Discover the Achievements US Money Reserve Has Made So Far

The coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, ushered an immense senesce of hope that more than 300 million people had lacked before. It enhanced the partnership that US Money Reserve needed to have with The Perth Mint. This is a firm that has become a global leader in the industry of the precious metals.

If this never happened, that global momentous day may not have been commemorated. This coronation created a way for the 2018 Prof Coin Set, which has changed things today.

It contains 1oz. sliver, a quarter oz. gold and 2oz. gold. The Perth Mint strikes the coins from 99.9 percent silver and 99.9 percent gold. The 1965 Australian Currency Act has made the whole process legal.

The US Money Reserve has become an exclusive firm that distributes the 2oz. gold proof coins throughout the United States. The gold coins are distributed from an edited set that is limited.

The 2oz. gold has been made the lowest mintage, and this has increased the significance of this privilege. The Perth Mint CEO, Richard Hayes, says that the global alliance between The Perth Mint and US Money Reserve has been long-standing. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

He says this has been their pride over the years. He continues to say that the commitment with the US Money Reserve has convinced them that this was the best collaboration they had in the precious metals industry in the US.

The US Money Reserve CEO, Angela Koch, says that being a distributor of iconic gold and silver coins is a great privilege. The CEO says that the successful coin release might involve three main components the coin set combines.

These key components may include exclusivity, historical significance, and low-mintage status. Many admirers and metal owners may be thrilled to learn more about US Money Reserve or its latest news.

US Reserve was founded around 2001 with an aim of distributing government-issued silver and gold coins in the United States. Although it started as a small firm, it has now grown into a huge distributor in the country. US Money Reserve is also known to distribute products associated with the platinum legal tender.

There are thousands and thousands of clients in the United States who depend on this private distributor when diversifying their assets.

US Money Reserve has numismatic and coin research professionals with ample knowledge on how the market goes. The firm also provides exceptional customer service to help maintain a long-term relationship with its customers.

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