10 songs that bring back memories of my travels: Garth Cartwright's playlist

Song For My Father by Horace Silver I’m a Kiwi who’s lived in London since 1991 and the pandemic made me both yearn for and fear for my family, so far away. To calm my huge angst, especially when my father’s health collapsed in March, I listened to music constantly, obsessively, jazz serving as a balm to my worried mind. Dad died in late June, not of the virus – a fall led to him departing this world. I mourned and celebrated his life with...

The world's prettiest ports

From Nordic beauties to Caribbean stunners, set sail on a virtual voyage around the prettiest ports on the planet.

Luxury resorts in the Maldives hire 'Barefoot Booksellers' to run their quaint island bookshops. Meet 2 women who got the gig.

Aislinn Shivakumar and Alice Spencer are living the dream, having left lockdown in London behind to become "Barefoot Booksellers" in the Maldives.

China is spreading conspiracy theories that the coronavirus was created in an American lab and that a US-created vaccine is killing the elderly

The disinformation push comes as a team of WHO scientists begin a study into the origins of the virus in Wuhan.

Norwegian Cruise Line will require crew members to get the COVID-19 vaccine before boarding as sailings continue to be pushed back

Norwegian and its Regent Seven Seas lines both have the same vaccine requirement for its crew members, according to statements sent to Insider.

Britons look 'beyond usual UK hotspots' this summer

Britons who were planning a trip to Mallorca, Dubai or the Maldives would not normally be expected to settle for Kidderminster, Coventry or Skipton instead. But after the vaccines minister, Nadhim Zahawi, suggested that it was “far too early” to be booking summer holidays abroad, many unlikely UK-based destinations are hoping to find a silver lining, amid growing signs that holidaymakers are giving up on the beach and finding alternatives closer...

Biden will be the first president to use the new Air Force One - here's what we know about the $5.3 billion aircraft

President Trump pushed for a cheaper replacement program, resulting in the purchase of jets intended for a Russian airline instead of factory-fresh models.

British break in St Ives, Cornwall

With fewer visitors than in summer, the Cornish fishing village of St Ives has a tranquil feel to it for those who are lucky enough to explore it out of season, says Lyn Hughes

The Great Green Way: a seven-day drive down the coast of tropical north Queensland

The Kuranda Skyrail is closed, I am told repeatedly from the moment I land in Cairns for my tropical north Queensland adventure. But looking up from the deck of the Kuranda riverboat cruise – above shallows populated by hungry turtles and riverbanks crowded with hundreds of species of trees – I see the empty gondolas gliding over the waterway in preparation for an influx of Australian visitors. With borders reopened, closed and opening again,...

11 things you should never put down the drain

From paint and pasta to pills and oil, here are some things you should never put down your drain if you want to avoid health risks and clogged pipes.

Readers’ lockdown discoveries: 10 top tips

Winning tip: Light vessel fantastic On a sandbank of the River Neath next to the wharf of a scrap-metal merchant lies an old rusted wreck, the salt air-bleached, twisted metal skeleton of this old ship is all that remains of LV72 light vessel. One sunny day during the first lockdown I was cycling on the towpath when I came across it just a few miles from my home. I went home and researched its history, which was rather astonishing as I found out...

10 inspiring hobbies taken up by readers during lockdown

Winning tip: ‘I could be the person I am meant to be’ This is about my autistic daughter’s hobby. She’s nine, and since last March has become an avid birdspotter and photographer. It’s been great to be outside finding nature in the city, and to see her thrive and grow, walking to and exploring local parks. She’s now got an amazing mentor – wildlife artist and photographer Alfie Bowen – and has been winning competitions and had her photos...

Southwest Airlines just announced 5 new routes to new destinations on the West Coast from across the US - here's the full list

Southwest is adding its 12th and 13th cities in California as it competes with Alaska Airlines to be the airline of the West Coast.

Fly from ATM to HEL with these hilarious airport codes

With more than 9,000 airport codes issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), there are some we recognize instantly, like JFK and LAX, but some airports have not been quite so lucky. Here we take a look at some of the most comical, unconventional or unintentionally rude abbreviations given to airports across the world. Turns out you can even fly from HEL to CIA...

Several cruise trips have already been cancelled this year. See when major cruise lines plan on operating again.

Most cruises in the US won't be sailing until May at the soonest, but cruise lines are continuing to push back sailing dates.

These are the world's most charming travel posters

Travel posters have long been fodder for armchair explorers and given that travel is off the cards for many of us right now, there seems no better time to celebrate our favorites. From vibrant airline ads to romantic watercolors depicting world destinations, we share 30 of the most beautiful travel posters from across the decades.

