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You’ll Become An Instant Fan Of These Groups

If you love music, then you might constantly be on the look-out for some fresh new music to give a listen. If so, then here are a few artists that you should be paying attention to. They will not let you down with their unique sounds.
If you’re a big fan of Imagine Dragons and bands with a similar style to them, then you will love X Ambassadors. They have a great sound, and they are a new band that is sure to stick around for a while.
Or, if you are more of a Laura Marling fan, then you are going to love the cool new group The Staves. Their sound is one that you will appreciate if you love good music. These sisters work well together in the band.
So, there you have it. Sam Tabar suggests that if you have been hoping to give some new music a listen, then you should go and check out these two new bands. You’ll love the sounds that they have to offer, and you will be sure to become an instant fan.

Pop and Rap Go Hand in Hand

Taylor Swift really gave fans a treat when she teamed up with hip-hop star Kendrick Lamar. Everyone knew that it was coming in some form or another. Taylor had been seen rapping verses to Kendrick’s “Backseat Freestyle.” Kendrick had said that he was digging Taylor’s “Shake it Off” single. Both of these entertainers love music so it just seemed natural for the two to unite. They did so in a major way with “Bad Blood.” They are not the first to discover that pop and rap go hand in hand though. There have been other pop hits infused with rap over the years.

Before people were singing along with the “Bad Blood” remix there was another pop hit last year that rocked urban and pop radio stations said Crystal Hunt. This was the Katy Perry “Dark Horse” track that featured Juicy J from the Three Six Mafia. This would only be one of many though. Katy has also had tracks with Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot and Kanye West.

Ariana Grande came into the pop world with a rapper for a boyfriend. He showed up in a whisper on “Problems,” but the track also featured a verse from Iggy Azalea. Grande would also find herself bringing Big Sean back for a verse on her album. Big Sean switched things up and added some pop vocals to rap by placing Ariana Grande on his album on the “Research” track.

Zayn Malik Remixes A Song

You have to wonder why Zayn Malik, who claimed he wanted to be out of the spotlight for good, why is he remixing an old song? Zayn Malik decided to remix the song “No Type,” and it seems as if he is going back on what he said before he left One Direction. Zayn Malik’s New Song. Zayn left One Direction, so he could lead somewhat of a normal life while he was still young, but his recent antics are proving to do the opposite of what his intentions were. Zayn’s intentions were to live a quiet life outside of the limelight, but everything he’s doing is only thrusting him back into the limelight.

Zayn recently colored his hair green, which had many paparazzi’s stalking him, and posting pictures of his new look says Shaygan Kheradpir. Now Zayn is releasing a solo single, and it seems as if the whole privacy thing was a lie. It looks as if the rumors were true, and Zayn really wanted to pursue a solo career, instead of performing on a stage with several different guys. There’s nothing wrong with saying you want to perform solo, but to give people the impression that you were tired of fame, it seems a bit off putting and like a lie.

It’s a wonder how many of Zayn’s fans will stick around after they find out that he is going for solo career. More than likely, he will keep some fans, but he may lose some as well.

Hulk May be Joining the Cast of Captain America: Civil War

ScreenRant reports that the Hulk may also be appearing in Captain America: Civil War. Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner/ The Hulk, stated that Robert Downey Jr. told him that he would be in the Captain America movie. He did note that he hasn’t heard anything from the actual studio, or seen a script yet, so it is still a rumor. The end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron left the Hulk flying by himself in an airplane to who knows where. Bruce Banner, by his own nature, wants to be alone and not near anyone that he is afraid he will hurt, so it is interesting that Marvel would bring him back from his seemingly self-imposed exile for Civil War.


It also seems, however, that almost every other Marvel character is in the new film with the exception of Nick Fury and Thor as people at Amen Clinics have noticed. It seems that Marvel thinks the more the merrier on this one with their Facebook page. Hopefully the plot is as big as the cast.

The Party Rocking Life and Sexy Times of LMFAO’s Redfoo

I know what you’re thinking, who would want to know about the life of a 39 year old who is the creative mastermind behind singles like ‘’I’m in Miami, bitch’’ and ‘’Party Rock.’’ Well to be honest, Redfoo, the headliner of the popular duo LMFAO is quite an interesting character. He was fortunate to be born the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. which enabled him to grow up with stars in the industry including Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson. He originally aspired to be a rapper but after fizzled attempts he tried his luck at real estate and blackjack. He learned that he wanted to be the one in control of his destination from his lack of success in variable industries; therefore, he began his dream of fusing hip hop and dance music together. For those that are unfamiliar with LMFAO’s style, here is the video for their smash hit ‘’Party Rock’’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ6zr6kCPj8 .

The duo topped the charts globally and skyrockets to notoriety in mere months. Thanks to shows like MTV’s Jersey Shore and Keeping up with the Kardashian’s, the signature sound became recognizable all around the world. Alexei Beltyukov certainly knew about it, as he read about it on Slide Share. The duo decided to part ways in 2012, explaining that they had slight creative differences in the direction of their work. Interestingly, Redfoo’s most recent success is centered in Australia, where he seems to party the weekdays away making music, meeting women, and imbibing adult beverages. All in all, it looks like we have something to look forward to, for if he is still party rocking at 39, who knows what he is capable of in his forties.

