Jason Hope, Giving Hope

A man like Jason Hope, whose entrepreneurial success is preceded only by his philanthropic giving nature, is a credit to western civilization. The SENS Foundation is the main beneficiary of Jason Hope’s charitable donations. SENS is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Aubrey de Grey in March 2009. It’s primary function is the research of rejuvenation biotechnologies in connection with age related diseases. Jason Hope’s involvement with SENS is motivated by a desire to find a cure for age related diseases like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Cancer, and heart disease to name a few. A massive $500,000.00 donation made by Jason will go a long way in furthering their research.

Jason was born and raised in Tempe Arizona and went on to obtain an MBA in finance from Arizona State University. Making a great name for himself in the field of finance world wide. He is sought after as an adviser in all types of business. His success has allowed him the financial ability to spend more time with his passion of writing and commentating on the subject of trending technology. He also makes available, grants for students and entrepreneurs alike. He would like to challenge the students he funds to seek fresh technology related ideas, and think outside of the box.

Jason Hope recently released a new book titled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution”. The book lays out ideas related to, the interaction of people and digital or electronic smart devices throughout their homes and in everyday life. He writes about the use of this technology in industrial settings to increase and streamline production. The technology also provides users the ability to remotely control devices in the home, such as their thermostat, lights, and the home security alarm systems to name a few.

As of late Jason Hope weighed in on the subject of Cryptocurrencies as it relates to IoT. He stated that there is the possibility of a Bitcoin crash looming on the horizon, but in the meantime there is much money to made by investors in the Cryptocurrency (for now). A concern about the security of internet connected smart devices from hackers has also arisen, but the benefits for investors appear to far outweigh the risks. Jason Hope continues to forge ahead with new ideas for cutting edge technology, and funding research thru SENS for regenerative therapies, making him a true testament to American Exceptionalism.

About Jason Hope : ideamensch.com/jason-hope/

Businessman and Startup Guru Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the successful CEO of his own Company. The name of his Corporation is Launch Pad Holdings LLC. In a recent post, Glen put out a video of how to succeed in Business. He has become a revolutionary in the Business world. Many people have seen the passion Glen puts into mentoring those to succeed in Business. Glen has many important roles in his Company as the founder. Some of those job roles are: motivating new Businesses, designing new ideology for ways to improve profit, and how to be strategic in Investments.

Glen Wakeman has an active role in making Business opportunities profitable. He has expertise in Business knowledge and financial skill sets. He teaches many people his business skills to motivate them to do succeed. Glen has always had an interest in finances and Business. From a young age, he loved to work with numbers. His family helped him pursue his passion and inspired him to succeed. Glen Wakeman came up with a Business Software Platform that was simple and easy to follow. This innovative idea is what helped to create Launch Pad Holdings. Since Glen’s Company was created, it has brought in lots of profit.

Glen Wakeman is proud of how successful his Company has become since he founded it. Launch Pad Holdings is a very busy and active Business. There is a bustle of activity throughout all the work Departments. Glen and his employees start the day with reviewing previous financial sales. He also looks over the Performance of his workers. The middle of the day is when they look over customer opinions and competing Businesses. Wakeman balances equal employee duties and overall trust between everyone. He teaches his fundamentals of Business to anyone who wants to learn. Glen continues to succeed as a Business CEO and mentor to many people.


Freedom Checks: Matt Badiali’s Investment Opportunity Discovery

Matt Badiali has had an interesting career, to say the least. Originally going to school in order to receive a bachelors degree and earth sciences he later went to Florida Atlantic University in pursuit of graduate education where he received a Masters degree in geology. He went on to pursue further higher education and was in the process of working towards his Ph.D. into teaching geology classes at the University of North Carolina whenever he was first contacted by a member of the finance industry who is constructing a team to create unique investment advice about the natural resources and commodities markets. This financial expert realized that he could use the experience and knowledge of a trained scientist on his team. Matt Badiali jumped on the opportunity and was quickly inundated with information in regards to the finance industry. As a trained scientist Matt Badiali was quick to learn the ins and outs of the finance industry. He has gone on to work for many years as a financial and investment advice expert. Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

He has recently gained notoriety due to a viral video of his where he discusses his discovery of Freedom Checks. Anytime an individual speaks of an investment opportunity that promises incredible levels of returns in a relatively short period of time you should be cautious. However, upon further review of his so-called Freedom Checks, it appears that they are based off of sound financial advice. Matt Badiali first discovered what he calls Freedom Checks whenever he was doing research with his team in the oil and natural gas industries. During this research, he had the opportunity to speak with the heads of the oil and natural gas industry in many countries. It was during the discussion with some of the heads of the oil and natural gas industry within the United States of America that he learned of a unique classification of an organization known as a master limited partnership.

