The RealReal Has A Real Store!

The RealReal, a luxury online reseller, has launched its first premium storefront in New York City! Chief Executive Officer, Judy Wainwright founded the online store six years ago. Her business specializes in authenticating and reselling high-end apparel and wares. The brand reinvented itself by initiating pop-up stores in integral locations. Their first pop-up was piloted in America’s fashion capital, New York. The brilliant maneuver led to an immediate $2 million revenue increase. The store launched another pop-up event in San Francisco which sparked record-high local online purchases. The innovative company experienced tremendous success with their pop-up series that they have pre-scheduled a pop-up launch in Las Vegas, with more to follow. The posh New York store has brought a different flair to shopping-it has revolutionized our experience. The RealReals retail landscape includes a flower shop and a cafe on premises. The forward-looking venue delivers exclusionary activities such as sales campaigns and instructional symposiums. Customers can expect to browse through high-end brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Birkins, and Celine via its digital inventories and in-store racks. The online company initially sold apparel only, then later evolved its merchandise line to include jewelry, watches, and fine housewares. The RealReal has created six valuation offices across the United States. These sites are responsible for merchandise appraisals and collections. The RealReal added gemologists, authenticators, art curators and watch experts to its staff. These experts are available for customers and consignors at store their locations. They also attend all pop-up events to field questions. CEO Julie Wainwright is a firm believer that her company’s success is attributed to sustaining brand credibility, transparency, and trust. Her company ensures that all merchandise is processed and authenticated before it is sold. Her customers consist of resellers and buyers; about 80 percent are women shoppers while the other 20 percent are male. Ms. Wainwright shares that millennials make up roughly a third of her customer base. The company’s most popular product still remains apparel merchandise. The RealReal is exploring their physical footprint in other key areas-be sure to look out for more growth and new storefronts!

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