Vaccine passports essential for resumption of international travel

Vaccine passports must become essential travel documents in order to restart international tourism. The recommendation comes from the Global Tourism Crisis Committee, which met in Madrid this week to discuss measures to ensure the safe resumption of international travel. It called for international health and travel bodies to step up the coordination of a standardised digital certification system, as well as harmonised testing protocols. The...

Amazing airports you might never have heard of

From the world's southernmost and northernmost airports to terminals with cozy log fires and freshly cooked lobster to take away, here we explore some of the coolest and quirkiest lesser-known airports around the world.

5 authentic and unusual places to stay in Japan

You may have stayed in a ryokan, futuristic capsule hotel or even a love hotel. But a miso factory? Explore rural Japan and you will be one of few travellers to do so

Tourist hotspot Seychelles is welcoming back US travelers - but only those with the COVID-19 vaccine

Seychelles aims to vaccinate the majority of its local adults by mid-March, which will again change its international travel guidelines.

The last wildernesses on Earth

While much of the planet has been built upon, occupied by sprawling cities and towns, there are areas where the world’s wildness is still preserved in all its diverse glory. There are even places that are so remote and resistant to development, they simply can’t be tamed. From national parks and designated wilderness areas that protect fauna and flora to deserted, inhospitable places where few have trodden, these are the most beautiful wild spots around the world. As always, remember to check travel restrictions and national park opening times and closures if planning a trip.

A regional airport is using CARES Act funds to create a COVID-19 checkpoint for passengers

Eastern Iowa Airport will soon ask passengers health questions and take their temperature before they can go through the security checkpoint.

American Airlines will now deliver wine to your door, and you can get air miles for every dollar spent. A 3-bottle monthly subscription costs $100.

You can choose a pre-selected box of mixed wines, build your own box, or buy a monthly subscription as part of American's "Flagship Cellars" program.

Royal residences: palaces you can stay in

There are hotels and resorts where guests are treated like kings and queens. Then there are those that have actually hosted kings and queens – and princes, princesses, emperors and empresses, for that matter. These are the royal residences that have been turned into luxury hotels while still paying homage to their illustrious history. Here’s our pick of the most beautiful palatial places to stay around the world.

The new 50 wonders of the world

Only one of the original seven wonders of the world remains, but there are many more awe-inspiring places that astound and delight us. From captivating ancient cities, ornate palaces and modern architectural gems, to biodiverse volcanic craters, thundering waterfalls and the world’s oldest landforms, loveEXPLORING picks 50 of the world’s amazing wonders.

Boneyards where planes, cruise ships, autos and trains go to die

Ever wondered what happens to vehicles and vessels when they reach the end of their useful life? Take a look...

Saga requires all cruise passengers to have coronavirus vaccine

Saga has become the first UK tour operator to tell cruise and holiday customers that they must be vaccinated to travel with them this summer. The over-50s travel firm, which has reported a surge in bookings since the vaccination programme was announced, is taking reservations on condition that customers are fully inoculated, with two shots where necessary, at least 14 days before departure. Passengers will also need to take a Covid test at the...

Travel 'facts' that simply aren't true

New Picasso Exhibition Set to Make Only U.S. Stop in Nashville

The Frist Art Museum will display 75 of Picasso’s works this spring.

Airlines have banned more than 2,500 passengers for not wearing masks - here are the carriers that have booted the most

President Biden has signed a mask mandate for US flights and airports but airlines took matters into their own hands long before.

America's fascinating but eerie abandoned prisons

America’s abandoned prisons and crumbling correctional facilities tell a sobering and sometimes chilling story of the way people have been incarcerated throughout the centuries – often in harsh, cramped conditions and for crimes that no longer exist. From so-called ‘squirrel cage jails’, where tiny cells were rotated using a carousel system, to spooky cell blocks said to be haunted by the ghosts of former inmates and wardens, here are the eeriest abandoned prisons around the US. If you're planning on visiting any spooky spots, be sure to check COVID-19 protocols and state travel advisories before you go.

Biden just signed an executive order that mandates mask-wearing while flying and utilizing most forms of mass transit

All major US airlines and Amtrak require passengers to wear masks, but the executive order gives federal backing to enforce the rule.

10 things to do in Surrey during lockdown

The historic county of Surrey is blessed with a multitude of things to do outdoors. History, wildlife, gorgeous villages and amazing views can still be enjoyed during lockdown…

Earth's most beautiful natural wonders will astound you

From a multicolored canyon to a colossal glacier floating on tranquil teal waters, these are the world's most picturesque natural wonders.

