The Life and Career of Jennifer Walden

For the last eight years that Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a practicing plastic surgeon, she has had the sense of fulfillment. While growing up, Jennifer Walden was always interested in helping other people. Dr. Walden is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She has specifically majored in Cosmetic surgery. She founded the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center that is based in Austin Texas and has a subsidiary office in Marble Falls, Texas. Her career began at the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital. Her greatest mentor then was none other than Dr. Sherrell Aston.

Dr. Walden was born and raised in Austin Texas by a surgical mother and a dentist father. She attended Anderson High school before obtaining her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. Dr. Walden would later apply for her medical doctorate at the University of Texas Medical Branch and graduate as a salutatorian. For the better part of her career, Jennifer Walden has been located in New York City. She was indeed one of the participants on the trail that resulted to the reintroduction of silicone breast implant. She, however, relocated to Austin since she wanted her twins to grow up near her family.

One of the goals that Jennifer Walden has is helping women improve their lives and their esteem. This explains why she chose to specialize in cosmetic surgery. The bigger percentage of individuals who need cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and face lips are women. Dr. Jennifer Walden understands this critically. She says that most of the patients do not need to have surgeries so that they can obtain the Barbie-doll shape as most men tend to think. They instead want the operations because some parts of their bodies bring humiliation, or some parts of their bodies have drastically changed especially after having babies.


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