With Sentient AI A/B Marketers are Getting a Jump Start

A/B testing is when different ads are tested on one audience and then the data is used to compare the results of each test. A/B testing is an effective way to test marketing campaign but the problem is that it is time-consuming. By the time a marketer gets his or her data, things can start changing. When this happens, whatever they have learned through traditional A/B testing already starts to become obsolete. Not only that, with A/B testing you can only make small changes and then wait for the data. The problem with this is that it is never exactly sure what made a particular ad successful. However, there is a way around that problem and that would be to use the marketing technique of Sentient AI A/B testing.

The trick is to do things faster but at the same time not too fast. When things go too slow, it could directly translate to lost opportunity for the business. On the other hand, if things move too fast then the data can influence whatever data that was taken from a previous test, which can lead to confusion. In fact, marketers see this as contamination of data. With Sentient AI A/B testing this is not an issue. It is possible to run several different tests at once. The days of only making small changes and waiting for unclear results are over. Sentient AI is allowing people to do all types of changes at much higher speeds.

The bottom line of any e-commerce website is to turn window shoppers into buyers as quickly as possible. The days of just giving lower prices or even superior products are over. User experience is a big part of conversions and these can include something simple as the way the menu is laid out. When Sentient AI A/B testing is done, you can arrive at a decision as to what to keep and what to change. All of this is possible because of AI or artificial intelligence. It takes into account test data and other variables to arrive at a conclusion. All this dizzying computation is done in an instant and is ultimately helping companies to increase their conversion rates as well as their bottom line.

The devotion of James Larkin in Setting Fair Working Conditions

James Larkin was born in England on January 21, 1876.James grew up in the slums of Liverpool and had access to minimal formal education. To support his low-income family, he did a lot of menial jobs eventually working for Liverpool docks as a foreman. After his experience as a casual worker, he joined the National Union of Dock Laborers and became a full-time trade unionist in 1905.The NUDL moved James to Dublin in 1907 as they felt his strike methods were not rational. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

After moving to Dublin, he began the Transport and General workers union. His goal was to have all Irish workers under one umbrella association to cater for their welfare.

In 1908, he drafted the mandate of TGWU which was an eight-hour day work, employment for all, a pension of those aged over 60 years, arbitration courts, the right to vote for all adults and well development of all means of transport.

James Larkin and James Connolly began the Irish labor party and led many strikes. The most notable was the Dublin in 1913 which was known as the Dublin lockout strike which lasted seven months with more than 100,000 workers on strike, they won their rights to fair employment. Larkin used diplomatic method during his strikes as he knew the welfare of the firms where workers had jobs was important.

During World War 1, James was at the forefront to organize anti-war strikes in Dublin. He later traveled to the United States to raise funds to assist in the war against the British. In 1920 James suffered a setback and was convicted of anarchy and communism, he was jailed but later freed after three years and deported back to Ireland.

After deportation to Ireland, he began the Ireland workers union, and in 1924 he was recognized as a communist. Larkin had many supporters including Markovitz who on listening to James acknowledged and appreciate the strong will James had, Constance Markevicz described James as a tornado.

James Larkin despite all commitments in fighting for the rights of the ordinary worker he had a family, he was married in 1903 and had three sons. James is an example of resilience and devotion to the rights of others.

Dr. David Samadi learns from Dr. CynaraCoomer in an exclusive 1 on 1 interview

Dr. David Samadi, celebrity doctor and host of Housecall will sit down with Dr. CynaraCoomer to discuss his work and experience as the Chief of Breast Surgery and Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center at Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital.

Dr. Samadi, the well-known celebrity doctor is also the chairman of Urology and chief robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. As a board-certified urologist, he has promoted the development of new technologies and robotics to better treat some of the most sensitive areas of the human body.

These treatments have a wide variety of applications including treatments for prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer. Using advanced robotics Dr. Samadi is he able to perform Advanced minimally invasive treatments such as laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. Because of these contributions patients can receive treatment in a minimally invasive way and often at a lower cost.

In addition to his work as a urologist, he is a regular guest on a variety of Fox News problems; with his experience in the field, he is able to give us a better look at how things can be done to improve health care and reduce costs.

Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this exclusive interview could not come at a more appropriate time. Who better to interview than one of the most notable breast cancer surgeon and researchers in the country?

Previous to her work establishing the first breast cancer center on Staten Island, Dr. Coomer served as a Breast Surgeon at the Mount Sinai Medical center located in New York City. With a laser focus, she developed her own successful clinical practice devoted mostly to the treatment of both benign and malignant breast diseases, and improved practices for the field as a whole.

This interview is expected to discuss modern breast cancer treatments and the role of robotics. Since both doctors specialize in parts of the body that are normally very intimate and private, viewers can expect to see a true meeting of medical innovators. While their disciplines are completely different, we can expect to see some considerable common ground, with much to be learned from both parties.

This exclusive interview is scheduled this Sunday at 12:30 EDT, it can be viewed for free at Samaditv.com. In addition to this free live broadcast, users will have the opportunity to ask questions in the chat to both Dr. Samadi as well as Dr. Coomer about their experience and work in their respective fields.

Dr. David Samadi info: www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-david-samadi-337fr

Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palette

We all get that nostalgic feeling from time to time. We remember our favorite toys from the past, or the fads that seemed to have faded out of existence. Sometimes the past is so great that you just have to bring it back. That’s exactly what Lime Crime did with their new Polly Pocket inspired Pocket Candy Palette.

Lime Crime took that strong nostalgia for the 80’s and 90’s and put it in a Polly Pocket style line of eyeshadow palettes. Every detail of these palettes calls back to Polly Pocket with the font, the bright colors, and the little bows that adorn the front. True to its name, the Pocket Candy Palette can fit into your pocket. In the days leading up to the reveal, Lime Crime posted a photo sharing Polly Pocket dolls to get their followers ready for the new palettes.

On Instagram, Lime Crime posted “Lime Crime’s turned that nostalgia into a cheeky packaging update for their Pocket Candy Palettes, with snap cases that can, yes, fit in your pocket, and also boast five complementary shades each.” The brand has since shared the three palettes aptly named Pink Lemonade,Sugar Plum, and Bubblegum. Each case houses five different shadows that work together. The Pocket Candy Palettes have been swatch tested on different skin types to show their true colors to make it much easier to pick which palette best fits the buyer.

The Pocket Candy Palette took the 90’s and put it in three neat little packages. While the look is retro, the makeup itself is quality and made with high-end pigments. The formula for their eyeshadow is cutting edge. Lime Crime’s new makeup line pays proper homage to Polly Pocket. Each palette brings back a world of nostalgia and can make everyone feel like a kid again.

Expert Tips for Hosting a Wine Tasting from The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is an incredibly fun and modern company with the goal of connecting wine enthusiasts and giving people in home access to wine tastings featuring some of the top wines from Napa Valley and beyond. Wine Guides are professionals in hosting private wine tastings. In a recent article they shared some of their expert tips for hosting a wine tasting in your home.

A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide will provide and set up everything you need for a wine tasting, including the wine. However, if you are hosting a tasting without a professional Wine Guide make sure you have the following items: tasting glasses, corkscrew, water, a palate cleanser, wine bags or a blindfold for blind tastings, paper and pen to take notes and a personal spittoon if guests choose to spit rather than swallow their wine.

First, Wine Guides recommend choosing a common theme for your wines and not overwhelming the palate. You can also choose specific regions such as Argentina, Australia or South Africa to highlight those flavors. Blind tastings of high end and budget friendly wines are also fun and can produce interesting and surprising results from guests. They recommend limiting the tasting to four or five specific wines and to make sure to have some light hors d’ouevres to serve right before the tasting to open up the palate and give guests a chance to mingle prior to the tasting.

When considering the ambiance of the room the tasting will be in, it is important to remember that wine tastings affect more senses than just taste. For example, strong cooking smells or bold appetizer smells can interfere with the true tasting of the wines. Also, heavy smells like candles can interfere with the tasting. If you are burning a pumpkin candle, the pumpkin taste will be reflected in the taste of the wine.

While The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are experts in the preparation of the wine, you can also do online research on recommended cooling and decanting of each wine. This is essential as the proper temperature can make or break the taste of a wine.

