Class Dojo Helps to Eliminate Parent Teacher Meetings

Most parents and teachers dread parent-teacher meetings. Scheduling is difficult, and the meetings rarely give parents a real sense of what is going on in the classroom. There is never quite enough time, and the inconvenience of scheduling means that parents often have to take time off and possibly hire a babysitter. For teachers, it means taking time out of their busy schedule or staying after class to meet with parents who are often late or unappreciative of the effort.

That’s why the entrepreneurs behind Class Dojo created an app that is designed to eliminate those dreaded parent-teacher meetings. By creating an app that allows for constant in-depth communication between parents, teachers and students parents can see what is happening in the classroom with a complete picture than any rushed, stressful meeting could ever provide. They are provided with constant updates on grades, behavior, and activities in class. Teachers and students can send messages, leave notes, and even share pictures and videos of classwork and class activities.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, the reason why Class Dojo has been so successful since it was first released in August of 2011 is that it follows the key tenants of what makes an Edutech app. Since the app was launched it is being used in over 90% of US Public School districts. One of the biggest reasons for the success of the app is because the app’s founders have used feedback from teachers as the primary source for ideas and tweaks since they first began planning the app.

Other key tenants pointed out in the article that Class Dojo’s designers have followed include rigorous testing. They used a think tank of teachers to help develop the app, and have followed up with these teachers and every other teacher that uses the app throughout the process. The app continues to change and grow based on user feedback, and the developers are always coming out with new and interesting features that are beta tested on a small group of classrooms.

It’s clear that Class Dojo has become a leading app over the last few years and is sure to grow. Not only is it the perfect Edutech app, but it’s a great example for budding entrepreneurs and app makers of how to do things right.

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