Visit: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/34-6-billion-freedom-checks-paid-thanks-new-tax-plan/

A master limited partnership is a corporation which meets specific requirements set forth by Statute 26-F that allows the corporation to operate tax-free. In order for a corporation to be considered a master limited partnership, they must generate 90% of the revenues through the production, transportation, processing, and storage of either oil or natural gas. In addition, they must pay out a portion of these revenues to their investors in a manner that is analogous to dividends from conventional stocks. It is these periodic payments that Matt Badiali is referring to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.

Crypto Guru, Ian King Depicts a Flood in the Blockchain Market

Having traded professionally for over 20 years, Ian King has the expertise in the virtual market having previously worked at Peahi Capital and Citigroup. Currently working as cryptocurrency expert and editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, he has observed that the markets respond well to people who hold high aspirations. Ian offers traders with cryptocurrency news, tips, and valuable insights. Since cryptocurrency has changed the way people traded their goods and services, he sees this as a just a start of a revolution.

Previously, central banks acted as the middleman between buyers and sellers changing fees that have now been scrapped off with cryptocurrency. Since central banks do not control cryptocurrencies and as thus are not subject to trade barriers and exchange rates barriers that are encountered with the conventional currencies like the dollar. Having worked at hedge funds and derivatives, Ian King has valuable knowledge that can be relied on when he is making predictions in the blockchain technology markets. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Ian is an entrepreneur and investor in cryptocurrency. He founded Intellicoins where he gives distinguished content on how to navigate the market. The program helps investors overcome the complexities encountered in the alternative currencies sector. Ventures that exceed $1 billion are viewed as unicorns due to their rareness, but nowadays such unicorns are becoming more common with over 275 firm globally fitting well into that description. Describing this issue as well as cryptocorns, Ian says such are left only to venture capitalists instead of accruing into investors’ brokerage accounts locking regular investors behind.

Regarding cryptocorns, Ian King noted that people are only familiar with Bitcoin since it is highly publicized than other cryptocurrencies. However, in comparison with the 1,485% Bitcoin growth, another blockchain cryptocurrency, Ethereum gained by 12,822% in the same period. The blockchain technology was developed by a teenager back in 2013, and has gone ahead to incorporate over a thousand other blockchain developments. Read more at Release Fact.

Since blockchain ideas have proved to be the solution to many real-world problems, people are keen to invest in them. However, there is a shortage of companies embracing blockchain technology. This drastic increase has led to a manic situation with high prices in the process. To his regard, there is a new response with many crypto unicorn startups, a situation he calls cryptocorn. The numerous blockchain projects with a combined total valuation of approx. $1 billion is impressive considering Bitcoin was in the cryptocorn ring alone. However, as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies grew, bitcoin market share fell to 35% from 90% in that period alone. Ian King wraps it all by saying, establishing a cryptocurrency is much difficult than it looks, if not entirely impossible.

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Dr. Dov Rand: Founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Dr. Dov Rand is a physiatrist, a rehabilitation doctor, and a physical medicine practitioner based in Wayne, New Jersey. He is also the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers where he has served as the president since the year 2010. The company is mainly focused on offering healthcare and wellness services to patients dealing with problems that often come as one enters old age.

Dr. Dov Rand went to Albert Einstein College of Medicine and prior to furthering his education at Howard University College of Medicine, he was an intern at St Barnabas Medical Center. Dr. Rand is very passionate especially when it comes to improving his patients’ outcome. He does this by providing educational materials to patients who are willing to become pro-active along their treatment journey.

The kind of treatment offered by Dr. Dov helps one restore health, improves vitality, prevents age associated diseases, and ensures access to maximum healthy aging. According to Dr. Dov, each and every person has both bad and good hormones. Examples of bad hormones include the cortisol which is a stress hormone, and the insulin meant to store fats. The doctor adds that as one grows old, the bad hormones increase as the good ones decrease in the human bloodstreams.

Dr. Dov Rand treats his patients by maintaining the balance between the two hormones. Once the balancing is achieved, the patients tend to regain strength and stamina, and also reduce their chances of experiencing depression often . This kind of treatment is more beneficial in that it reduces cholesterol levels and according to Dr. Dov Rand, the chances of having cancer or even heart disease.

