How TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg is Changing the Way We Shop Online

A name synonymous with forward thinking in fashion is Adam Goldenberg, CEO of Fabletics’ parent company JustFab. You likely have seen Fabletics as it is the brainchild of actress and fitness buff Kate Hudson and has had phenomenal success in just three years after its founding.


JustFab recently went through a major re-branding process, where it emerged as TechStyle Fashion Group with Goldenberg at the helm as CEO. This name change was highly intentional and was focused almost solely on the fact that unlike many apparel membership models that have come and gone, TechStyle (formerly JustFab) has always been and always will be a digital first company.


Goldenbereg went on to discuss how data is used to meet the customers needs in the digital realm. He noted that the company’s ongoing commitment to data truly gave them the ability to pass savings back on to their customers, by offering quality pieces that have been predicted by forecasting inventory demand in the market. Unlike many fashion brands that were launched ten or even fifteen years ago, TechStyle is not struggling to adapt to a digital and mobile-first world – that is where the company’s roots are.


Goldenberg was recently featured on CNBC discussing the digital first strategy of its company and how it was skyrocketed to unicorn-like success in just three years after its founding. The company went from a small startup looking to gain series one funding, to rapidly gaining a following of over 400 million users that subscribe to the company’s opt-in program to receive athletic wear each month. According to Goldenberg’s interview, of that 400 million over 1.5 million became VIP members solely after receiving a great word of mouth referral from a friend or family member. In today’s age of a highly congested marketing place, with the athletic apparel space already being saturated when JustFab and child company Fabletics entered, those numbers are staggering and absolutely phenomenal.


Overall it looks like huge things are on the horizon for Adam Goldenberg and his fashion brands. The company recently announced a massive expansion of its offerings to offer a wider variety of sizes, making trendy and affordable quality fitness clothing available for more people that want to look great while they exercise. The company has an extremely loyal following base and the move to further include more sizes only serves as a prediction of the future success of Goldenberg, Fabletics and TechStyle brands.

Brazil’s Legal System is a Great Place for Ricardo Tosto to Work

Brazil’s legal system might be complex and very challenging but it does work. Ask attorneys such as Ricardo Tosto and you will see that Brazil is a great country for law. The legal system of Brazil is governed by it Federal Constitution. This important document sets the legal framework for the nation as a whole.

Ricardo Tosto understands and respects the Federal Constitution. This legal document ensures that the people of Brazil can live and function under a set of rules and principals that will keep society safe. This system also provides justice and helps people in Brazil to enjoy a high quality of life.

The nation of Brazil has the world’s third largest population for attorneys. That’s right, there are many practicing attorneys like Ricardo Tosto. Many of these attorneys specialize in a particular area of law and justice. They work in business, politics and even for minor laws regarding property disputes between neighbors.

Big time attorneys such as Ricardo Tosto works for high profile firms and individuals. His work is extremely important to the overall business and economic climate within the nation. While most attorneys will not have this type of responsibility, Ricardo Tosto does not take his work lightly. He is privileged to work at such a high station click for more info.

Legal work in Brazil is very hard. It is not an easy job to be a lawyer in this country. However, the attorneys who are really good at what they do, make it a point to understand their law and to know how their system really works. Once they master these basics then working in their field will not be that difficult.

Most attorneys in Brazil work in law firms which makes sense. Law firms typically represent various corporate, government and local clients. They often specialize in a particular area of law and work hard in that particular type of practice.

Rarely does an attorney or firm specialize in different areas of law within Brazil. Brazil’s legal system is a great place for attorneys to work. Many of them enjoy their jobs and kept busy throughout the year helping clients and making Brazil a great place to live, work and grow.

