Known What NGP Van Has Done In Making Political Campaigns Transparent

Whenever election time approaches, the election team and the concerned parties want to ensure everything to make to make the voting process easier and transparent is in place. America is one of the countries that are extremely concerned with the way election and voting is done. The candidates and the electorates want to be sure the provider of the hosting service and the voter database is properly planned. NGP VAN is among the best private owned platforms that help elections to be done smoothly. One thing about this company is it is global and reputable when it comes to election matters.

The Democratic campaigns, American Democratic Party and other non-profit organizations that the Democratic Party authorizes are known to utilize the services of this company. Many social and political campaigns prefer to use this platform whenever they have some fundraising to do. They also prefer using NGP VAN for digital organizing, field organizing, and campaign finance compliance. The company that offers NGP VAN platform was initially called Voter Activation Network. The company changed this name into NGP VAN in 2011. It is important to know that the platform was formally founded in Columbia, Washington in 2001. However, the platform has also widely spread in other places such as Massachusetts and Somerville.

This technology is known to develop and provide the products the progressive and democratic organizations and campaigns. Those who have utilized the NGP VAN services know that the platform is great in event management solutions, contact management, social network integration, compliance reporting, online contributions and email actions. Some of the clients who have used this platform include Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2016, Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in 2016, Obama presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012, Liberal Party of Canada and Liberal Democrats of Britain.

Stuart Trevelyan happens to be the current Chief Executive Officer and president of NGP VAN platform. This leader enabled the platform to be effective in offering reliable whip counts, analysis, and research. Before the platform was formed in 2010 November, two predecessor companies merged. NGP VAN went forward and launched a platform for non-profit organizations called EveryAction in October 2014. The platform was to help the non-profit organizations to manage their fundraising campaigns. The platform released a code update on December 16, 2015, which allowed the voters to see two analytical scores at the same time.

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