The Spectacular Development Project by Boraie Development

A housing project based in Newark is planned to have 21 stories, 20,000 square feet renting space, 184,000 square feet, and 169 rental units. One Rector Street is the official name of the project. Boraie Development is in charge of the project. In the topping off ceremony, some of the dignitaries who participated include Phil Murphy, Omar Boraie, O’Neal, and Ras Baraka who is the Mayor of Newark. Mr. Boraie saw it as a great day for Newark. He added that the partnership is a good reason as to why both the private and public sectors should collaborate in projects.


Omar Boraie noted that the project could not be possible without the input of the city. He said that the unique partnership between Boraie Development and the city is an outstanding one. Boraie added that in most cases, the public takes care of bills while the private sector carries out all tasks. Wasseem said that the mayor of Newark is doing great in ensuring that operations run smoothly. You can visit for more details.


Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development also made an official announcement about their next project in Newark. Through partnering, they would construct a 35-story building at the centre of the city along the McCarter Highway. The construction is budgeted at $150 million and will contain 350 units. Boraie Development’s vice president who happens to be Wasseem Boraie confirmed that the project had already started.


O’Neal was praised for helping Newark realize its potential and for remembering where he was raised. Ras Baraka noted that it is crucial for people to come together to work on development projects. He particularly said that the private and public sector could achieve a lot by forming partnerships. He said that the city’s leadership played a significant role in ensuring the success of development projects in the town. For instance, Goldman Sachs and the city’s mayor contributed to the construction of a movie theatre and a tower.


Margeret Anadu who works at Goldman Sachs said that it is vital to form partnerships. She added that projects should take place both in the cities and small villages. The building project in Newark is for the benefit of the entire community. Development projects are also essential for creating job opportunities and career growth for the residents of Newark.


Boraie Development is a renowned real estate company that focuses on real estate development, marketing and sales. The company is made up of a team of professionals which is committed to building incredible properties. The company also aims at offering high-quality services to its clients. Boraie Development has been in the real estate industry for three decades. You can visit their Yahoo account for more info.




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