Oncotarget: Worlds Largest Peer Reviewed Medical Journal

Oncotarget is an online medical journal launched in 2010. The current editors in chief of Oncotarget are Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gurkov. The two are working together to provide a platform where scientists can post their discoveries and share it with other scientists around the globe. Initially, Oncotarget releases cancer-related articles once a week, but because of the growing interest of the public regarding online medical journals, Oncotarget started to increase the number of reports that are being released weekly, and they are now publishing articles that do not necessarily talk cancer. The changes were implemented with hopes that Oncotarget can soon become the most widely read medical website on the planet. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

Oncotarget loves to participate in international events related to medical science. In 2017, Oncotarget awarded four individuals with a trip to Singapore, for them to attend the annual Frontiers in Cancer Science Conference. These lucky individuals are researchers who studies biomedicine. They were chosen by Oncotarget because of their knowledge about the topic, and because of their expertise in the field of medicine. These individuals who would go to Singapore in November 2017 came from three different universities around the world –the Aligarh Muslim University, the National Institute of Immunology of India, and the University of Toronto in Canada. The conference is being held annually with the sole purpose of meeting all of the brightest scientists around the world, and for them to communicate with one another, sharing ideas that could change the course of history. Oncotarget wanted to spread the articles about cancer that is being posted on their online medical journal. They sent four representatives to talk about the importance of communication in researching a particular subject, and for them to share what they think could be the best possible way to eradicate cancer.

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Oncotarget has also published several studies in the past which talks about the disease and different methods from around the world that are being used to combat the disease. One of the most popular ways published in Oncotarget stated that to eradicate cancer, physicians should focus first on determining which cells are cancer tumors. The institute formulated the research explained that by using a particular instrument, the healthy cells could be distinguished from cancer cells, and once they managed to identify which cells are dangerous to the body, the physicians can go ahead and eradicate them. This method is useful, and most people who have undergone this procedure are now cancer free. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

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