If you are interested in earning income while you host wine tastings, becoming a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard may be the perfect opportunity for you. It is a great chance to share your love of wine with fellow wine enthusiasts while working from home with a flexible schedule.

Traveling Vineyard’s Social Media: www.facebook.com/travelingvineyard/

Nick Vertucci Asks You to Take Command

‘Don’t let tomorrow be determined by the failures of yesterday,’ says Nick Vertucci. He adds that setbacks are not built to last but to strengthen you become wiser and better.

The Setbacks

Nick Vertucci faced setbacks from an early age. However, he learned to sail past them with a smile. Born to average parents, life did not offer Nick luxury. It even became harder when Nick lost the dad at the tender age of ten. The resources in the house were now more constrained; one had to make do with what was available. Moreover, the mother had to work extra hard to cater for the bills alone. She almost had no time to stay with the children since she had to work from early in the morning until late in the night.

Nick Lives Off the Van

At eighteen years, Nick Vertucci moved out of the house and lived off a van. At this point, life was very hard and he wanted to help the mother cater for the bills. He got some odd jobs and was relieved when he finally started selling computer parts in his own firm. Business was good as many people used computers in the region. He built good customer relations and attracted many customers. The income from the venture was good, enabling him to help his mother and his family consisting of a wife and three daughters.

Quick Halt

The flow was brought to a quick halt by the dot-com crash, which occurred in 2000. Nick had not prepared for a rainy day: he had zero savings. The crash caused the computer industry to generate no income for a span of 18 months. Nick got in heavy debts and lost everything he had except his house.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

One day, Nick attended a real estate meeting and realized that he wanted to try his luck in the field. He studied hard on all topics in real estate. He also walked closely with people who had made it in the industry and learned the secrets of success. Additionally, he bought books and watched tutorials on the topic.

After ten years, Nick developed a system that helped him gain millions from the industry. His life turned around and all his debts were cleared. Nick now feels that his purpose is to help you recover from your debts and make a living through the real estate industry. He and the team at the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy teach you success. https://twitter.com/nvrea?lang=en

Contributions of Greg Secker to entrepreneurship

Greg Secker is one of the major contributors to the rise in the economy in many countries through the various entrepreneurial ventures that he has successfully launched over the past years. Having started his career at Thomas Cooks Financial services, the renowned entrepreneur gained excellent entrepreneurial skills to guide him throughout his business career. After venturing into forex trading, Greg successfully managed his ventures before launching more ventures including the Learn to Trade, Capital Index, among others.

Greg is a great inspiration to many and though his expertise, he has mentored many individuals not to give up on their goals. He encourages entrepreneurs not to limit themselves in their ventures. Greg believes that an entrepreneur should always be ready to try out new businesses as long as they critically analyze the possible outcomes of their investments. Greg Secker insists that risk taking is the basis of succeeding in entrepreneurship because it ensures that a firm brings new ideas to life to achieve. Greg is also committed to giving back to the community, and through his Greg Secker Foundation, he has mentored many young individuals with great seminars to encourage them to put their best towards accomplishing their goals.

In addition to that, the renowned entrepreneur also has also received a lot of accreditation from many individuals as well as organizations for his significant contributions towards the forex industry. His firm has received a series of awards as well as nominations for its excellent services as well as contributions towards the success of many people. Apart from being granted by the World Finance Magazine for the Best Educator of the year, the Learn to Trade firm has also received an award from the Wealth and Finance magazine as the best Forex Trader forum in the United Kingdom.

Pasion has always guided Secker`s career and through his great commitment to achieve the best, he has achieved a great success out of his many ventures. The renowned entrepreneur is never turning back and always aims for the best. His recent launch of the SmartCharts capital has attracted a vast number of clients and Greg looks forward to launching more forex trading platforms to revolutionize the industry.

Medical expert-Dr. Scott M. Rocklage

He has been serving in the healthcare sector for more than3 decades now where he has gained vast experience as well as skills. Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. experience led to the approval of three drugs in the United States of America by FDA among them; Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin. Dr. Scott can well be described as a leader who since he began his career in the medical and healthcare sector he has been showing positive leadership character.