Honey Birdette on launching their new website

The lingerie company, Honey Birdette, has recently made incredibly large leaps forward within their marketing system. With the upcoming launch of their new e commerce retail website, the company is expecting the numbers of their stores to go from a small handful to over 40 in just a year. With remarkable success, the company experienced an outstanding increase of 374% after launching the website. The website was meant to increase user friendliness for people buying their product, however, the results of the sites have proven to increase the company’s capital in many ways. In addition to a user friendly site, the new programs have shown faster delivery, easy returns and a wider range of consumer products.
Additionally, the company has released to the press that they have over 10 stores set up to be opened in the U.K. Honey Birdettes first store was opened just outside of Australia, However, it was only the spark that started the wildfire of success that this company was about to see.
Honey Birdette was created in 2006, shortly before launching their first website.the company was founded by an entrepreneur by the name of Eloise Monaghan. Monaghan made it her life’s work to own a successful company, growing up with a mother in retail she has stated that she was always very driven.
The company was founded over a glass of wine shared with two friends who were dissatisfied with the current market for lingerie. They could never find what they truly wanted, or even undergarments that were tastefully designed. Conclusively, Today, Honey Birdette has reached impressive numbers on the market and they are a go-to for anyone looking to make their life in the bedroom more interesting.

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Brian Bonar’s Knowledge of Business Structure

A large part of business success in its structure. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to understand the type of structure that they are putting together with their business. One of the worst things an entrepreneur can do is try to rush the process. When one rushes everything, this could cause a failure in the business. Therefore, it is important to put a lot of thought into what goes into a new business. Also, it takes knowledge about business and technology in order to be able to easily build a working business structure. Fortunately for Brian Bonar, he has a technical background that allows him to accomplish his goals.

Brian Bonar has worked for companies like IBM, QMS, and others. He has held positions such as procurement manager and Director of Engineering. He has a lot of leadership experience given that he has managed more than 100 people. This is an admirable accomplishment. It takes a lot of leadership skills and qualities in order to be able to manage a huge number of people. He also has a lot of courage and patience to be able to accomplish that. Leadership is one of the most important aspects of running a business.

Brian Bonar has taken the skills that he has gained from being involved in companies like IBM and applied them to his career. Bonar likes to reward himself for his accomplishments. Among his favorite activities are spending time with family, boating and golfing. He has ways of restoring himself so that he can get back into the workforce. This is one of the reasons that he is successful as a businessman. He makes sure that he has a workable work-life balance. Brians knowledge of business structure and the willingness to adapt a winning structure to his life is what brings him success.

Why Securus Leads the Inmate Communications Industry

In the recent past, the prison facilities are gradually improving. The inmates, as well as prison staff, are the primary beneficiaries of the improvement. Thanks to the tech advancements, today prisons are slowly turning into homes away from home as well as places where staff see it easy to work. Behavioural experts often say with the recent introduction of inmate communications, the rate of inmate-behavioral change has quickly improved. Securus Technologies is among the few communications companies that understand the need for inmate communications. Therefore, since 1986, the tech company has continued to support the prison facilities in the best way possible through tech support.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. However, the tech company has regional offices located in Georgia, Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta. Today, the tech company takes pride of being in the game for more than three decades, a period that has seen it garner more experience when it comes to prison services. Securus offers its essential services to more than 2500 facilities spread across 48 states. Today, more than 1.2 million inmates benefit from Securus services, a number that a majority of penitentiary administration providers have been unable to meet.


Success has been Securus’s outmost objective. As a result, the renowned tech company has always set its forward by launching new projects often. With the aid of more than 13000 associates, the company today has more than 140 patents issued, making it a leader in the innovator’s world.


Over and over again, Securus Technologies has remained focused on its outmost goal by providing high-quality products and services and maintaining the best customer services in the industry. Apart from, the company has assisted many individuals to connect dots for investigative leads through calls monitoring hence assisting in solving many difficult cases. Besides, the company’s ability to connect emergency dispatchers and responders to those in needs has enabled it to become a most sought-after tech company.