Some of the old age-related diseases that Dr. Dov treats are depression and anxiety, mood swings, andropause symptoms, hot flashes, night sweats, poor memory, mental fogginess, fatigue, high blood pressure, weight gain, insomnia and muscle atrophy among others. Dr.Dov Rand advice is that exercises are paramount for a healthy living. He says so because this helps reduce body fat while increasing lean body mass, which largely prevents diabetes and problems related to human metabolism. The Dr. stresses more on cardiovascular exercises which play a big role in increasing one’s lung capacity.


GoBuyside Expands Recruitment To Find The Best Candidates

There have been many changes brought about by the new digital age. The introduction of remote working, or working from home, may be one of the biggest new trends, as far as how employers fill their positions. GoBuyside is capitalizing on this trend in a way that may help them rise to the top as the preferred recruiter for financial talent. Learn more about GoBuyside at Crunchbase.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, as much as 24% of the population worked from home to some degree in 2015 and that percentage has gradually risen in the intervening years. This means talent can be tapped from any location in the world, changing the game for both employers and job seekers. By using this trend to bolster their recruitment practices, GoBuyside can promise the best and brightest talent, regardless of location. This, of course, means recruiters like GoBuyside can be more selective in which applicants it selects for its clients.

GoBuyside is taking it one step further, using software and computer algorithms to conduct in depth research on each applicant. Their screening process looks at social media accounts for each user, particularly giants like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as general information searches. Where applicants once held the cards in determining what was shared with a potential employer or a recruiter, the reverse is now opposite. The vast information available on the internet lets GoBuyside conduct in-depth research that can be used to identify the most ideal candidate for each position.

Visit: http://inspirery.com/gobuyside-founder-arjun-kapur/

This type of candidate analysis gets even more complex, when looking for short-term hires for special projects. GoBuyside is employing artificial intelligence to look at online job boards and candidate tracking programs to identify those best suited for a particular project. This can be beneficial to the applicants, as well as to employers, since it lets those chosen for the position exploit their talents and skills.

The data collecting GoBuyside does isn’t just to benefit employers. It helps job seekers, as well. A candidate can learn a great deal about the hiring company, even before participating in an initial interview. While job applicants would normally have to research the hedge fund firms, advisory platforms, private equity companies, and investment firms for themselves, GoBuyside now does that legwork for them.

Applicants are as supportive of GoBuyside’s services as the companies using them to find qualified candidates. The firm provides the inside track on financial sector jobs that might not be listed publicly, as well as helping applicants network and connect with others. This leads job seekers to discover opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to them. For instance, one investment banking analyst used GoBuyside to get into private equity and now manages over $12 billion in assets.

Essentially, GoBuyside has taken the search for the ideal candidate and given it new life. Through the implementation of entirely new search perimeters, the recruitment firm can identify the top candidates for any position. They also use the latest tech innovations to help job seekers find the positions that best suit their own needs. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

The Charitable Neuroscientist, Jorge Moll

The Neuroscientist, Jorge Moll, has a passion for healthcare. He has interests in research and education related to health care in his home country of Brazil to support people to have better lives. Jorge Moll concentrates on helping people with conditions that have a negative impact on their quality of life. He believes that a collaboration of ideas from many healthcare professionals is the best way to improve upon what is already known or practiced. Jorge Moll is most interested in artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, and the way that machines and brains can work together. He also has a desire to improve upon regenerative medicine and gene therapy. Jorge Moll is a family man and values the time spent with his children. He is also a charitable man and does research related to philanthropic causes. Jorge Moll started a non-profit research institute called D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He is also a partner at VHM, a researcher at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a director at the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit, and a director at the Neuroinformatics Workgroup. Jorge Moll got an MD in Neuroscience and did his residency at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He obtained his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University. Failure does not stop Jorge Moll from pursuing his dreams and passion for healthcare or in his business endeavors to help others. He has also received various awards and distinctions for his work in the field of neuroscience. He was the recipient of the Research Fellow NIH award in 2004-2007. He was elected an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in 2008 and as a governor’s board member of the International Neuroethics Society in 2012 and 2013. Jorge Moll also received the Visiting Scholar Award from Stanford Neuroscience Institute at Stanford University in 2015.


Known What NGP Van Has Done In Making Political Campaigns Transparent

Whenever election time approaches, the election team and the concerned parties want to ensure everything to make to make the voting process easier and transparent is in place. America is one of the countries that are extremely concerned with the way election and voting is done. The candidates and the electorates want to be sure the provider of the hosting service and the voter database is properly planned. NGP VAN is among the best private owned platforms that help elections to be done smoothly. One thing about this company is it is global and reputable when it comes to election matters.