Mr. Rocklage has been served as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Cubist Pharmaceuticals; he also worked for Nycomed Salutar as the President and the Chief executive Officer of the company. Besides being the President and the Chief Executive officer of Salutar, Scott has also held other positions in organizations including Catalytica.

Scott M. Rocklage is a Venture Partner and a Managing Partner of 5AM Venture. Mr. Rocklage joined the venture in 2003 when he became a venture partner and in 2004 he became the Managing Partner the following year 2004.

Dr. Rocklage has also served on several Boards including; Novira which was later acquired by Johnson & Johnson as well as Relypsa. Currently, the experienced medical doctor is serving on other Boards as the Chairman among them; Cidara, Kinestral, and Rennovia.

During an interview, Dr. Scott was asked how he established his business and how he got the ideas to create the business. The medical doctor said that his investment 5Am Venture is a life science-based Venture Capital Company. The venture is in its early stages and that is the reason why the medical doctor named it 5AM Venture. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

Dr. Scott is so passionate about the medical sector and to improve the industry he has to come up with new ideas and he does that by interacting with other medical experts as well as physicians to make sure that they meet all the needs of the healthcare sector.

According to Dr. Rocklage, life in the business world, as well as his career, has not been all smooth but he has also experienced failures in the areas of management.

The doctor graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.S in Chemistry, and later went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his Ph.D. in Chemistry. Dr. Scott operates from his office in Boston.

Bringing a New Type of Coffee With Organo Gold

When people think about coffee, one of the images they think about are drinks that give a boost of energy, but are ultimately unhealthy because of the sugar and caffeine. It doesn’t seem to matter that any sugar that is in the beverage is typically added when it is being prepared. There have been recent studies on many different types of ingredients. There have also been studies on the beverages that have been said to be questionable in its health benefits. Among the beverages that have been studied is coffee. The results have brought forth some information that might actually be surprising for some people.

Among the findings of the study is that people who drink coffee may actually increase their lifespan. People who drink coffee may actually live longer than those who don’t on average. For one thing, the consumption of coffee may lower the risk of heart disease. This is not to say that everyone who drinks coffee is going to have a healthy heart. Another thing is that certain types of coffee are healthier than the other types. The healthiest type of coffee to drink is Organo Gold with the ingredient ganoderma which is an herb that brings about a lot of health benefits.

The founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, has seen the benefits of the herb and has wanted to bring it to other parts of the world. When developing the company, he has been working on his vision to bring the world to a healthier place. He has successfully built his company and spread awareness of this herb. His company is also expanding to different territories. One of the latest expansions is to Turkey. Turkey is a significant expansion because it is the home of the first coffee house. Therefore, people who originated the beverage can experience an enhanced version of their beverage.

Retirement Life Simplified by David Giertz

Many people retire without the basics to live smoothly. Many get to retirement and then start planning only to fail tremendously. David Giertz, a great financial advisor, gave some of his tips to go about retirement life.

David believes in saving for early retirement is never easy because you do not know how much money you need. Meanwhile, spending is always higher than income. David encourages saving chunks of your income into the retirement plan and increases your income opportunities for financial stability. Moreover, an investment is a key to a smooth retirement life however you need to understand when, how and where to invest.

You should understand your retirement needs, and then you will know how much you need to save. According to conventional saving, you need to save six times your yearly income by the time you kick 50 years and ten times by 60. Therefore, by retirement times, you would have roughly saved 13 to 15 times. David believes, if you start early, you will get to at least 33 times savings of your annual income.

After knowing the amount, you should evaluate the best retirement plan. A person withdrawing from retirement savings early before 59 ½ years, will experience 10% penalties. David encourages to escape the penalties, those earning less than $118,000 annually income can consider Roth IRA, those making over $ 118, 000 should go for the traditional IRA or 401(k) withdrawal method. Other ways include the rule of 55 and 72(t) among others.

David Giertz is an inspirational leader and an incredible financial advisor who has over 30 years of experience. He attained a BS degree from the University of Millikin and with an MBA from the University of Miami.David has worked with many successful companies. He works for WABC as a certified business coach and also with FINRA as an industry arbiter. David Giertz is passionate about helping people from getting into financial crisis.