Tyga Is Behind Kylie Jenner’s New Sexy Attitude

Kylie Jenner probably could not be more gorgeous, from the moment she decided to step into the spotlight she had everyone’s attention. Her relationship with Tyga is something most of her fans were skeptical of in the beginning, and that worked in Kylie’s favor because her relationship kept everyone talking for well over a year. Now that Kylie is just a few months away from her 18th birthday, Tyga and Kylie aren’t hiding anymore. Not only is Kylie not hiding her relationship with Tyga, but she also isn’t hiding her feelings about rumors and the rude comments of her followers and fans.

James Dondero and Nexbank noted that just last week Kylie took a moment to put Chris Brown in his place after he reposted a quote that called her father a “science project.” Aside from keeping the rumor mill in check Kylie is ready to take over the world. Everyday it seems like she is posting sexier photos and becoming even more of a hot topic. Her drastic change from the quiet younger Jenner sister has not gone unnoticed, and now it’s been learned that Tyga is behind her new attitude.

Apparently Tyga has been encouraging Kylie to put herself out there, and display or amazing body. He thinks she deserves to be “admired” and has nothing but her best interest at heart both business wise and at home. Tyga is giving Kylie the confidence she needs to get out there and make a real name for herself, and he just might be giving her exactly what she needs.

Chris Cornell to Release New Record and Tour

Musician Chris Cornell, the former singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, will be releasing a new album this fall and going on an acoustic tour to support it. Cornell has not released a solo record since 2009.

Personally, I think this is great news and so do most of my coworkers here at Qnet as well. Cornell has one of the strongest and most distinctive voices in rock music. It’s good that he’s still using it. I also like that he’s making new music. As someone who has been in two successful bands in the past, he could probably afford to take it easy and just get together with his old band mates for a reunion tour now and then. Instead, he’s going down new creative roads.

In my opinion, Cornell sounds best in an acoustic context. Soundgarden was just too loud. Audioslave, as well, had a bombastic sound that could be obnoxious. It’s nice to hear Cornell’s work with more of a gentle backing track.

Today, it’s much easier for rockers to stay relevant as they age than in the past. Fifty years ago, the idea that a pop musician could be good for anything other than nostalgia after they were in their twenties was unheard of. Now, older musicians like Cornell can release new music and tour and still be taken seriously.

Bruce Springsteen Honors Pete Townshend

Rock star Bruce Springsteen recently gave a speech at the MusiCares annual benefit concert honoring fellow rock star Pete Townshend. In his speech, Springsteen recalled seeing the Who perform as a teenager and how Townshend’s songs have influenced him over the years.

Springsteen told the story of how he saw the Who perform when he was only sixteen. He said that the Who weren’t the headliners at the show and were on a bill of other bands that have subsequently faded from rock history. The Who played for only a half an hour, and much of the audience was horrified when Townshend smashed his guitar at the end of the set. Springsteen, however, thought this was very cool. At his own garage band’s next show, he smashed a vase of flowers in tribute to the Who. He said that he couldn’t afford to smash a guitar at the time.

Springsteen also said that he was influenced in particular by Townshend’s song “The Seeker”. He said that his own song “Born to Run” was influenced by it. Igor Cornelsen thought this was interesting. It’s easy to see the comparison since both songs are about wanting meaningful change. Personally, I think that “Born to Run” is a better song. Its lyrics are a little less direct and therefore are more open to interpretation than the lyrics in “The Seeker”. They’re a little more intelligent, in my opinion.

Brandon Flowers Performs With His Idol

Alternative rocker Brandon Flowers is touring through Europe. Recently, in London, he was joined on stage by Bernard Sumner of iconic 1980s band New Order. The two then performed the classic New Order song “Bizarre Love Triangle” together.

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a video of the performance on their website. Flowers gives a very moving introduction to Sumner. He recounts being young and living in a small town in Utah when he first saw New Order on MTV and was blown away. He says that he even remembers what the weather was like that day.

Sumner, when he appears on stage, looks good. Also his voice is still as strong as it ever was. Sumner sings the first verse and then the two trade verses after that. Flowers’ band plays a note-perfect version of the New Order song. The sound and notes are almost identical.

It must have been very flattering for Sumner to find out how much his 1980s work affected a younger artist. New Order is a unique and important band, in my opinion. Fans over at Skout think it is only now, decades after their prime, that their true influence is being discovered.

Although they weren’t the biggest band of the music scene of their day, New Order were among the most hip. Their sound is instantly recognizable, and their songs are memorable. Their lyrics are intelligent without being pretentious.

American Idol Gets the Ax

Since 2002, the Fox hit television show American Idol has made many dreams come true. The show boasted 30 million viewers every week and was so popular that it would air two shows a week. Unfortunately, the show is coming into its last season. Fox announced this week that the next season of American Idol will be the last for the show. For 14 seasons, American Idol creators held strong to the music show genre. Lately, shows like The Voice and America’s Got Talent have taken over the music show circuit. The executives at Fox were unsure of whether or not they wanted to cancel the show. They realized that their devout fans would be upset but wanted to end the show soon.


The show had an amazing run and the show creators want to end it on a high note, as Ivan Ong points out. In recent seasons, the show has only been pulling 10 million viewers instead of the 30 million that it was used to, which is not good statistically. Instead of waiting to see if the show gets better, the producers thought it would be best to end the show. Out of the 12 judges over the 13 year span, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr., are all signed on to be the judges of the final season. Show producer Ryan Seacrest is also slated to follow through with the show’s final season. In a statement released this week, Seacrest thanked the show’s cast and team, past and present, for a wonderful ride. The shows final season will air in January of 2016.