Cassio Audi, the Unlikely Musician

If you have come across the name Cassio Audi it has probably been in business finance circles. However, before his more than two-decade professional career, Cassio Audi was a talented musician who would have no doubt become greatly accomplished had he remained the course.
In 1985 at the where heavy metal was sweeping across the United States and Europe, Cassio Audio and his friends were among the first people to introduce the trend in Brazil. The six of them formed a rock band and aptly named it Viper, given how potent the music they made would become. As a drummer, a young Cassio Audi drew inspiration from the drummers of more accomplished bands such as Iron Maiden.
Viper recorded a demo album in its very first year of its formation. Cassio Audi played drums on all of the songs on the album, including hits such as Princess from Hell and Nightmare. He would also be on the drums for the band’s first studio album released only two years later. Surprisingly, many found the apparent rawness to the albums to be quite authentic and alluring. Consequently, many fans and critics alike pegged these five young men, including the talented drummer for greatness.
In a move that came as a surprise to many fans, Cassio Audi decided to leave the band in 1989. He instead decided to pursue a professional career in business and soon after joined University to study business administration. In his absence, the remaining members of Viper went on to release a highly successful second album, Theatre of Fate. The album was even better received than the first one. Cassio Audi, however, remained true to his newly chosen path going on to become a highly successful finance executive.
While it may be long behind him, there is no denying Cassio Audi’s early musical career has greatly shaped the man he is today.

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Big Meat–OSI Group

OSI Group is one the world’s largest, quickest-growing suppliers of custom food processing and unique food products, like specialties, meats, baked goods, vegetables, and different sources of protein. OSI group has over 100 years of operating history in the foodservice and retail spheres.

Their manufacturing capabilities are quite extensive, as they not only supply several products but can further modify and specialize to any customers’ requirement– 49 different variations across several product categories.

Economic Utility

OSI Group is interesting. It’s rarely talked about and its growth should not go unnoticed. From an economic viewpoint, they’re a large value provider–employing 20,000 people across 17 countries and possessing over 65 facilities, it should be said that this company has a broad market, and is quite profitable. It would seem attractive at first glance to an institutional investor or an establishment looking for a quality product supplier.

Purchasing Power

Let’s also draw attention to the fact that they’ve made substantial purchases recently. First was the purchase of a Dutch competitor, Baho Foods, which owns five subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands. OSI Group’s second purchase was a Tyson food plant in Chicago, at a price of $7.4 million, according to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, in June 2016. The purchase will reportedly bolster distribution and production capacities.

OSI group has also purchased Flagship Europe, a provider of sous vide, frozen poultry, pies, and various condiments to the UK foodservice scene.

Enviromental Excellence

OSI group is also repsonsible for the wellbeing of the planet. In 2016, they were awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council for excellent management of environmental risks. In order to compete for the award, one must demonstrate to the BSC’s audit scheme that the organization manages hazards from every level of production, across all relevant facilities–from floor shop to executive offices. OSI Group earned a five star rating during the August 2015-June 2016 audit. While one can be merely compliant with regulations, OSI Industries has pioneered towards excellence.

Whether you’re a large establishment looking to build a quality supply chain for your products, or a smaller chain just scouting out dozens of competitors, OSI Group is sure to stand out for you.

Talos Energy: Titan of the Energy Industry and Gem of Houston

For the last 80 years, no private companies have sunk offshore oil wells in the waters of Mexico. However, this has all changed. Thanks to a cooperative venture consisting of Premier Oil PC, Talos Energy LLC and Sierra Oil and Gas, drilling has commenced in an offshore oil well. This well is in the ocean near the state of Tabasco and is estimated to hold anywhere from 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil. The official operator of this well is Talos Energy, a Houston company, which owns a 35% stake in the operation.

Talos Energy was founded by Tim Duncan and his partners, who were able to financially survive the 2008 financial recession by deploying a smaller pool of capital in lucrative areas. During this time, Duncan and his partners were part of the company Phoenix Exploration. Thanks to the aforementioned quick thinking, Duncan and company were able to sell Phoenix Exploration to Apache Corp. After the sale, Duncan and his partners started Talos Energy. In 2003, Talos Energy has expanded through the $620 million acquisition of Energy Resource Technology, a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group. This has helped them become a leader in the oil, gas and energy industry by giving them access to useful technologies and industrial resources.

