End Citizens United

Large scale monetary donations to political candidates and campaigns, given vy billionaires and big corporations, has gotten totally out of hand. The big spenders who want to control the candidates and the campaigns that they endorse are not required by law to limit donation amounts, nor do they have to report every cent that they give. This has been a problematic issue for decades now. These billionaires are a group of citizens united in hopes of keeping republican control in congress and the nation as a whole.

In 2010 The Supreme Court opened the door for large corporations and others with special interests to donate unlimited amounts of money, that cannot be traced, to the elections in America. The End Citizens United group is staging a political battle to make it legal for all donations to be reported, and that a limit should be placed on money that is donated to campaigns. This political action committee was formed in 2015 in hopes of counter acting the damaging effects that were caused by Citizens United and improve the system for financing campaigns. Their mission is to stop billionaire and big corporations from pouring big money into elections and to change the political funding system. The End Citizens United group is funded by everyday people, the average American.

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End Citizens United came about as a means of putting an end to the work of an Indiana Lawyer by the name of James Bopp. He is considered to be at the fore front of all the controversy. Mr. Bopp has suffered much humiliation in court as he tried to win cases that were in opposition of the American way. He has had to endure the laughter of fellow attorneys and even the judges on the bench. One such instance occurred in January of 2008 when his clients, the republicans, wanted to air a negative film portraying the female Presidential candidate as a European socialite with the qualities of lady MacBeth. Bopps lost that round but later won as the Supreme Court reversed the ruling. The End Citizen United committee is striving to elect candidates who are pro-reform and will make political finance a national issue. They want to use the membership of average people to show power in reference to money in politics. The belief of End Citizens United is that Citizens United wrecked over a hundred years of law geared toward decreasing the corruption of America’s electoral system.

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