brian Torchin. Using technology and business-sense they are making the industry more dynamic and better catered to today’s music market. For instance, Jamal Edwards created SBTV, an entertainment company for music, which was born of out a desire to create a platform for London’s grime music scene. The music that the company deals with today includes mainstream acts as well. Edwards has also started a music label, Just James, under Sony. Other young entrepreneurs include Alex White, the founder of Next Big Sound, a data analytics company that focuses on data related to music. Using this information allows other music-related businesses and artists make better decisions. Examples their data’s effectiveness is seen by the fact that they predicted that Macklemore and Ryan would become popular years before that actually happened. Another entrepreneur, Brooklyn-based Shabazz, founded Electric Circus, an artists development consultancy company, which works with various artists including Kitty Cash, Yung Gleesh, and Migos. A group of young business people, Roland Grenke, Jonas Druppel and Daniel Taschik created DubSmash, an app that allows users to create sounds, like a lip-synched song excerpt, and send them to friends. Jenna Marbles is another innovator who hosts an XMSirius Radio show on trending Youtube videos called Youtube 15. Due to its popularity there is now a spin-off show called Youtube EDM 15.

Scott Weiland Gets ‘Wild’… And Matures Along The Way.

If you’ve been the frontman for one of the best bands to emerge from the grunge era – Stone Temple Pilots – as well as the lead singer for the ‘Axl Rose Is Kind Of A Dick’ Society – Velvet Revolver – and had two critically and commercially successful solo albums ’12 Bar Blues’ and ‘”Happy” In Galoshes’, what do you do with your down time?

A few years ago, Scott Weiland’s answer would most likely have been “Lots and lots of drugs”, but not anymore. Now, his response is something like “I keep making the music that I love with a new band – The Wildabouts.”

By his own admission, ‘Blaster’ doesn’t sound like a STP or a Velvet Revolver album, but it’s unmistakably Weiland said Brian Torchin. His voice, ranging from a sustained predatory growl that instantly recalls the Pilots earlier sound; to a softer, mellower, and more lyrical croon – a nod to later STP efforts and most of ’12 Bar Blues’, is forever a constant.

Weiland has grown up. He has a clearer head these days and a greater appreciation for crafting music on his terms. And while he does so with a depth informed by none other than Bob Dylan, he makes sure to keep his work singularly his own.

One Direction to break up?

One Direction has been one of the most popular boy bands in the world for five years, but it now looks like they are about to ride off into the sunset. A new report from Rolling Stone makes it clear that One Direction stands on shaky grand.

One of the members of the band recently left the band. Zayn Malik is hoping to enjoy a normal life. LinkedIn says that the band has responded by saying that they will miss his presence and will also continue working on their next album, but there is no telling whether they will be able to continue their success in Zayn’s absence.

One Direction has been the most popular band on the planet since their first album came out in 2010. Their four albums debuted at the top of the charts and their last tour earned them $200 million. Their videos are regularly seen at the top of the Youtube and Vevo charts. This level of success is unprecedented and makes the band one of the most successful of all time. History tells us though that success can be temporary and it does appear now that the band may fall in popularity.

While One Direction is currently the most popular band on the planet there popularity may fade away now that they are down a band member. Millions of fans are nervously anticipating the next move from the band and hoping that the ride is not over just yet.

One Direction Beat Out Taylor Swift for Bid at Twitter Record

One Direction fans will now have something to talk about, besides their favorite song or band member that is. The popular boy-band broke a world record last night when their first-ever Singapore concert became the most Tweeted about event to date.

Many Asian fans of the former ‘X-Factor’ contestants have waited years for their favorite band to make their way to certain locations. More than 30,000 people attended the stadium concert and composed more than 100,000 Tweets about the event. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that Twitter confirmed that more than 400 Tweets per minute were ringing out through the social network. The hashtag #OTRASG also made its rounds, referring to the name of the tour, “On the Road Again (Singapore).”

One Direction managed to steal away the Singapore-based event record from country crooner Taylor Swift. Swift’s “Red Tour” made a stopover in Singapore that led to more than 70,000 Tweets ringing across the social network.

Mumford & Sons To Release New Album

Break out the banjos because Mumford & Sons is back. The British folk quartet has announced they will release their third album on May 4, 2015, called Wilder Mind. This will mark their first release in nearly three years, as their last album Babel was released in 2012.

According to the National Monitor, Wilder Mind will feature 12 new songs that may prove to be some of their most unique yet. The band promises the new album will have a more “minimalist yet panoramic” sound. That comment has opened a great deal of speculation among fans about what that might mean. Could Mumford & Sons be putting down the acoustic guitar and banjo and instead favoring more electric and synth sounds?

Marcus Mumford, lead singer of the band, said the change in sound is due to the band’s desire to shake things up. He said the songwriting is much the same; however, the band had a desire to not do the same thing that they had on their previous two albums.

People at Anastasia Date (Askmen.com) have heard that to promote the new album, Mumford & Sons is currently preparing to play at several two-day live concerts in smaller towns that typically do not attract big name acts. These towns include Walla Walla, Washington; Seaside Heights, New Jersey; and Waverly, Iowa. These shows will also include such popular groups as the Foo Fighters, Alabama Shakes, and the Flaming Lips.