Clayton Huston

Clayton Hutson had a passion for music since his childhood days. He went to Central Michigan University and studied a degree in theater design. He later joined Stephen M. Ross School of Business and studied master’s degree in Business Administration.


Clayton Hutson joined music companies after he graduated. The company management gave him a good position. He worked as both sound engineer and project manager. He worked with corporate entertainment and later joined Graham’s sound team. His interest was in music majoring in rock and ross music.


Clayton Hutson had the spirit of entrepreneurship and opened businesses. He had many job opportunities that helped him to get exposed to sound engineering. He acquired skills in management and performance. The businesses peaked up and became reliable due to his excellent performance.


Clay Hutson interacted with prominent musicians and traveled to different countries of Europe. He visited Australia and North America and spent time there. He managed to operate Republics automatic system during the visitation. Clay Hutson is currently the designer and manager of producing concerts for Kelly, Kid Rock, and Kelly. Hutson spends most of his free time with his family.


His passion for business inspired him in venturing into entrepreneurship sector. He explains that his experience in tour production, live performance, and sound engineering had given him enough confidence. He had acquired valuable knowledge and skills from the industry he had worked for. He learned from the industry that when it came to recession period, the industry struggled.


Clayton decided to solve the problems of struggling by distancing himself from the company. With the experience and skills he had acquired he left the company and became an entrepreneur. Clay decided to stand on his own without depending on the company’s income. He gathered faith in him and [purposed to make.


Clayton makes money by providing rigging, engineering, and live performance services. Additionally, he provides management and production design as well as stage management. His friends recommend clients to him hence making him famous. He mainly focuses on managing stage projects.


It was not easy for his business to peak and make good profits. He claims that life was difficult for during the begging. He was a fortune, and he was connected to good clients who encouraged him. He worked hard and conquered the difficult times. He became profitable, and his company was one of the best in the world. Learn more:


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