Nick Vertucci Overcomes Adversity to Find Success in Real Estate

The fact that Nick Vertucci has made millions in real estate should tell you something important. He knows what he’s doing and he’s willing to show you how it’s done. The community and system that he has created are helping people develop their own career in real estate and offering them the chance to have lifestyle freedom. All of this stems from his desire to give something back to the world in light of his own success. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy offers intensive training for those interested in commanding their own destiny and securing financial freedom.
The death of Vertucci’s father when he was ten years old was a milestone event that took a loving household and turned it into one of struggle and hardship. His mother had to work longer hours to make ends meet and this often kept her out of the home during the evenings. He remembers falling asleep before her evening shift had ended on many occasions. A real low point in his life was when he lived in his van and was very much alone.
Another painful setback for Nick Vertucci was the failure of his business selling computer parts. For a time, he had enjoyed success and prosperity with this venture, but it ended in failure as part of the dot com bust which devastated many businesses. This put him and his family, which by now was a wife and three daughters, in a fearful financial bind.
An opportunity came knocking again when Vertucci’s friend urged him to attend a three-day seminar on real estate investing which he reluctantly did. The event was transformative in his life and he had finally found his life’s calling. He intuitively understood the great potential of a career in this field and embarked upon a path of steady learning and growing. He absorbed all that he could on the subject and pursued many avenues until he learned what worked and what didn’t.
After a decade of accomplishment, learning, and achieving Nick Vertucci was ready to share his findings with the world. He has filtered out extraneous information and has developed a system that is straightforward and effective which helps students launch their own business.
Vertucci has taken his show on the road to major American cities and presents a lively workshop to teach, inspire, and motivate. He enjoys helping others down the road of real estate riches and has impacted the lives of many. more about his academy here.

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