Jason Hope, Giving Hope

A man like Jason Hope, whose entrepreneurial success is preceded only by his philanthropic giving nature, is a credit to western civilization. The SENS Foundation is the main beneficiary of Jason Hope’s charitable donations. SENS is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Aubrey de Grey in March 2009. It’s primary function is the research of rejuvenation biotechnologies in connection with age related diseases. Jason Hope’s involvement with SENS is motivated by a desire to find a cure for age related diseases like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Cancer, and heart disease to name a few. A massive $500,000.00 donation made by Jason will go a long way in furthering their research.

Jason was born and raised in Tempe Arizona and went on to obtain an MBA in finance from Arizona State University. Making a great name for himself in the field of finance world wide. He is sought after as an adviser in all types of business. His success has allowed him the financial ability to spend more time with his passion of writing and commentating on the subject of trending technology. He also makes available, grants for students and entrepreneurs alike. He would like to challenge the students he funds to seek fresh technology related ideas, and think outside of the box.

Jason Hope recently released a new book titled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution”. The book lays out ideas related to, the interaction of people and digital or electronic smart devices throughout their homes and in everyday life. He writes about the use of this technology in industrial settings to increase and streamline production. The technology also provides users the ability to remotely control devices in the home, such as their thermostat, lights, and the home security alarm systems to name a few.

As of late Jason Hope weighed in on the subject of Cryptocurrencies as it relates to IoT. He stated that there is the possibility of a Bitcoin crash looming on the horizon, but in the meantime there is much money to made by investors in the Cryptocurrency (for now). A concern about the security of internet connected smart devices from hackers has also arisen, but the benefits for investors appear to far outweigh the risks. Jason Hope continues to forge ahead with new ideas for cutting edge technology, and funding research thru SENS for regenerative therapies, making him a true testament to American Exceptionalism.

About Jason Hope : ideamensch.com/jason-hope/

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