Everything coming to - and leaving - Netflix in February

Get ready to stream new seasons of shows like Tiffany Haddish's "They Ready" as well as films like "Malcolm & Marie" and "Inception."

The most destructive floods in history

While water can be stunningly beautiful, it can also be extremely dangerous, as proven by the most extreme weather events around the world. Here we take a closer look at some of history's most deadly, dramatic and destructive floods, from 1900 to the present day.

My voyage through a world of language in just one word: snow

A few years ago I spent a winter on Upernavik, a rocky island of 1,000 inhabitants off the north-west coast of Greenland. I’d been invited to Baffin Bay as part of a programme for international writers and artists to create new work about climate at one of the most northerly museums in the world. The museum director emailed a warning in advance: the winter was better for introspection than exploration. Sure enough, I found I couldn’t leave the...

Why these 11 US states no longer exist

We reveal the US states that disappeared into the history books.

9 reasons we’re crazy about Cornwall

In the UK you can’t turn on a television these days without a programme on Cornwall, and now its going to be in the global spotlight when the G7 summit is held there. Why do we love it so much?

Amazing US destinations that don't feel like America

These spots may feel a world away from the USA but they're actually right on its doorstep. From dinky German-style towns to cities with Spanish flair, we look at the surprising places that are closer to the States than you'd think.

Remote hotels we'd love to escape to this year

Whether it's clinging to a mountain face in the Himalayas or hiding out in a tropical jungle in Belize, these hotels offer the chance to have a truly off-grid experience.

Alaska Airlines just took delivery of its first Boeing 737 Max, becoming the 4th in the US to fly the controversial jet

Alaska has only five weeks of proving runs and safety checks with the aircraft before the first passengers step aboard on March 1.

Disney is removing racially insensitive scenes from its classic Jungle Cruise ride, and fans say it's 'about time'

At the time of writing, it's unclear when the Jungle Cruise rides will be updated at Disney World and Disneyland.

Istanbul: a virtual tour through books, film, food and music

When I first saw this view of Istanbul, decades ago, it was as if I’d just met the love of my life. From the northern end of the Galata Bridge, looking across the Golden Horn to what is known as the Old City, the view remains breathtaking even on an iron-grey winter’s day. Rising above the waters of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus are: to my left, the vast Topkapı Palace complex; before me, the Byzantine wonder that is the Hagia Sophia and the...

Noodle soup ties me to Japanese New Year, and my roots – plus the recipe

Every year my mother would make a bowl of Japanese New Year’s Eve noodles for my American father and me. “Just this one tradition,” she would entreat; she didn’t like American New Year, and longed for Japanese-style festivities. One year, I found one of my noodles tied in a knot, which she assured me was a sign of good fortune. I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t even really like noodles. It was not until I was in my 20s that I experienced a full winter...

2 airlines are adding non-stop flights between Kansas City and Tampa for the Super Bowl with fares climbing over $700 one-way

The Super Bowl never fails to draw a crowd as fans clamor to see their teams win big and are willing to pay absurd amounts to be there in person.

Tell us about your lockdown discoveries for the chance to win a £200 holiday prize

Lockdown restrictions have made us see the world in a different way – the fact that we can only go out once a day and explore a limited radius means we are rediscovering our local areas and noticing things that we’d previously overlooked in our pre-lockdown busyness. That can be anything from a historical building, deserted factory or faded adverts painted on the sides of buildings, to animal footprints in the snow or mud, birds in leafless...

United Airlines says Mexican beach destinations saw the biggest drop in demand after the US announced new testing requirements for travelers

Mexico has been a popular spot for American getaways during the pandemic as the country doesn't require a negative COVID-19 test for entry.

Tell us about a tranquil place you’ve found for the chance to win a £200 holiday prize

With everything going on in the world right now, it’s essential to try to carve out moments of calm. Where do you go to tap into tranquillity? Perhaps it’s a spot on a local river, a particular park bench, a hidden coastal cove, or even a serene city cemetery. It could also be somewhere you revisit in your mind that induces a sense of peace. If you have a relevant photo, do send it in – but it’s your words that will be judged for the...

From dolphins to rewilding: 11 environment-friendly holidays for 2021

Rewilding centres The idea of rewilding – moving away from current forestry and agricultural techniques and allowing nature to thrive – is gaining ground. One exciting new project is Wild Ken Hill in north Norfolk, where alongside pioneering regenerative farming and traditional conservation practices, a 400-hectare (1,000-acre) area is being returned to the wild, with the reintroduction of beavers, Exmoor ponies and old farm breeds like red poll...