Expert Tips for Hosting a Wine Tasting from The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is an incredibly fun and modern company with the goal of connecting wine enthusiasts and giving people in home access to wine tastings featuring some of the top wines from Napa Valley and beyond. Wine Guides are professionals in hosting private wine tastings. In a recent article they shared some of their expert tips for hosting a wine tasting in your home.

A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide will provide and set up everything you need for a wine tasting, including the wine. However, if you are hosting a tasting without a professional Wine Guide make sure you have the following items: tasting glasses, corkscrew, water, a palate cleanser, wine bags or a blindfold for blind tastings, paper and pen to take notes and a personal spittoon if guests choose to spit rather than swallow their wine.

First, Wine Guides recommend choosing a common theme for your wines and not overwhelming the palate. You can also choose specific regions such as Argentina, Australia or South Africa to highlight those flavors. Blind tastings of high end and budget friendly wines are also fun and can produce interesting and surprising results from guests. They recommend limiting the tasting to four or five specific wines and to make sure to have some light hors d’ouevres to serve right before the tasting to open up the palate and give guests a chance to mingle prior to the tasting.

When considering the ambiance of the room the tasting will be in, it is important to remember that wine tastings affect more senses than just taste. For example, strong cooking smells or bold appetizer smells can interfere with the true tasting of the wines. Also, heavy smells like candles can interfere with the tasting. If you are burning a pumpkin candle, the pumpkin taste will be reflected in the taste of the wine.

While The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are experts in the preparation of the wine, you can also do online research on recommended cooling and decanting of each wine. This is essential as the proper temperature can make or break the taste of a wine.

If you are interested in earning income while you host wine tastings, becoming a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard may be the perfect opportunity for you. It is a great chance to share your love of wine with fellow wine enthusiasts while working from home with a flexible schedule.

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