Not only is Talos Energy an innovative company, it is also, according to WorkplaceDynamics, the best workplace among Houston small businesses. When asked about this, Tim Duncan explained that they are the best workplace because of the company’s workplace culture. According to Duncan, this environment is one of teamwork and the shared interest in making money for every individual associated with the business. Regarding the future, it is predicted that Talos Energy may make another acquisition like the previous purchase of Energy Resource Technology thanks to its incredibly high yearly revenue. Overall, it is clear that Talos Energy is not only an innovative company but one of the gems of both the energy industry and Houston.

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State of the Art Screening in Life Line

Life line screening is a private company that is dedicated to providing health knowledge to people so they can lead healthier, fuller lives. It offers affordable quality and reliable preventive screenings. The company which was founded in 1993, has about 5,000 employees who are highly trained and licensed. By collaborating with doctors, the company provides community-based screening events into the society. The screenings occur in neighborhoods all over the contiguous United States in community centers, senior centers, corporations and places of worship.

The health screening services provided by Life line are all ultrasound and EKG screenings. The screenings are affordable, easy, painless and convenient. The highly trained technologists use state of the art ultrasound screening equipment for accurate lab results. Three main types of preventive health screenings are done at Life Line to know more: click here.

Ultrasound screening

Also known as sonography, the technique uses sound waves to image structures of the body. The sound waves during screening transmitted to the predetermined area of the body. The returning echoes are recorded for the results. Ultrasound screening was developed in World War II where it was used to locate submerged objects. It is now widely employed in medical institutions to detect medical conditions in areas such as cardiology, obstetrics, and ophthalmology. Most individuals who are familiar with the screening technology related to seeing growing fetus during pregnancy. The screening is non-invasive and painless. In life line, it is done using state of the art Doppler color flow technology. The equipment is reliable and gives accurate images.

Finger-stick blood screenings

In its selected locations, Life line offers finger stick blood screening that aid in identifying important risk factor for diabetes and heart diseases. The screening is done by pricking soft pad of the finger hence the name. FDA approved instruments are used in blood screenings, they are lab accurate and provide results in less than ten minutes.

Limited electrocardiograph

The technique is used to detect irregular heartbeat also known as atrial fibrillation. The condition is a common heart illness that is known for increasing the risk of stroke. The EKG electrode in Life line is quick, does not require any preparation, no removal of clothes and in non-invasive.

How Jim Dondero Turns Alternative Investment Bets Into Wins

Jim Dondero co-founded alternative investing firm Highland Capital Management in 1993 and continues to serve as the President of the company. Under his leadership, the company has over $15 billion in alternative assets under management. He’s made a number of daring calls during his time with Highland Capital Management, including investing in American Airlines when everyone else was running away from its stock and buying Argentina’s currency when the country was seemingly mired in unsolvable problems.While one would think that someone willing to take these types of bold moves would be outspoken and brash, Jim Dondero is actually introverted and prone to more thinking than talking. This has served him well in his career as his thinking has led to great gains for Highland Capital Management and its clients.

The initial alternative investment class that Jim Dondero focused on when founding Highland Capital Management was on nonbank collateralized loan obligations. He was a pioneer in this asset class and success in this led to the company to soon start investing in other alternative investments. They launched their first alternative mutual fund in 2000 and have continued to introduce new funds ever since.Jim Dondero has been in the financial industry for over 30 years. After graduating from the University of Virginia with top honors he started his professional career at Morgan Guaranty. Before founding Highland Capital Management he also worked for American Express as a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst, and at Protective Life as its Chief Investment Officer.

Jim Dondero strongly believes in giving back to the community. He supports a number of nonprofits including those that are involved in education, public policy, and veteran’s affairs. Since 2005, Highland Capital Mangement has donated more than $10 million to various charities around the world. Among the many nonprofits he has supported are the Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, the Dallas Zoo, the Center for Brain Health, and the George W. Bush Presidential Library. He also donated his expertise and time, including being named as a member of the Executive Board for the Cox School of Business which is located at Southern Methodist University.