The Democratic campaigns, American Democratic Party and other non-profit organizations that the Democratic Party authorizes are known to utilize the services of this company. Many social and political campaigns prefer to use this platform whenever they have some fundraising to do. They also prefer using NGP VAN for digital organizing, field organizing, and campaign finance compliance. The company that offers NGP VAN platform was initially called Voter Activation Network. The company changed this name into NGP VAN in 2011. It is important to know that the platform was formally founded in Columbia, Washington in 2001. However, the platform has also widely spread in other places such as Massachusetts and Somerville.

This technology is known to develop and provide the products the progressive and democratic organizations and campaigns. Those who have utilized the NGP VAN services know that the platform is great in event management solutions, contact management, social network integration, compliance reporting, online contributions and email actions. Some of the clients who have used this platform include Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2016, Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in 2016, Obama presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012, Liberal Party of Canada and Liberal Democrats of Britain.

Stuart Trevelyan happens to be the current Chief Executive Officer and president of NGP VAN platform. This leader enabled the platform to be effective in offering reliable whip counts, analysis, and research. Before the platform was formed in 2010 November, two predecessor companies merged. NGP VAN went forward and launched a platform for non-profit organizations called EveryAction in October 2014. The platform was to help the non-profit organizations to manage their fundraising campaigns. The platform released a code update on December 16, 2015, which allowed the voters to see two analytical scores at the same time.

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Sean Penn and Bob Honey- A Fun Relationship

In the beginning of April, Sean Penn sat down with Steven Colbert on the Late Show to discuss “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, a novel written by Mr. Penn that was published during the final week of March. Oscar Award Winning and greatest actor of his generation, Sean Penn was looking to add to his list of achievements when he wrote “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“. The 57 year old actor has stated that he wrote his newest novel, a fiction story, based off of where he currently saw the country at. Which is not about the leadership, but the culture of our community. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is about a man who takes on a number of different jobs and simultaneously assassinates the elderly people with a malot. The middle-aged man, Bob, was Penn’s intention on showing the world what loneliness and isolation can cause. The novel was originally published as an audio book and later was published as a book. As Sean Penn stated, “By the time 57 rolls around, you come to: I’m going to write a novel…it’s going to be responded to or it’s not”. Regardless of how the public decided to read this novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” was a very successful part of Penn’s writing career. Especially since he has never finished a novel prior to this one. His reasoning for never publishing a novel before was that life always interfered. Which when asked what the most surprising part of the process was, he replied with “that he hadn’t done it sooner”. That being said, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is out of Penn’s normal comedic voice. While it is different, he had a lot of fun writing this novel, and even enjoyed it more than acting recently. He plans to write more novels in the future, but doesn’t know if they will get published or not.

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How Enhanced Athlete Won Their Lawsuit In Regards To “Dr. Tony Huge”

Enhanced Athlete is a fitness business which is headquartered in Cheyenne Wyoming. Their tagline is “Pioneers of Human Evolution” and they help people achieve great results. They sell a number of products on their website and also help athletes through their office podcast. They offer a return and/or replacement policy for their products and have partnered with a number of firms including some in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

In July 2017 there was a lawsuit filed between Enhanced Athlete and another firm in the same industry called Nutrition Distribution (which operates under the name Athletic Xtreme). The lawsuit was in regards to the face of Enhanced Athlete’s brand which is a person known as “Dr. Tony Huge”. His real name is Charles Anthony Hughes but he uses “Dr. Tony Huge” as a self-marketing term. He goes around the world showing up at international bodybuilding events.

In the lawsuit, Enhanced Athlete said that “Dr. Tony Huge” was just a “brand ambassador” who was unpaid. The management of Nutrition Distribution challenged this claim. Nutrition Distribution had tried to have “Dr. Tony Huge” testify but the folks at Enhanced Athlete said that as their “brand ambassador” he couldn’t be forced to so with just a deposition notice.

The chief executive officer of Enhanced Athlete, Scott Cavell, said that “Dr. Tony Huge” had chosen to exercise his first amendment rights while endorsing Enhanced Athlete’s products as well as any other endorsement he cared to make. Enhanced Athlete’s lawyers argued that this company had no business telling Hughes to go anywhere or do anything. At the end of this case, it was ruled that Enhanced Athlete was in the right and they won they lawsuit. Scott Cavell stated that the whole thing amounted to a shakedown scheme.

Enhanced Athlete has two sister companies. The first of these is Enhanced Coaching which helps people who want to become bodybuilders or are already one and want to advance farther. The other sister company is called Enhanced Gear and it sells a variety of workout clothing for men. They also sell accessories like water bottles and travel bags among other things.