Rick Smith Equals Success

Good leadership is well visualized in the progress of the company. This is why every company has a duty in ensuring that their choice of CEO is perfect. During the tough moments of the business, it is the CEO that comes up with an innovative way to go along things. The uniqueness of the CEO is what differentiates the company from the rest. Securus Technologies is an example of a company whose CEO has led to success.

Rick Smith was the right individual for this position. Since he assumed office in 2008, the company took a different turn. The architecture of the firm has been renovated to meet the company’s specifications. This was among his first achievements in the company.

Under his leadership, nothing seems impossible. The Company has been officially named as the best high tech company. No other designer has been able to bit it or match the quality of their work.

The Securus Technologies is interested in both public and private sector. They aim to ensure every citizen is safe. The company has very many roles that they play to see this happen. For the premium businesses and the government, they have protected their data through codes that no one else apart from them can crack. This has ruled out the insecurities of crucial data falling into unauthorized hands.

Rick Smith understands the damage that comes along when data falls into the wrong hands. For premium businesses, the hacker claims a lump sum by threatening to release their data to public or their competitor. This is a risk that many companies may not be willing to take. At this point, the easy thing seems to be paying off the hacker. This problem is permanently solved thanks to Securus Technologies.

The responsibility of Securus Technology, therefore, needs a competent CEO that is ready to work hard. Luckily Rick Smith fits the description. His ability to lead and have great sales were developed long before he joined Securus Company.

It is worthwhile to note that he has worked in very many institutions and have had good reviews. In Eschelon-Telkom, his experience as their CEO was breathtaking. He raised their revenue to $350 million from $30 million. He also led EBITDA to raise $80 million. Before working with Eschelon, he worked with other companies in numerous departments. This gave him a clue of what goes on in all departments. This experience has contributed to his skills as a CEO. This is because success is a combination of all the units in a company.

Securus Technologies is enjoying their informed decision of choosing their CEO.As long Rick Smith is on the chief executive officer seat, the company maintains its position in the technology world.


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